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Rumor Has It by R.H. Tucker

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 227
Series: Rumor Has It #1
Genre: High School, Wrong Number, YA, Romance
Published: March 25, 2018
Rating: 3 stars


Carter Dixon deals with rumors every day. That’s the way he likes it. One little hookup, combined with a bathroom scandal during his homecoming dance, sent the rumor mill into overdrive. Now he’s The Man. At least, as far as everyone believes. Who cares if he’s not really what everyone thinks. But when he accidentally texts the wrong person, he starts to wish he’d never let the rumor mill run rampant.

Emma Sanchez couldn’t care less about high school drama. Senior year is halfway over, and she’s only focused on applying to a good art school, graduating, and not getting involved. Okay, there is the occasional boy talk with her best friend. Then she gets a text message from an unknown number and starts to think maybe there is a guy out there, unlike every other high school boy. Especially guys like Carter Dixon.

One wrong number can lead to the right person.


This isn’t a typical, high school relationship forming, where the homecoming king is dating the popular cheerleader girl. This is something more. Something real.

Carter is needing to find out an assignment for class to get it done. If he falls below an A in any class, his mom won’t pay for a graduation trip. He gets a number from his best friend. The number doesn’t turn out to be the person he thinks he’s texting.

Emma gets a random text. From there it starts a relationship through texting with some rules. They keep their names anonymous. They can talk about their classes without saying which period it is. Talk about likes and dislikes as long as it doesn’t give their identity away.

Emma and Carter’s story is cute. It seems to be like most wrong number type stories. But it was done in a good way and like I said it was cute.