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Tyrant by T.M. Frazier

My edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 277

Series: King #2

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

I. Remember. Everything.

Only now I wish I didn’t.

When the fog is sucked away from my mind like smoke through a vacuum, the truth that has been beyond my reach for months finally reveals itself.

But the relief I thought I would feel never comes, and I’m more afraid now than I was the morning I woke up handcuffed in King’s bed.

Because with the truth comes dark secrets I was never meant to know.

I will put the lives of those I love most at risk if I let on that my memory has returned, or if I seek help from the heavily tattooed felon who owns me body and soul.

I don’t know if I’m strong enough to resist the magnetic pull toward King that grows stronger every day.

He’s already saved me in more ways than one. Now it’s my turn to do whatever it takes to save him.

Even if that means marrying someone else…

Rating: 5 Because Pancakes stars

Review: I never expected to fall in love with King. My captor, my tormentor, my lover, my friend, my world.

Our boys are back along with our girl. This one starts off right where King ended. Frazier takes us on an emotional roller coaster through this book. I had to have tissues next to me and I wish I had a glass of wine. Remember in King how I said my ice heart shattered. Well those pieces are now shattered into more little pieces.


I’ll always be here. You can’t make me leave if you got the priest from the exorcist to come remove me. Cause I’m one step above demon… I’m Preppy.

Preppy still won my heart. The ending with him made me laugh and cry at the same time. Bear, I cried for Bear. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him but Frazier tends to take our favorite characters going through f*cked up shit and throw more f*cked up on them.

Throughout the book, Doe’s memories are coming back to her. She is piecing the puzzle together on what happened to her. Again Frazier has a way of adding more f*ucked up on top of already f*cked up. But I don’t want it any other way. I was on the edge of my seat. I seriously need a big bottle of wine just for this. I think I will buy one before I read Lawless.

To tell you I knew how this was going to end and that the book is utterly predictable, would be a giant lie. I mean GIANT!! Doe had my stomach in knots. From her memories to her relationship with King. Like with the first book, I had to put this down and ugly cry. I mostly hid it from Wy but I think he could have guessed I was crying. This time when I put it down to cry I was only at 45%. Little did I know that I was going to do a lot of ugly crying. I couldn’t put this down and wait till morning to finish it. Towards the end I had to put my hand of my mouth to keep from screaming “Preppy”.

You and me… we’re a forever kind of thing.

Now moving on to Bear’s story. Will my heart be able to take it??


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Challenge: September End of Summer Scavenger Hunt

The group that is doing this is The Challenge Corner. I will be posting on Goodreads as a team but I will also post on here the words that I have found.


  • Books must be read and reviewed between September 1st-30th
  • Books must be at least 100 pages to count
  • Only five words can be found per book
  • Words will only count toward team total once
  • If the team finds all 150 words, the list may be restarted
  • words can be found in any order



  • One point for every book read and reviewed that is under 400 pages (Must have one word found)
  • Two points for every book read and reviewed that is over 400 pages (Must have one word found)
  • One point for every buddy read that takes place within the group
  • One point for every word found
  • five points for every 25 words
  • two points for reading and participating in the group Book of the Month
  • Five points for finding all 150

Word List:

