Book Reviews

Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 248
Series: Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek #1
Genre: Christian Romance
Published: Nov. 7, 2017
Rating: 3 stars


A heart broken twice from love and family. Can a trip to the ranch give her a second chance with both?

Sheryl Kyle isn’t the trusting type. After all, her abusive late husband and her disapproving stepfather haven’t given her much reason to feel otherwise. But when a rugged rancher named Mark seeks her out she learns her stepfather is on his deathbed. And his dying wish is for her to return to Sweet Creek for one last chance to reconcile…

Mark can’t help but be fascinated by Sheryl. Despite hearing the worst about her from her stepbrother, he’s drawn to the hauntingly beautiful woman. When his ranching partner suffers an injury at the worst possible time, he’s surprised and delighted that Sheryl agrees to work by his side…

As Sheryl and Mark’s friendship deepens, she suppresses her growing feelings toward him. Can she forgive her family and herself before Mark too becomes a man of her past?


Sheryl’s husband just died and she is working to keep her apartment while going to school. Mark shows up telling her that her stepfather needs to see her due to him dying. Sheryl is conflicted about this because her relationship with her stepfather was not a good one. Sheryl loses her job leaving her with no excuse not to go back to the place of many hurt memories.

First of all, this book needs some editing done to it. Second, I think this was a good story. It portrays different types of Christians. For example, her stepfather and stepbrother who strict religious, then there’s Mark and his family who are loving and forgiving. I like that it shows not every Christian is the same.

Sheryl was a hard character for me to like but this is her healing story. She ends up being a very different person than she was at the beginning of the book. I’m still on the fence about Mark and how I feel about him and his family. I like them but at the same time, I wanted more time with them. If that makes sense.

This was a good story of healing and love. Both characters had a bit of depth, though Sheryl had a bit more. I will plan on reading the rest of the series in the future but as of right now I’m going to move on.