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Alice in Demonland by RaShelle Workman

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 171
Series: Demonland #1
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling, Demons
Publish: July 18, 2018
Rating: 2 stars


Alice is a Dark Moth trainee determined to slay her demon sire. That means no distractions, especially not from the gorgeous Kade Everett. He’s a warrior at the compound with secrets she wants to discover, but doing so might cost her life.

In the last millennia a deadly game has raged between demons and their half-human creations. Known as Moths, a select few were born with distinctive marks on their hands. They possess the same powers as their demon parent.

Over the years an elite group of warriors formed The Dark Moth Society. Their sole purpose to slay their demon sires. Alice Blackburn is a Dark Moth trainee. Some of her classmates call her the Queen of Hearts because she doesn’t share hers.

So when Kade Everett shows up at the compound, Alice is surprised by her feelings. But there isn’t time to act on them. In just a few days, her creator, the foul demon that slaughtered her mom will come to kill her. That’s part of their sick and twisted game, and Alice intends to win.


I had planned on reading the next book but that ending ruined all chances of that happening.

Their demonic rules were simple: Bed a woman. Wait until after their half-demon child was born. Kill the human mother. Once the child reached the age of maturity, which was eighteen, the real fun began. At least according to the demon. They would start hunting and wouldn’t stop until the child and everyone the half-demon cared about was dead.

Alice Blackburn aka the Queen of Hearts is a moth training to be a warrior in the Dark Moth Society. One night leads to a tragedy lands. Enter in Kade Everett. Alice has to stay close by him. She has never let her guard down, until him.

This had potential, but as said earlier the ending ruined it for me. I thought I could look past the mistakes and the okay writing, but that ending. Talk about zero to a hundred without really knowing what fully went on.

Alice and Kade were okay characters. Their love build up was meh compared to Alice looking at Wrythe. I felt like there was more of a love story there. The ending made me feel like Alice over reacted. I mean I’ve read of something similar happening in other stories but normally the girl is hurt and doesn’t understand what’s going on. Not a “I was in love but now I hate him and want to kill my dad.” sort of feeling.

Maybe I read it wrong. I don’t know. Just not moving forward with this book. Hopefully the other book I am reading by this author has a better ending.

Peace out girl scout.

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Frey by Melissa Wright

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 264
Series: The Frey Saga #1
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Publish: November 2015
Rating: 3.5 stars


Frey’s life is a lie. She doesn’t remember being bound from magic. She didn’t intend to get entangled in Council business.

But she did.

And now she’s on the run. As the Council trackers pursue her, Frey discovers a world beyond their lies. With the aid of a stranger, she fights to reclaim her true identity before the others hunt her down. If they find her, she will burn.


Frey is an elf, but she is an outsider. She can’t do magic like the others. One day she does something bad and is then on the run with the help of Chevelle and a few others.

I liked the story but there were a few plot holes I’m not sure of yet. They might be addressed in the next book which I will have to put in my ever growing TBR pile.

Other than that, I wasn’t a big fan of Frey always having a short temper. Only because it reminded me a bit like me. But not the point. My mind is still processing all that I have read. I’m not fully sure how I feel about Frey. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of Chevelle but now that I have reached the ending some things have been made clear. Not all which I hope is addressed in the next book.

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Fall From Grace by Christine Zolendz

My edition: Kindle
Series: Mad World #1
Genre: NA, Fantasy, Angels
Publish: July 22, 2012
Rating: None, DNF @ pg 13


I’m finally home after struggling through my brother’s illness and death. But, home is definitely a bit different. My best friend (the only person alive now that knows my secret) has a new boyfriend; and he has a friend. Shane Maxton: bad boy, tattooed rock god, eye candy extraordinaire. He is also New York City’s most arrogant, self-serving, son of a, well, a definite one-night stand kind of a guy.

But, it doesn’t matter to me because I’ve spent my existence looking for the love of my life, my angel. And, there is nothing that Shane Maxton can do to change that.


I know I’m calling it early. But if I have to question what is going to be inner thoughts or song lyrics or rolling my eyes at the heroine as she drools over hero, yeah, not for me.

I’m not going to wast time on a book I know I’m not going to like. Plain and simple. Maybe my old self would have loved this book, but this woman now, not having it. Especially, when I’m making gagging noises early on. The descriptions are lacking. I can’t tell you what the heroine even looks like, or what Gabriel looks like except he has icy blue eyes and bronze skin. That’s it. I want more. I want gripping. I don’t want the same kind of story I’ve read thousand of times. Come on NA, you are starting to be like YA, following a formula. I need more!!!