  1. Summer
  2. hot pg 269 lovers lament
  3. sunshine
  4. Scorch
  5. Book
  6. Beach 10% #Hater
  7. Sand 2% #Selfie
  8. Vacation
  9. Travel
  10. Road Trip #Junkie
  11. Sandals
  12. Swimsuit
  13. flip Flops
  14. Romance #Bae
  15. Sunrise
  16. Burning
  17. Sunburn
  18. Tan 2% #Selfie
  19. Bikini 2% #Selfie
  20. Towel 2% #Selfie
  21. Umbrella
  22. Ice 14% #Hater
  23. Picnic
  24. Hike
  25. White Water Rafting
  26. Camping
  27. Tent
  28. Horse
  29. First Kiss A lover’s lament pg 86
  30. Sports #Bae
  31. Cook Out
  32. Popsicle
  33. Fresh Start #Poser
  34. Season
  35. Frisbee
  36. September
  37. Gardening
  38. Air Conditioning A lover’s lament pg 174
  39. Coordinates
  40. Volleyball
  41. River
  42. Rocks
  43. Mountains
  44. Swimming -43 A lovers lament
  45. Swim Hole
  46. Sweat
  47. Work
  48. Leisure
  49. Family  Soulless 100% Loc 3293
  50. Wedding #Bae
  51. Movies
  52. Friends 17% #Player
  53. Car #Junkie
  54. Party 4% #Player
  55. Dirt Road
  56. Beach house
  57. Pool #Bae
  58. Scavenger Hunt
  59. Rain
  60. Drought
  61. Convertible
  62. Ocean #Poser
  63. Lake #Poser
  64. Break 4% #Player
  65. School’s Out
  66. Lost 15% #Player
  67. Rappelling
  68. Scuba Diving
  69. Cruise
  70. Shark
  71. Aquarium
  72. Reading #Bae
  73. Canoe
  74. Grass 38% #Hater
  75. Fireworks
  76. Sunscreen 2%#Selfie
  77. Shade
  78. Watermelon
  79. Sunglasses #Junkie
  80. Shower
  81. Waves
  82. Sunset
  83. Pier
  84. Boat
  85. Fishing #Poser
  86. flashlight
  87. Stargazing
  88. Pebble
  89. Sailing
  90. Summer Camp
  91. Games 7% #Hater
  92. Telescope
  93. Adventure
  94. Beginnings
  95. Birthday
  96. Seashell
  97. Island
  98. Storm
  99. Lighting
  100. Ice Cream
  101. Shorts
  102. Sundress
  103. Rainbow
  104. Salon
  105. Drive 18% #Player “
  106. Olympics
  107. Map #Rev
  108. Quest
  109. Blanket
  110. Amusement Park
  111. Ferris Wheel
  112. Balloon
  113. Roller Coaster #Rev
  114. Water
  115. Music
  116. Holiday
  117. Concert
  118. Compass
  119. Survival
  120. Deserted
  121. Future
  122. Road Signs
  123. Highway
  124. Exit
  125. Race #Junkie
  126. Time #Poser
  127. Hour Glass
  128. Passport
  129. Border
  130. Flight
  131. Photograph
  132. Playlist
  133. Challenge
  134. Firefly
  135. Fire
  136. Bike
  137. Direction
  138. Current
  139. Radio
  140. Chlorine
  141. Diving
  142. Paint  Soulless 94% Loc 3093
  143. Hair Tie
  144. Cicada
  145. Mosquito
  146. Thunder
  147. Pink  Soulles 95% loc 3121
  148. Blue 16% #Hater
  149. Asphalt #Junkie
  150. Skating


Total words: 39
Books under 400: 5
Books over 400:3
Buddy Reads: None
Total:  55


Book Reviews

Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon

My edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 247

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians

Rating: 3 stars

Review: So our barbarian is actually barbarian. He doesn’t live with the tribe so Ruhk is an alien we haven’t met before. In the last book Harlow is knocked on her head. We don’t know what happened to her. She has been missing.

Well now we find out through her story and Ruhk what had happened. Ruhk has been on his own since he was young. He doesn’t even understand his own language. He comes across Harlow. He even clubs her on the head and takes her back to his cave. He doesn’t understand why his chest along with hers is thrumming.

Harlow wakes up to a naked alien who she hasn’t seen before yet looks familiar. She then hears the resonance in her chest. She knows that this brute of an alien is her mate. It takes a while but she helps him learn words again. She doesn’t know why but Ruhk doesn’t like the other tribe.

But when Harlow gets sick, Ruhk needs to make the decision to accept the tribe’s help or loose his mate along with is kit forever.

This was a cute story. Wasn’t really much of a plot like the first and third book. Ruhk was adorable with his caveman self. I couldn’t help but laugh when he whacked Harlow on the head then took her back to his cave.

