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The Cure for Second Lead Syndrome by Amanda Abram

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: Not stated on Goodreads or Amazon
Genre: High school, YA
Published: July 13, 2021
Rating: DNF @ 33%


Second Lead Syndrome: The intense desire to see the female lead of a drama end up with the sweet, lovable second male lead instead of the boring, emotionless male lead. Symptoms may include wanting to throw objects at the TV and losing all faith in true love.

Bria Copeland is addicted to K-dramas. She loves the romance. She loves the drama. And most importantly, she loves the second leads: the secondary male characters who are secretly in love with the female leads. They’re nice. Sweet. Caring.

But they never get the girl.

It doesn’t make any sense!

So, when Bria realizes her brother’s friend, Caleb Nichols, is a real-life second lead, she just has to intervene. Caleb has been hopelessly in love with his best friend, Paige, for years now. And if he doesn’t act fast, he might lose her to the hot new surfer guy from California.

Bria knows this plot well, and she knows exactly how the story will end.

Unless she can rewrite it.

When she proposes an idea to Caleb—to transform him into a male lead—he thinks she’s crazy. Maybe she is, but Bria is sure the plan will work. All they have to do is recreate some of the most clichéd scenes from K-dramas and Paige will be falling for him in no time!

The only problem?

If she’s not careful, Bria may just end up falling for the second lead herself.


I was a bit scared to start this book. I didn’t know if the writing was going to live up to the last book I just read by her. Along with the last book, I read the synopsis and wondered why I had added this to my TBR. Especially, since the heroine likes K-dramas and I can’t get around the hype for them. Just not my thing. So why did I add this book?

Bria was forced by her mother to go to a bonfire with her twin brother and not allowed to watch K-dramas for a week. At the bonfire, she runs into Caleb who she figures out is in love with his best friend, Paige. Paige happened to be talking to the new guy in town, Tyler. Bria makes it her mission to help Caleb get the girl and no longer be in the friend zone.

Once Bria’s plan was laid out, I figured this book was going to be filled with cringy YA moments. Moments that may be hard to read. I didn’t exactly get to those moments. This is a complete 180 from the last book. I loved the couple in the last book. This couple not so much. I liked Caleb but Bria I wasn’t a big fan. She seemed like an airhead that lived in a fantasy world. It was hard to follow her. So I am pulling the plug.