TBR Dwindle

I know what you’re thinking. Ha! Trust me I know but I am going to try and downsize my TBR. How am I going to do that? Easy! Alphabetical order by author’s last name. Now I won’t be able to get all the books on my TBR. I am going to do this with books I can get with KU or the ones I already own. The others that are out of my price range right now will be added to the buy when I have money pile. (Which is a big pile.) But this is how I plan to do it.

I have 541 books on my Goodreads TBR. This will be a year-long process. 365 days This challenge should be interesting. If you follow my Instagram I will also be keeping track there. This challenge is only for the 541 books. I cannot add books to my TBR. I can finish a series but only the books that were on my list can be counted. Let the fun begin.


  • 1 point for every task completed
  • 1 point for audiobook
  • 5 points for every 1000 pages read
  • 5 points for every Letter completed
  • DNF books count only pages read.
  • Must be read between Oct 12, 2022- Oct 12, 2023

A- 14/32 (Read-8 DNF-5)

Homecoming by Aarsen, Carolyne (***)
The Never King by Abbott, James (Currently Reading)
Something New by Amanda Abram (****)
The Cure for Second Lead Syndrome by Amanda Abram (DNF)
Hearing God Every Day: Understanding the Supernatural Ways God Speaks to Us by Addison, Doug (*****)
My Heart to Touch by Alexander, S.B. (DNF)
Dare You to Date the Point Guard by Andersen, Lacy (***)
Dare You to Fall for the Catcher by Andersen, Lacey (****)
Where to Find it in the Bible by Anderson, Ken (***)
Five Kisses by Anderson, Rachael (***)
Her Bodyguard Swap by Ann, Laura (DNF)
Charm by Armitage, J.A. (DNF)
Rise of the Ram’s by Artinian, Christopher (DNF)
Faceless by Ashman, Rob (***)

B- 4/37 (Read 3)

Never Have I Ever Kissed My Brother’s Best Friend by Bardsley, Juliet (***)
Peter Pan by Barrie, J.M. (*)
Heart of Red, Blood of Blue by Belliston, Rebecca (*****)
I Hate You, Fuller James by Blount, Kelly Ann (****)
Unlocked by Bond, Casey L (***)

C- 2/51 (DNF-2)

Kingdom Cold by Chenelle, Brittni (DNF)
The Acolyte by Cutter, Nick (DNF)

D- /30
E- /17

F- 1/18

Kiss Now, Lie Later by Farnsworth, CW (***)

G- 1/25 (Read 1)

Shadow Fall by Grey, Audrey (****)

H- 1/37 (Read 1)

Letters From Rifka by Hesse, Karen (*****)

I- /4

Feathers of Snow by Ivinya, Alice (***)

J- /12

K- /15

My High School Christmas Boyfriend by Key, Kylie

L- 1/40 (DNF-1)

Say Anything by Labitan, Madeleine
XOXO, Piper by Li, Ginger

M- 1/50 (DNF-1)

The Wrong Bachelor by Moody, Alexandra (DNF)

N- /8

O- /12

Serial Hottie by Oram, Kelly

P- 1/19 (Read 1)

Hatchet by Paulsen, Gary (****)

Q- 0
R- /14

S- /44

Sincerely Cinderella by Stelting, Kelsie

T- /32
U- /2
V- /1

W- 3/36 (Read 3)

Not With the Band by Warner, Kelli (***)
The Homesteader’s Sweetheart by Williams, Lacy (**)
Mail Order Millie by Wright, Cheryl (***)

X- 0

Y- 1/3 (Read-1)

One Perfect Day by Youngblood, Jennifer (***)

Z- 1/1 (DNF 1)

The Book Thief by Zusak, Markus (DNF)


Books: 24
Letter complete: 1 (5+ points)
Pages: 6558 (25+ points)

Total: 49


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