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Where to Find It In the Bible the Ultimate A-Z Resource by Ken Anderson

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 581
Genre: Christian, Non-fiction
Published: Jan. 1, 1996
Rating: 3 stars


Locate specific Bible references to over 3,700 contemporary subjects with this Ultimate A to Z Resource. Where to Find it in the Bible
is a unique topical concordance that helps you find biblical passages that apply to traditional and 21st-century topics.


Readily accessible

Works with many translations Easy to apply information


This is a basic concordance. Best read with a Bible. My favorite Bible to use is a ESV. I don’t have much more to say.

Book Reviews

Dare You to Fall for the Catcher by Lacy Andersen

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 162
Series: Rock Valley High #3
Genre: High School, Baseball, YA
Published: June 2, 2020
Rating: 4 STARS


A little dare never hurt anybody…

Running is my life. It’s one of the few things I’m good at and I dominate on the track. But my take-no-prisoners reputation doesn’t scare everyone. There’s still one boy who’s not afraid to get under my skin…

Jayden Paul.

Catcher of the varsity baseball team. Hottie of the year.

And the thorn in my side ever since we kissed in sixth grade (on a silly dare!).

When my track career gets sidelined by an injury and Coach forces me to help manage the baseball team, I’m determined to stay far away from the one boy who can make me lose my cool. But this catcher won’t catch a clue. He’s there at every turn – with his teasing grin and the hungry way he looks at me.

The last thing I need is to be distracted. Not with my mom’s heart condition and my little sister hanging with the wrong crowd. My family and my track scholarship are my top priorities.

But Jayden might not be the bad guy I thought he was.

And kissing my enemy might just be the one other thing I’m good at.


Mandy hurt her ankle trying to get to her sister after she did the polar plunge with the senior boys. Now she has to manage the baseball team while her ankle heals. Jayden is the catcher who always teases Mandy. Jayden and Mandy already have some history. Back in the sixth grade, they spent seven minutes in heaven together.

These two were super cute. My favorite couple of the trio. I loved the banter and the teasing. They were totally flirting with each other the whole book.

The next three books are about the trios’ little sisters. Not sure if I am going to read those just yet. I’ll put them in debating.