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Briar by Ripley Proserpina

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 351
Series: Midnight’s Crown #1
Genre: Vampires, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars


The sun is Briar Hale’s enemy.

All her life she’s been in the shadows, sheltered and protected, warned and smothered.

Not anymore.

Briar is ready to take control of her life, and step out into the sunlight for the first time. A newly enrolled graduate student at Boston College, she’s determined to discover why her body betrays her.

And she knows just the scientist to help her.

Professor Hudson Nors has secrets of his own- secrets he’s kept for eternity, and which he never wants to see the light of day. No matter how wonderful Briar smells, and how important she feels, Hudson decides the best thing he can do for her is stay away. 

Suddenly, Briar, with her strange condition and boundless curiosity, turns the world Hudson’s spent centuries perfecting, upside down.

But this pale, fragile girl has a spine of steel, and if Hudson won’t help her, she’ll find someone who will.

By a luck, or fate, Briar meets Hudson’s brothers, Marcus, Valen, and Sylvain. Like Hudson, they can sense this human girl means something important to all of them. But what could four, vampire brothers possibly have to offer a human?

Unwittingly, Briar brings together these immortal brothers, and teaches them, eternity is too short to give up on hop.

***Briar is the first book in the Midnight’s Crown series. A slow-burn reverse harem romance***


I don’t know really how to review this. I like many aspects about it. Like the heroine being a huge science nerd even though there are a couple words I can’t pronounce out loud. But there were also things I didn’t like. I guess we pro con this.


The men.
Heroine likes science.
The easy banter.


Briar accepted the men way to easily.
Though Briar has had this condition all her life she still tends to get burned in the sun way to many times.
The story was slow paced and didn’t wow me or really hook me in.

I do plan on reading the second book but I don’t know if I will finish the series.

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Save the Sea by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 300
Series: Saved By the Pirates #3 Final Installment
Genre: Fantasy, Reverse Harem
Rating: 3 stars


Love. Death. Power. When all these words are marked on Cassandra’s soul, can she really save anyone?

Cassandra has finally escaped the king,  only to find herself in the middle of the rebels, and a war that she is meant to be the leader of. When the changed ones of the mountains go to war, Cassandra and her pirates have to travel across the seas to the mermaids who are the only ones that can help. But what is the price of the mermaid’s help?

War is whispered much like the Sea God whispers to Cassandra, but no on speaks the ending. Can death be the only winner?


The final installment fell a little flat for me. Cassandra didn’t show much growth. There were a few questions left unanswered.

Still love the pirates. They showed some character growth but not much. Cassandra seemed to dense at times. She also seemed to be to “perfect” with learning. She was able to control her power and learn to swim in one day and it just didn’t seem to real. There needs to be a bit more editing to the book. I found a few sentences that didn’t make sense because there was a word missing or put in the wrong spot. Also a certain character was to do an action than it turned out to be another character that did that said action.

I wish Bailey would have made this into four books instead of three. She could have made the third book solely on Cassandra on Fiaten and then wrote the fourth book about getting read for the battle and the battle. But oh well.

On to the next series.

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Love the Sea by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 304
Series: Saved by the Pirates #2
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy,
Rating: 3 STARS


Can love save you from pain?

Cassandra’s life has never been simple because of her mark, but for a second she believed sh had everything, she had her pirates. When she is kidnapped and ripped away from everything she loves, she has no choice but to fight to survive. Cassandra is taken to the King, and secrets she never could have expected come out. When the King does something impossible and pain is all that is left, will he pirates be able to ave her? Will the Sea God who whispers promises, be able to help her?


Well I didn’t like this one as much as the first one. Cassandra at times needs to just shut up. She’s a bit of an idiot. I already know who the future queen is. I already know what she basically has to do.

I am going to read the final book because I already made it this far. Plus there might be a surprise in the next book. Who knows?

I am hoping that Cassandra has better character growth in the final book than what she had in this book.

Still in love with the pirates.

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Escape the Sea by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 268
Series: Saved by Pirates #1
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars


Seven towns. Seven seas. The seven council. The seven words every person lives by.

The seas is lost, pirates are death.

Cassandra should have been killed at birth, like all the the other children who have powers like her.

The changed ones.

The ones who started the war, lost the seas and killed millions with their gifts.