I guess I’ll go on into the next one.

Book Reviews

King by T.M. Frazier

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 302

Series: King #1

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

Homeless. Hungry. Desperate.

Does has no memories of who she is or where she comes from.

A notorious career criminal just released from prison, King is someone you don’t want to cross unless you’re prepared to pa him back is blood, sweat, pu$$y or a combination of all three. 

King’s Future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, consensual and nonconsensual sex, drug us, abuse, and other taboo subjects and adult subject matter. Although orginally slated to be a standalone, KING is now a two part series.

Rating: 5 PREPPY stars

Review: So I will start off by saying that ending is a fucking asshole. I really hate cliffhangers. Especially ones like that. It broke my heart.

This book… how to explain… AH!!!


My heart before book. It was as normal as ever. Well started reading the book, I was fine until a certain chapter that I will not mention due to a huge spoiler. After that chapter my heart turned into this…


It shattered.


I actually cried too. Wy looked at me weird as always. I felt for these characters. While most people fell in love with King, I fell hopelessly for Preppy. Bear was alright.


This book had me in a swirl of emotions. I had to put the book down and get a good ugly cry in. Yes I do mean ugly cry. The kind most girls are doing at the end of the Notebook. (Or if you’re me at the end of Lone Survivor.) Then when I picked it up I noticed I was 93% done. I had a feeling that this was going to hurt even more. Turns out that it didn’t. It made me mad as hell. That ending. Gah!! I want to punch, kick, and scream. All at the same time.

Lucky for me this series is on KU and now I have Tyrant. Even though I want Doe and King and Bear I can’t help but feel sad. I want to go back before that awful party. I want to see the happy times again. When Preppy was making pancakes and perverted jokes. When Bear tried to pick up Doe and King gets all alpha male on her.

Hopefully in Tyrant it will be a happy ending because I need one dammit.


Me being me!

Discussion: Age Gap in books

Hey Yall

One thing I have been coming across lately in books is an age gap. Some people aren’t for it. Well I’m not one of them. I really don’t mind an age gap. Well not fully true. As long as the girl is legal I don’t care about an age gap. Now a certain book *cough*Lolita *cough* is an example of an age gap I am NOT okay with.


With an age gap I don’t see a big deal on it. I really don’t. If someone likes an older man fine. Whatever floats your boat on the moat with a goat. Sorry I really don’t know where that was going. Anyhoo. Now if they guy is like in his 50s and she’s like 18 then I get a little grossed out. A perfect example is Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley. That severally grossed me out. It also happens to be a DD/lg. For those that don’t know that means Daddy Dom and Little girl. Yeah gross!! Wish I knew that before I read the book.

I can’t judge on the whole age gap due to my experience when I just turned 18. I had a crush on one of my brother’s drinking buddies. Well turns out the guy was into me as well but he was waiting till I turned 18. He is seven years older than me. We had a summer fling before I moved to Kansas. If I had to think now on age while I’m 23 he would be 30. I still don’t care. You love who you love.

But it didn’t last long. I still had one year of high school left and I don’t know what he went off to do. So I don’t find many age gaps to be a problem. A lot of the times I love the age gaps. Mostly in my smut books.



Book Reviews

Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 191

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #3

Rating: 3 stars

Review: We have a plot again. YAY!!! There wasn’t as much sexy time as there was in the last book. Which I’m alright with that. Now on to our M.C.s.

Aehako is the most adorable character in this series. From his courting gift *snort* to his charming flirtation, I just couldn’t help but smile. The way he want to keep Kira even though he didn’t resonate with her was just a stab in my ice heart. STOP MAKING IT WARM UP! That gives me feels.

Kira can we say LIGHTEN THE HELL UP!! Can we have a more depressed heroine. I understand why you are sad but a hunk, blue, horned, avatar looking alien (At least in my head) is wanting you. Yeah it will suck if he resonates with someone else but jeez get some excitement out of it.

Now I want to explain the little plot in this but I can’t or it will ruin the whole thing. By the way what happened to Harlow??? Next book maybe….


