Rating System

I have a wide set of ratings I go off of in my notebooks. I put an overall rating on my reviews which I plan to change here soon. I will start putting up all my ratings and hopefully, it will give a better view of how I rate a book.

First rating: Main Cast Hero and Heroine

  • 1 star- For an H and/or h to be a one star they are non-developed. Completely bland and I couldn’t connect at all. Or I just could not stand the character. Character is the main reason I DNF.
  • 2 star- H and/or h grated my nerves. I didn’t like their decisions. Made me want to scream and yell.
  • 3 star- I liked the H and/or h. May need a little more development.
  • 4 star- I really like where the H and/or h were going. Felt connections and enjoyed their story.
  • 5 star- Love the H and/or h. Superb. Well developed. Gave me the feels. I Fell completely head over heels in love.

Second Rating: Supporting Cast

With the supporting cast, I follow along the same lines as the H and h.

  • 1 star- Either not extremely developed. May even be just the stereotypical background character that adds nothing to the plot.
  • 2 star- Annoying. Butted in way too much when not their business. Created drama for the H and h that just wasn’t necessary.
  • 3 star- I like the cast. It could have been a little better.
  • 4 star- Cast was wonderful. Had a few bumps but otherwise was great. Worked wonderfully with Main Cast.
  • 5 star- The supporting cast was perfect. I loved the Supporting Cast more than Main Cast. (This rarely happens.)

Third Rating: Plot

  • 1 star- Not developed. Really didn’t go anywhere
  • 2 star- Had potential just need more.
  • 3 star- It was an okay storyline. Thoroughly predictable.
  • 4 star- Great plot. Had a few twists didn’t see coming.
  • 5 star- Wonderful. Didn’t expect where it was going to end up. Wonderful writing.

Now if I add a .5 to a star it means that I can’t fully go to a star above it or my rating is in the middle.

Hope this helps out with my ratings.