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Deja Dead (Temperance Brennan #1) by Kathy Reichs

For those of you who love the show Bones, well this is the book series it was based on. Now it does not follow or even a little bit familiar with the T.V. show, but it is still awesome!! Now unfortunately about a year ago I read the second book Death Du Jour without knowing it.

Rating 4 stars out of 5

Temperance Brennan aka Tempe is in Montreal at the start of the book. She is a forensic anthropologist. She studies and look over bones for police/coroner. A body was found dumped. It was a female, she was dismembered put into four different garbage bags the disposed of. Another female turns up dead a couple of weeks after they found the first body.

Claudel and Charbonneau are the detectives on the cases. Brennan believes these two women are connected to another case. Claudel thinks she is insane. Brennan and Claudel don’t like each other much. I don’t like Claudel too much either but he is funny at times.

“Nice place,” said Charbooneau

“Yeah. A thing of beauty. I’d rank it up there with herpes and Burt Reynolds’s hairpiece.”

Brennan starts to piece together the cases. She makes molds of the few bones she has of the first case and the first body. She finds that they were dismembered the same way.

Reichs has a way to her writing to show real life. Sometimes she has that comic relief when the turn of events get a little too intense.

I don’t know what to expected to see. A slathering Doberman? Norman Bates and his mother? Hannibal Lecter? A George Burns god in baseball cap? None of them showed up. I was alone with the trees and the creepers and the star-pierced darkness. – Tempe Brennan

I think it is amazing that she is also an anthropologist herself so she knows what she is talking about. Such a wonderful book. Reichs kept me on my toes the entire time. I didn’t get bored at all during this one which happens through most crime/mystery books. Can’t wait to read more in the series.


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Hollowland (Hollows #1) by Amanda Hocking

I have read a few of Hocking’s work before and loved it. That series is fantastic. I tried not to put to much expectation on this book but it’s hard.

Rating 4 Green Blood everywhere stars out of 5

At first it was a little hard to get into. So far Zombies aren’t what we have seen in movies. The virus is a lot like rabies only worse. Zombies blood is also green. We start the story at a quarantine camp based in a school. The heroine Remy and her brother Max have been at the camp for two months or so. The base is being attacked by Zombies. What is different is the Zombies are moving in herds which is not normal in this story.

After Remy and two others escape from the quarantine, one of the three girls is attacked. Sommer had scratches down her arms. Remy didn’t want to risk it so her and Harlow left her in the desert. Remy and Harlow head north to find the other quarantine to find Remy’s brother. On their way they find a highway. On the highway a lion was chained to a back of a truck. They free the lion who tends to follow them.

They run into two boys, Blue and Lazlo. They decide to accompany the girls to the quarantine. On the way they stop at a house that is surrounded by tigers. The house is booming with electricty. They meet Korech (where is she coming up with all these crazy names) who is supposedable the “prophet of God” when really he is bonkers and is a cult master. They have a bomb shelter in the basement where a bunch of girls mostly in the teens are staying. Harlow doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with the picture but to Blue, Lazlo, and Remy it’s not exactly the Brady bunch. I think due to her age Harlow only being 13 (the other three are above the age of 18) she doesn’t see whats wrong. She sees help. Don’t drink the kool aid Harlow. Korech really creeps me out. During the first worship time, Lia, one of the girls kept stealing glances at Lazlo, which Korech noticed. After the worship, Korech takes Lia to his room for a private prayer which is creepy. They make an escape Lia and Vega two of the girls who were there decide to go with them. Don’t blame them.

They continue with their journey to get to the quarantine. I’m really starting to believe that Lazlo has a thing for Remy. Just the way he is around her it seems that he really likes her. Blue I haven’t quite figured out yet.

I loved Hocking’s other series My Blood Approves. This series I do like it a bit. I’m still on the fence. I do love her writing though.