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The Cabin by Natasha Preston

My edition: Kindle received from Netgalley

Pages: 336

Series: Stand-Alone

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

There may only be one killer, but no one is innocent in this new thriller from Natasha Preston, author of The Cellar and Awake.

When Mackenzie treks to a secluded cabin in the woods with six friends, she expects a fun weekend of partying, drinking, and hookups. But when they wake to find two of their own dead and covered in blood, it’s clear there’s a killer among them.

As the police try to unravel the case, Mackenzie launches her own investigation. Before long secrets start to emerge, revealing a sinister web of sins among the original seven friends. The killer is still free. Every one of them is a suspect. And Mackenzie starts to realize that no one is innocent...

Rating: 2 stars

Review: I received this from Sourcebooks and Netgalley for an honest review.

Well I don’t know what to say. With a blurb like that it sounded amazing. I started reading a few pages and wasn’t really liking where it was going. There was a lot of drinking. There were teenagers having sex. Oh and two of them come up murdered. The next few things I have to say is going to need this picture.

Spoiler-Alert-kittensI’m seriously going to spoiling a couple things so IF you want to read this book do not go on.









I see you went on… fine it’s your own fault that the book will be ruined. I warned you!

Mackenzie and her friends are going to a cabin in the middle of the woods. Hmmm…


Oh did I mention they just graduated from a… I think high school. Sorry I don’t know the U.K. school system well and I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to look it up and try and to understand it. Plus I’m writing this review.

Anydick, we have a bunch of teenagers going to a cabin in the middle of the woods. Most of the group don’t like Josh. Unfortunately the cabin they are going to is Josh’s so they really can’t say much to him about not coming. Also his mysterious brother comes along. A brother that Josh barely knows. Of course Mackenzie, who by the way is our perfect boring attractive girl, thinks the brother, Blake, is hot. Of course right! Oh did I mention he gets under Mackenzie’s skin?


Who knew that was going to happen?

Well lets get past all the drinking and sex to the next morning. Mackenzie wakes up next to Blake after the night. They get dressed and go downstairs. Mackenzie then goes into the kitchen to make tea. Guess what she finds…

If you guessed two dead bodies of her friends, then you guessed right. Ding. Ding. Ding. Sorry you didn’t win anything.

Well with two people dead, not really sad to see them go *COUGH* Josh *COUGH*, the police start to question everyone. The police think that it is one of the friends. There were no signs of forced entry. There were seven people in the house and two end up dead. It turns out they were stabbed during the night and no one heard anything.


Reason why, they were drugged. Now they have a detective following them around and everyone in town thinks that one of them is the killer.

Now I got around 26% when I really just couldn’t care anymore and skimmed the rest of the book. I found out who was the killer and a ton more drinking. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t died of alcohol poisoning. And if I was drugged by one of my friends by them using alcohol I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t continue to drink around them.


I didn’t really like the story. From what I did get was a lot of drinking with teenagers, sex, and a murder. Pretty much a crappy horror film without everyone dying at the end. This could have been a good book but the author told not showed. The narration was putting me to sleep. Mackenzie was an alright heroine, her thoughts could have been written a bit better.

Would I recommend this, most likely not.

Book Reviews

Prick by Sabrina Paige

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 352

Series: A step-Brother Romance #1

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

I can’t stop thinking about that prick.

Caulter Sterling is a prick.

A filthy-mouthed, womanizing, crude, spoiled, arrogant prick.

The tattooed, pierced, ridiculously hot son of a celevrity.

I hate him.

He’s slept his way through practically every girl at Brighton Academy.

Except for me.

I’m the good girl. The responsible girl. The 4.0, class president, studied-so-much-she-never-lost-the-big-V girl.

And in celebration of graduation and adulthood, I just made the worst decision in the history of ever.

I lost my V-card to the devil himself.

It was just one night. So what if it was mind-blowing? Hit it and quit it.