Kansas reader out! *mic drop*


The Pharmacist of Auschwitz: The Untold Story by Patricia Posner

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 257
Genre: Non-fiction, WWII, Holocaust
Publish: January 18, 2017
Rating: 3.5 stars


The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is the little known story of Victor Capesius, a Bayer pharmaceutical salesman from Romania who, at the age of 35, joined the Nazi SS in 1943 and quickly became the chief pharmacist at the largest death camp, Auschwitz. Based in part on previously classified documents, Patricia Posner exposes Capesius’s reign of terror at the camp, his escape from justice, fueled in part by his theft of gold ripped from the mouths of corpses, and how a handful of courageous survivors and a single brave prosecutor finally brought him to trial for murder twenty years after the end of the war.

The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is much more, though, than a personal account of Capesius. It provides a spellbinding glimpse inside the devil’s pact made between the Nazis and Germany’s largest conglomerate, I.G. Farben, and its Bayer pharmaceutical subsidiary. The story is one of murder and greed with its roots in the dark heart of the Holocaust. It is told through Nazi henchmen and industrialists turned war criminals, intelligence agents and zealous prosecutors, and intrepid concentration camp survivors and Nazi hunters.

Set against a backdrop ranging from Hitler’s war to conquer Europe to the Final Solution to postwar Germany’s tormented efforts to confront its dark past, Posner shows the appalling depths to which ordinary men descend when they are unrestrained by conscience or any sense of morality. The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is a moving saga that lingers long after the final page.


Real power, however, was the ability to sometimes play God, to spare a life, even if it was only a temporary and brutal respite from the gas chamber.

For those who have seen one of my reviews on a WWII or Holocaust book, you know I grew up learning about this time period more than any other. My grandpa, my dad, and my brother are history buffs. Their specialty you wonder… WWII and the Holocaust. I have known about one of the world’s most horrific events since I was very little. I can’t even remember what age I started to learn about it.

Unlike the men in my family, I haven’t delve much into the subject, though I do have the curiosity but sometimes not the heart to learn of such horror. This book brought to my attention several little details about the Holocaust I didn’t know about. I seriously wish my grandpa and dad were here today so I can pick their brains on such of the subject matter.

The book is mostly about Victor Capesius. But it gave more of insight of the pharmaceutical company I. G. Farben and their involvement in the concentration camps, Auschwitz (I), Birkenau (Auschwitz II), and Monowitz (Auschwitz III).

Among this, the book also addressed a thought that had never crossed my mind before. When the Jews came to the ramp to be selected, they may know the guards or doctors (in this case) on a personal level. That before the war they may have done business or hung out with the guard or doctor. Such was the case for Gisela Bohm and her daughter Ella.

Ella had fond memories of Capesius from when she was twelve and her father had introduced him to her as her “pharmacist uncle.” He had given her a Bayer notepad as a gift.

Not all Germans who worked at the camp agreed with what was going on. Dr. Adolf Kromer was one, who became more depressed the longer he worked at the camp.

“Your eyes will pop out of your heads, this is Sodom and Gomorrah,” Krömer warned Capesius. “The inferno in the underworld is nothing compared to this.”

He was killed for such thoughts.

That is not to suggest that those who were unhappy at being posted to Auschwitz did anything less than their full duty in helping to murder millions of innocent civilians.

Capesius denied having involvement with Zyklon B, the pesticide that was used in the gas chambers. Many witnesses though proved him wrong by placing him as the pharmacist that gave the order to gas prisoners.

After the war he would claim that “the horrible things” he had seen at the camp were “depressing, it makes you want to vomit. You feel like you will puke any second. At first. Then you get used to it.”

Capesius and men like him took from the belonging s of the Jews arriving. The SS made prisoners extract gold teeth from the dead to be melted into golden bars. Human life did not matter if it belonged to a Jew in Auschwitz.

Out of the many concentration camps the SS had operating, Auschwitz was the number one killing machine.

ultimately 1.1 million of the 1.5 million deported to Auschwitz died immediately.

Whether denying medications to inmates was a sadistic strategy or simply a result of making the SS personnel his top priority, what is indisputable is that many prisoners who were not immediately gassed died from treatable illnesses.

Though by the beginning of 1945, the Allies were winning and Germany started to fall.

Despite their furious last ditch efforts, the Final Solution at Auschwitz had been so grand it proved impossible for the Nazis to destroy all incriminating evidence before fleeing.

God always has a way of bringing to light evil. This was one of those times. While the Nazis tried to get rid of the heinous crime they committed against human beings, they couldn’t. Their sins finally caught up to them.

