Book Reviews

Something New by Amanda Abram

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 389
Genre: YA, Romance
Published: March 9, 2020
Rating: 4 stars


Cassie Briggs never thought she’d be married at age sixteen—especially not to Dylan Meyers, her boyfriend’s best friend. Of course, they’re not married for real. It’s just a project for their Life Economics class, where each student is randomly paired up to manage finances, make important life decisions, and deal with catastrophic events.

It was supposed to be an easy A, but now Cassie is not so sure. Getting paired with Dylan is bad enough, but then Cassie’s boyfriend Elijah gets paired with his ex-girlfriend, Hannah: the former childhood sweetheart who broke his heart. The girl who took him months to get over—if he’s ever gotten over her at all.

When the project leads to inevitable heartbreak for Cassie, she begins to find comfort in the most unexpected place: her pretend husband…her now-ex-boyfriend’s best friend…the last guy in the world she should be growing closer to. And as Elijah vows to stop at nothing to win back Cassie’s heart—despite being the one to break it—Cassie soon finds herself facing her own important life decision: does she want to give Elijah a second chance? Or could she be ready for something new?


This had one of the synopses that made me question why I added this to my TBR list in the first place. From the description, I thought I was going into a drama llama situation.

Not only was Hannah Bowen one of the prettiest, most popular girls at our school, she was also Elijah’s ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend who had dumped him and broken his heart last year. The ex-girlfriend who had taken him months to get over. The ex-girlfriend who was now his wife.

Cassie is in Life Economics (and I would love to point out that every high school needs this class) when she is paired up with Dylan. Dylan is her boyfriend, Elijah’s best friend. Awkward! Even more awkward is that her boyfriend is now paired up with his ex-girlfriend who broke his heart big time.

I will be the first to admit that I liked this more than I thought I was going to. I really love how the heroine was written. She stands up for herself. She doesn’t just rush into stupid situations just because she’s hurt. The hero is thoughtful and caring. I really loved this duo. They were stinking cute and may I add relationship goals.