Except I just found out that my father – the Senator, the Presidential hopeful – is marrying Caulter’s mother. Oh and this summer? We’re hitting the campaign trail.

One big happy family.

I’m totally screwed.

Rating: 2.5

Review:So I’m about to piss a lot of people off with this review.


This one wasn’t any where near being a favorite, let alone a like. I was wanting a haters to lovers taboo read. So the blurb sounded excellent to me. The finished product… not so much. The dude was an asshole almost the entire time. He treated her like she was nothing but his sex toy. I like me an asshole but not a full on prick. The kind of guy I like is the one where he’s an asshole to everyone else but you. He looks at you like some unicorn and rainbows are coming out of your ass. I know, I know the title should be warning enough but I was think of the guy I just talked about not the asshat that was in this book. The heroine, can we say doormat. She wants to be the girl who can do whatever but no she decides to be daddy’s perfect princess.

Another thing is what the hell does Caulter’s tattoos look like and where are they?? Same goes for the piercings. We are told that he has them but we pretty much have to go off the cover because the author doesn’t tell you anything about them. I think she said he might have nipple piercings, I can’t remember.


Granted the end, Caulter redeems himself. But not enough in my eyes. Kathrine, eh. She was still just eh. Now through most of this their parents are engaged but don’t marry till the end. So for this it really wasn’t all that taboo. They weren’t step-brother and step-sister.

A lot of my friends liked this one, but I guess I fall short on that latter. I didn’t fully enjoy this. If I wanted a teenagers screw all the time and then say hateful things to each other I would have just gone back to high school. I really don’t understand any of the hype. I’ve read better stepbrother stories. And better hate to love stories.

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Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited


Series: Ice Plant Barbarians #2

Rating: 2.5 smutty stars

Review: As much as I loved Raahosh I didn’t full like Liz. I thought I was but she wasn’t as funny as in the first book. The reason I love Raahosh is because I love a scarred MC. Not only that but the way he dealt with Liz is hilarious. For the first couple days or week he doesn’t talk to her. He just lets her talk to herself.

Now unlike the first book this one really didn’t have a plot. Just a lot of alien sex and fighting over if Liz can go hunting. I did get a good laugh when a baby furry alien came up on Liz and she called it an Ewok. Don’t know why I got a kick out of it but I did.

I like the little references to Star Wars. In both books Dixon has several references to the famous sci-fi movies. The good ones though. The original trilogy that came out before I was born or even thought of.

I will give the third book a read. If it doesn’t have much of a plot I don’t know if I will continue reading this series.


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Wed to the Bad Boy by Kaylee Song

My edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 514

Series: A Bad Boy Romance #1

Synopsis:Off of Goodreads

I never wanted a wife, but now that I have Joanna, I can’t let her go…


I was a cold-hearted bastard dedicated to running the company. A good one-night stand was better than any relationship, but Jo rocked my world and brought me to my knees.

Then her uncle, the crime king… of the East-Coast, forced me to marry her. Now she’s stuck with me and I’m the last thing she needs.

But I can’t stop wanting her.


My life was perfect. Planned. Until I met Greyson. He tricked me into sleeping with him, but I didn’t expect to fall for him.

Now I’m his property and I can’t get away.

He’s such a f*cking monster, and I can’t help but want him.

Rating: 3 stars

Review: When I first saw this I was like yes need. Then I read a little bit found out that our alpha male is an Irish mobster.


I loved the story. I’m a sucker for mob/mafia books and movies. Now this is the perfect man that is a prick but isn’t a total prick. Only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it stopped at 50%. The other 50% is another book of the author’s. I wanted more. I was hoping for more. I want a war between the two families. I want to see baby what ever they are going to call it Fitzgerald to pop out and see Greyson with baby Fitzgerald. But no. It stops where it did.


Really!!! I want more Greyson. He is hot and knows how to work a woman’s body. The story was good. I wasn’t bored and I got a sexy Irish mobster to fantasize about. Not totally failure. Reason I gave this a low rating was due to it stopping at 50%.  I may see what Jansen is up to though. See how he test drives.