Capesius was detained by the British, but they let him go. But later an inmate from Auschwitz recognized him and turned him into the U.S. He continued with his lies until finally admitting hours later that he was at Auschwitz and he worked for the SS. Capesius was acquitted of war crimes twice. He later opened his own pharmacy and started a new life. But that would all change in 1959, when he was arrested and a further investigation was conducted.

During the trial Capesius acted oddly. Many times he would smile or laugh when witnesses told testimonies or gave weird answers when asked what he had to say against the crimes he was being accused.

August 19, 1965 Victor Capesius was sentenced to nine years in jail for aiding and abetting murder, for his crimes at Auschwitz.

How much emotional brutality, what devilish sadism, what merciless cynicism must it take to act in the way that this monster acted.

While I cannot be the ultimate judge for Capesius, as that is God’s job, I still think many got away with less than what they deserved. As for the book, I really got tired after thirty percent. I’m not much of a fan of non-fiction. Trying to get through a non-fiction for me is like pulling teeth. I didn’t want to throw this on the get to later pile though. I felt that the victims of the Holocaust deserve to be heard and that the crimes of the Nazis need to be taught or lest history repeats itself.

If you are into non-fiction and can read through dry history, I highly recommend, but if you don’t like reading history in dull essay form, stay far away.


Challenge: Disney Heroes 60 Days

I haven’t done a challenge in a long while so I though why not do a Disney challenge. If you would like to follow along you can. Let me know what you read in the comments below.

Starting Feb 20, 2020- Ending April 20, 2020


  • Every Category finished 5 pts
  • Every Subcategory finished 1 pt
  • Every 1000 pages 5pts
  • DNFs do not count
  • Mangas and comics do not count
  • Books must be minimum 150 pages



  • Cover is mostly orange– Firebolt by Adrienne Woods
  • Set in Africa
  • Has a prince
  • H and h known each other since childhood
  • Evil uncle
  • MC has a deceased parent

Snow White

  • An apple on the cover- Blood and Snow by RaShelle Workman
  • Heroine has black hair
  • Has a wicked stepmother
  • MC dies but comes back to life
  • Cover mostly white– Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • Has red lips on cover


  • Cover is mostly blue
  • Has a slipper/heel on the cover-
  • MC has step-siblings
  • Heroine marries a prince
  • Dress on cover
  • MC is a servant or a maid


  • MC has golden hair
  • Tower on the cover
  • Involves discovering inner self
  • Book has over 400 pages
  • Character gets kidnapped
  • Heroine falls in love with a bad boy


  • Spinning wheel on the cover
  • Blue cover
  • Pink cover
  • Dragon on cover
  • Story involves fairies
  • MC lives with a foster family


  • Beauty and Beast retelling
  • Heroine is a book worm
  • Set in France
  • MC has a library
  • Rose on the cover
  • Unrequited love


  • Deer on the cover
  • Involves a hunting scene– Frey by Melissa Wright
  • Mostly brown cover
  • Set in a forest
  • Involves shifters
  • Title starts with a B


  • MC is a mermaid/merman
  • MC has red hair
  • Heroine has a controlling father
  • Water on the cover
  • Featured near a beach
  • MC can sing


  • Tiger or monkey on cover
  • MC travels
  • Features a genie
  • Wish in the title
  • Set in the Middle East
  • MC uses an alias


  • Set in Louisiana
  • MC is a waitress
  • Frog on the cover
  • Kiss in title
  • MC plays an instrument
  • Features a sorcerer


  • MC has super powers
  • Set during winter
  • Queen in title
  • Love triangle
  • Snowman on cover
  • Reindeer on cover



  • Features Greek gods/goddesses
  • Involves underworld
  • MC is a golden boy
  • MC gets betrayed
  • Features magic
  • Fire on cover


  • MC orphaned
  • Umbrella on cover
  • Set in Britain
  • Ship on cover
  • Heroine’s name is Jane
  • Set in Victorian era


  • MC has three little brothers
  • Set in Scotland
  • MC is Scottish
  • MC or MC’s family is cursed
  • Bear on cover
  • Features a witch


  • Set in Hawaii
  • Set on an island
  • MC has tattoos
  • MC has no love interest
  • MC has a boat
  • MC goes on a journey

Total Points: 9

Total pages: 1022

Book Reviews

Wrath and Ruin Collection

My edition: Kindle owned
Series: Collection
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
Publish: Jan 17, 2018


21 bestselling authors. 21 exclusive fantasy and sci-fi novels. One epic collection.

Take flight with all new and exclusive stories that are out of this world, including full-length novels from some of today’s most popular names in science fiction and fantasy!

