4th Quarter Holiday Challenge 2022

I am going to plan this last quarter of the year for the last three months that are stocked full of the holidays. If there are any holidays you think I should add to the list for next year, comment below.


  • 1 point for every task completed
  • 5 points for every 1000 pages read
  • 5 points for every subcategory completed
  • DNF books don’t count
  • Manga/ graphic novels don’t count
  • Must be read between Oct 1st- Dec 31st


Yom Kippur

United Nations Day


  • Black cover
  • Pumpkin on cover
  • Title starts with H
  • Orange cover
  • Black cat on cover
  • Set during month of October
  • “spooky” in text
  • Letters W,I,T,C,H in title
  • Tagged horror
  • MC wears disguiseWinter’s Captive

Veterans Day

  • Blue coverHearing God Every Day
  • Red cover
  • MC served in the military
  • Set during war time
  • US flag on cover
  • MC has a family member who servedOne Perfect Day
  • Dogtags on cover
  • “army” in text
  • Author’s initials in MARINEFive Kisses
  • MC is either a pilot or a sailor



  • Page count has 8 in it (ex 284)
  • Candles on cover
  • MC is dedicatedFight Like a Tomboy
  • Blue and White coverSpring’s Rising
  • MC reads Scripture
  • Character sings
  • Characters rebel against governmentShadow Fall
  • MC first/last name starts with J
  • Author’s initials in MENORAHFaceless
  • Character rebuilds a project


  • “Manger” in text
  • Author’s initials in CHRIST
  • MC goes caroling
  • Tree on cover
  • Set during Christmas
  • Green coverThe Heir and The Spare
  • Presents on cover
  • Letters D,E,C,E,M,B,E,R in series title
  • Star on cover
  • Snow on cover


New Year’s Eve

  • Fireworks on cover
  • Silver cover
  • Gold cover
  • MC starts overHatchet
  • Character starts something newNot With the Band
  • Features a party
  • Set in NYC
  • Character drinks champagne
  • MC rides in a limo
  • Features a first kiss


Tasks: 32/90
Subcategories: /9
Pages: 8393 (+40 points)

Total: 72


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