Lucky for Cassandra, her father is on the council. One of the seven rulers of her large town and has kept her hidden her entire life.

When she is seen for the first time, she has no choice but to run and the only place she can go is to the sea.

To the pirates and a certain death.

At least that is what she thinks. When she meets six handsome pirates and they take her on board thier ship, she learns about a whole new world.

If only she can protect her heart when they all desire to own it.

This is a reverse harem trilogy.


I have read several G. Bailey books now and I don’t think I have ever disliked one. I really did like this one.

I like the pirates and the world building. Plus I love when a book opens up with a map. I love it.

All six pirates are yummy. Dante and Zack are my favorite.

I am moving on with the series. I do want to see how this ends.

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Dark Protector by Celia Aaron

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 275
Series: Protector #1
Genre:Dark, Romance
Rating: 3 stars


From the moment I saw her through the window of her flower shop, something other than darkness took root inside me. Charlie shone like a beacon in the world that had long since lost any light. But sh was never meant for me, a man that killed without remorse and collected bounties drenched in blood. I thought staying away would keep her safe, would shield her from me. I was wrong. Danger followed in my wake like death at a slaughter house. I protected her from the threats that circled like black buzzards, kept her safe with kill after kill.
But everything comes with a price, especially second chances for a man like me.
Killing for her was easy. It was living for her that turned out to be the hard part.


I love Celia Aaron. I found her last year and loved the dark romances she writes. Though with this book, wasn’t up to my feel. It went by faster than I thought it would. I wasn’t fully impressed with Conrad. He was a bit lacking for me. Though he is the perfect hit man I just wasn’t feeling him.

Charlie was a flip flop character. She has a past that at times she shows the fear that was there but at the same time she doesn’t show the natural reaction. I know that doesn’t make much sense but that’s what she does. I don’t think I would be as stockholm as soon as she was.

I’m not explaining this right but I am also tired and in dire need of coffee. I will read Nate’s story but not any time soon. I know there’s also a third book in the series. If Nate’s story goes better I will decided then to continue on.

Peace out girl scout.

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Worth It by S. M. Shade & C.M. Owens

My edition: Kindle owned
Pages: 310
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: 4.5 stars


What’s the recipe to the ultimate disaster week?

Three unruly friends.
A wedding we shouldn’t have been invited to.
Two unexpected romances.
A scoop of sexy.
And a double scoop of chaos.

Lydia is a good girl who is above revenge. Good thing she has us. No one cheats on out best friend and rides off into the sunset with his new bride.

What was supposed to happen? Unleash hell like two badasses. It was simple plan, but we failed to anticipate a few things. A rogue prosthetic, an accidental exorcism, and dominatrix strippers willing to take things way too far, just to name a few.

What actually happend? As usual, nothing went as planned, especially when two sexy distractions popped into the mix. We were there to avenge our friend, not to get entangled with two cocky, arrogant me, who don’t like to hear the word no. I was sure we could resist.

I mean, it was only a week, right? What could happen in a week?

Not intrigues enough? There’s totally a duck in this story.

Ah yeah. Now we have your undivided attention. Enjoy our chaos.


This was worth it. I don’t think I have laughed so hard because of a book before. I couldn’t read it at work because I was laughing out loud.

It’s dual POV between Henley and Kasha. Both girls are a laugh riot but I love Kasha even more.

You know a guy is a keeper when he lets you use your fingertips to make his pee hole move with the words like the little guy is the one belting out those awesome lyrics.

I think I died from that one.

I mean how can you not laugh at some of these quotes.

I want to tear off his clothes and ride him like a stolen bike.

I am seriously stealing that line though.

I’m not a slut. I just have a friendly vagina.

Another one I’m stealing.

So glad I spent the $3.99 on this bad boy because I will more than likely read it again just because of the humor.

So worth it.

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Crew by Tijan

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 500
Series: Crew #1
Genre: NA, Romance
Rating: 2.5-3 stars


To survive where I live, you have two options.

You can be a Normal– a cheerleader, jock, member of the debate team, or on the yearbook committee. You pretend everything is normal.

Or you can be crew.
You insult us? We hurt you.
You hurt us? We really hurt you.
And if you screw with us, we will end you.

My name is Brew.
I’m the only female in the Wold Crew–the best, fiercest, and most dangerous crew there is– and we have a rule: There’s no falling in love.