From magnificent dragons, powerful witches and gods, bloodthirsty aliens, and mad genetic engineers to intergalactic wars, magical curses, and fantastical worlds, you’ll find everything you’ve been waiting for in this limited edition collection. This USA Today Best Selling collection will only be available for up to three months!

This box set is concentrated in the following genres (with number of novels in parentheses): fantasy (17), epic fantasy (5), sci-fi (4), young adult fantasy (3), high fantasy (2), and genetic engineering sci-fi (2). The bestselling and award-winning authors included in this set are:

Nicole Zoltack (Epic Fantasy)
Shereen Vedam (Alternate History Fantasy)
Lydia Sherrer (Epic Fantasy)
Tara West (Epic Fantasy)
Courtney Pearson (YA Fantasy)
Ali Winters (High Fantasy)
J.B. Michaels (Speculative Fiction)
Pamita Rao (Epic Fantasy)
G.L. Tomas (YA Fantasy)
Craig A. Price (Epic Fantasy)
Milly Ly (YA Fantasy)
Eliza Tilton (Historical YA Fantasy)
A.K. Koonce (Paranormal Fantasy)
Damian Boyle (Grimdark Fantasy)
Cate Farren (Mythic Fantasy)
Rex Jameson (High Fantasy)
Karen Tomlinson (Epic Fantasy)

Kelly Hashway (Biopunk)
Jonathan Yanez (Dystopian Sci-Fi)
Penny BroJacquie (Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi)
Caitlyn Mancini (Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi)


I will review each book individually. I will post every time I add another review. First up is…

Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey & Krystal Wade
Rating: 4.5 stars

A sci-fi that goes back and forth between Talia and Will every chapter. Fleshers are humans, mocks machines. Come to find out later a human that ends up with machine parts becomes a splicer.

Fair warning spoilers!!!

You are a Starchaser Princess. Pain is not only expected but welcomed.

Talia is being married off to a prince for an alliance. The mocks are in a rebellion with the humans. Talia’s life is changing but it all comes down to one crucial moment when her future husband demands her to make a decision between her family and her best friend.

That’s when Will realized the bastard had tricked him into acting.
He was human.
He was savage.
And he just confirmed it.

Will use to be human. Then his mock father found him and made him part machine, made him a splicer. He lost his position as one of the top flies when he missed a ship full of fleshers. Now he’s trying to prove his loyalty only his mock brother isn’t making it easy. He may have found something though that might help. He just can’t screw it up.

I love the characters in this. It almost felt Star Wars at times but it also felt original at the same time. I have been having a pretty icky year coming to books but right now this one broke through.

It almost became my first five star review but the ending with the queen was a bit lack luster. But I still loved it! On to the next book!!!

The Forever Gate by Isaac Hooke
Rating: DNF no rating

I can’t get past the way this is written. I don’t mind the concept. It seems intriguing but I can’t get past it. I’m bored and I couldn’t really care about the characters.

Just not for me.

The Flames of Death by Nicole Zoltack
Rating: 2.5 stars

I have read Nicole Zoltack before and loved her work. I have read her fairy-tale retellings and loved the twist she had on the villains of the stories.

I was quite disappointed with this book. I couldn’t get into it and I could not care about the characters. This one wasn’t for me.

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The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare by Max Morris

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 160
Series: Stand alone
Genre: Meh
Publish: Sep 5th, 2017
Rating: 2.5 stars


“Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit,” said the world’s greatest and most preeminent English writer of all time, William Shakespeare.

Have you ever wanted to quote the most quoted writer in the English language? Deliver the most inventive and debasing Shakespearean insult (“Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon!”)? Recite titillating love poetry like a modern-day Romeo to his (or her) Juliet? Or commit a learned wisdom about life’s woes to memory? The Smart Words and Wicked Wit of William Shakespeare is the perfect pocket book to carry around in your arsenal. Laugh, cry, rage, and muse along with beloved (or not so beloved) Shakespeare characters like Hamlet, Lady Macbeth, King Lear, and Cleopatra on the topics of love, art, beauty—as well as life’s most irreverently relevant insights.

Full of savvy wisdoms from works such as Twelfth NightOthelloA Midsummer Night’s DreamAs You Like It, and many others, this inspiring collection compiles the wisest and wittiest Shakespearean quotations that speak of the writer’s enduring legacy—even in contemporary pop culture.


2.5 stars

This wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I thought it might discuss the brilliance of William Shakespeare but all it did was put in Shakespeare quotes from his plays and sonnets alongside illustrations.

Quite the downer really.