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Summer’s Rebellion by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 296
Series: The Lochlann Treaty #3
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Published: Sept. 7, 2019
Rating: 4.5 stars


Charlie knows how to be a princess. Now she must learn to be a queen.

She sacrificed her heart in exchange for the fragile peace of her kingdom, but in the wake of their beloved king’s assassination, peace is hard to come by. Threats and conspiracies emerge with every turn, and all the while her wedding looms closer.

Between funerals and hangings, coronations and balls, Charlie must find the strength to prove to her people — and to herself — that she can be the queen they need, even though it required breaking her heart in two.

Her allies are few and unexpected, and enemies await in the most familiar of places. Will Charlie live long enough to see her wedding day? Or will the perils of her choices finally catch up to her?


“The King is Dead! Long live the King!”
The phrase always balled me. Only moments after a beloved king dies, the people wish a long life to the next one. It gives the feeling that there is not time to mourn the past, only look to the future.

Spoiler alert if not read the first two books.

Who to trust? Charlie is in Luan after the death of Rowan. The people there don’t trust her and they don’t like Oliver after hearing he ran away.

Oh, the emotions of this book have me all over the place. I love this one more. I am loving Charlie. She is becoming more and more of a warrior queen and I can’t wait to read she kicks butt. Also, is it bad I kind of hope Oliver dies? I mean once again he is showing what a coward he is.

Logan is so the man for her and I am glad to see where their story is headed. But if he dies in the next book I will not forgive the authors.

Book Reviews

Spring’s Rising by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 290
Series: The Lochlann Treaty #2
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Published: April 26, 2019
Rating: 4 STARS


They say ignorance is bliss.

Charlie used to believe that was a lie, but now she’s not so sure.

As the truth comes to light, everything Charlie thought she knew, everything she thought she wanted is called into question.

Though she manages a daring escape from her captors, the black mark of the Aramach is spreading like wildfire, threatening the fragile peace between Luan and H’Ria. Through it all, Charlie tries to overcome the scars she’s brought back with her to be the leader her people need.

Will she and Oliver be able to unite the kingdoms before it’s too late? Or will she lose what matters most?


At the end of the first book, I wasn’t much of a fan of Charlie. Unfortunately, Oliver was only in the beginning and during flashbacks so I didn’t have a good sense of how I felt about him. I sort of had a love/hate relationship with Logan.

With this book, I liked Charlie. She gained a backbone and not everything was about Oliver. Oliver is a coward. I now have a strictly love relationship with Logan. Unless the next book changes that.

Charlie grew in this book. I am glad that she did. I am hoping her character arc continues going up. I don’t know how it will be in the next book due to what happened at the end. I am a bit worried she might backslide into being who she was in the first book. I truly hope not.