Well… too late.


Anyone read Tijan’s Fallen Crest series? Then you must remember Channing and Heather. Sorry not their story (though that’s coming soon) but the story of Channing’s little sister, Bren.

Channing started the crew system. The crews remind me like gangs without all the blood and guts to get in. Crew are hard kids who have each others back and will jump into fights to help their fellow crew. They do not help out Normals.

I love Tijan’s Fallen Crest series. Love it. So when this popped up I thought hey I’m going to give this a try. Well I tried it all right.

I didn’t like it.

Bren was annoying. I really didn’t like her. At first I didn’t know who her love interest is, but sort of figured it out. The story just fell flat for me. I am however going to read the next book because I want to know what the hell is about to happen between the crews.

This book had potential but just didn’t make the cut for me. And it made me want to reread Fallen Crest.

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Marked by Destruction by Cece Rose & G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 159
Series: The Marked #3
Genre: Reverse harem, Fantasy
Rating: 3 stars


Even the smallest of mistakes can bring destruction.

Mackenzie Crowe is lost. Not lost emotionally, or eve lost somewhere sh can find a map. She’s lost in a whole different world, one she never even believed in.

Luckily she has Enzo at her side, but will she be able to find the others when they’re all lost? Is getting back to earth stopping her father even possible anymore?

With no marks, no magic, and in a world she doesn’t understand, how can kenzie possibly survive in a world marked by destruction?


Well after the first two books this one turned out to be somewhat disappointing.

It was much shorter than the first two. It seemed like it was put together fast. Oh and we still don’t know Mr. Daniels first name. That really irritated me.

It just seemed a little anti-climatic after dealing with the first two books.

There’s much to talk about but it would spoil the whole book and I don’t like doing that so I’ll just vent to Wy while he acts like he actually cares.

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Marked By Pain by Cece Rose & G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 296
Series: The Marked #2
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 stars


Twelve marks, twelve powers, and the deadly risk that the twelfth mark brings… is having all that power worth it? What if the price is destroying the world?

Kenzie’s twelve marks have caused her nothing but trouble since she was blessed with them. From getting her treated differently at school, to getting her kidnapped by rebels, her marks have caused chaos in her life.

When a familiar face shows up in the warehouse she is being kept in, Kenzie doesn’t know who to trust, or what to believe anymore.

With time running out to escape, and the threat of the rebel’s plans looming over her, can Kenzie overcome these challenges?

Love and destruction comes at great price. A price that is marked by pain.


Oh holy balls that ending. So much happened.

So in this one we get a much closer look at the rebels and what they want. I want to talk so much about this but it spoils everything. There were a couple of plot twists thrown in at the very beginning which made me question everything.

Oh and of course there was finally smut. I am a smut addict and no I won’t apologize for it.

I am going to take a small break between this one and the third book. I have a few novellas lined up. I just need to have it before I start this third book. I have a feeling this next book will be full of feels.

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Bonds of Cupidity by Raven Kennedy

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Heart Hassle #2
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fae, Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars


Note to my stupid self: The next time I go and anchor myself to a hot covey, make sure those anchors aren’t about to compete in a fight to the death.

Yeah. Total downer.

I have a body now and I don’t intend to lose it. I also don’t intend to lose the genfins that I’ve grown so attached to. So it’s time to return to the kingdom island and hope like hell that my guys make it through the royal trials of the culling. I also have to hope that the prince of the realm doesn’t spot me. It he does, I’m pretty sure I have imprisonment and torture to look forward to.

But we can make it through this. I know we can. I’m at least 70% sure we can, anyway. Okay, maybe it’s more like fifty-fifty. But after we do? Well, my to-do list is long, but convincing my genfins that they belong with me is pretty high up there. So is dessert. And trying some fairy wine. And skinny dipping. Also sex. Lots and lots of sex.

But mostly, I just want what I’ve always wanted- to have love of my own. Wings crossed that the genfins get on board with that plan. This cupid has her work cut out for her.


I love this one more than the first one. Emelle is still hilarious.

With the culling happening she has to find a way to stay with her genfins without fading back into the veil and not get notice by the prince.

Of course this has to end in a cliffhanger. Which highly pisses me off. Now I have to wait till the third book comes out which I don’t think there is a date for that yet.


This sucks… I hate waiting.