Jay ♣

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Carrie by Stephen King

“You were kids,” he said “Kids don’t know what they’re doing. Kids don’t even know their reactions really, actually, hurt other people. They have no, uh, empathy. Dig?”  –Tommy Ross


We all know the story of Carrie. The girl who had a creepy religious mother. Who had telekinetic powers. Who killed almost everyone at her senior prom after pig’s blood was dumped on her.

Margret White is officially insane. She takes religion to a new level. She thinks that everything is a sin. She calls breast dirtypillows (all one word). She says she has breasts/dirtypillows due to her having sinned with Carrie’s father, Ralph. Yeah she is completely bonkers. She will self inflict harm to her self so Carrie won’t miss behave.  When Carrie does misbehave, Margret locks her in a closet till she repents her sins.

Carrie doesn’t have a supportive mother who she can go to about things. Carrie, sixteen, gets her first period in her gym class. While all the other girls are taunting her by yelling “Plug it up” and throwing tampons and sanitary napkins at her, Carrie believes she is bleeding to death.

If you have seen the movies you know what is going on. I felt sorry for Carrie. She had a horrible mother and the kids were just cruel to her. She never did anything wrong to any of them and yet they were just so cruel.

People don’t get better, they just get smarter. When you get smarter you don’t stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it. -Sue Snell

There were times that I found myself wondering what would have happened if Carrie’s father was alive. Would he be even harsher that Margret towards Carrie. Margret was very abusive. With the movies I always understood that Carrie was pushed to the point of insanity but the book makes it that much clear.

Chris Hargensen really has me thinking. Was she this cruel because she didn’t get her way this time or is she really a cold heart bitch. (Pardon my language. To think of something this nasty and disgusting has to be not all there in the head. Chris is the typical spoiled bratty girl.

Why Carrie though? What has this poor girl ever done to anyone? That is the main two questions that ran through my mind reading this. Why Carrie?


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Salvation (Captured #4) by Erica Stevens

Aria has been captured by Caleb, Braith’s cruel brother. Braith wants nothing more to do than to run straight after Aria but he can’t. Not if he wants Aria and himself to stay alive. Just like the first three books this one had me on my toes. I did not want to put it down.

David, Aria’s father, is hiding a secret that about Aria, her twin brother William and their older brother Daniel. David and Braith along with Braith’s little brother Jack lead the rebels against the King who happens to be Braith’s father. Braith plans to take on the king himself for the crown. He wants to establish a new world where there are no blood slaves.

Caleb stands by the King but he does something that I wouldn’t have seen coming. Stevens did a wonderful job with this book. It is my second favorite of the series. She kept me guessing the whole way through. I didn’t see the end coming. Can’t wait to read the fifth and final book of the series.

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Objection (Legal Affairs #1) By Sawyer Bennentt

Rating 3.5 oh damn stars out of 5

Objection is a novella based on McKayla who is a lawyer just coming out of grad school. She let’s her friend talk her into a web site called One Night only. She has a date with Number 134. She has an amazing night. Her boss calls her the next day to inform her that the company was bought by Connover and Crown, a big legal office. On her first day she walks in to meet her new boss Matt Connover who turns out to be none other than Number 134.

It was a hot short story. I didn’t mind it. It was a little funny in spots but it was a little on the meh side. I will read the second book but if it is like this one then I probably won’t continue on with the series.

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Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Rating 4.5 OMG that just happened stars out of 5

He’s a pot head with a secret.


She’s a nerd by association.



He’s her best friend in love with her.

download (1)

They are attracted to each other but they won’t admit it. A little cliche to be honest. To make the cliche even more is that Cami’s best friend Clay likes her. Even her mother noticed it.

Clay even changed his entire look to see if he could get Cami to become attracted to him. But sadly that wasn’t the case. He wasn’t the same Clay she knew and that started tense between them. (Guys don’t change like this please. It makes things awkward.)

Hunter noticed Cami looking very uncomfortable with Clay so he did what he could to help her escape, he asked her out. There is something that Hunter is hiding. In the book we get both POV in first person. Weatherford hints that Hunter isn’t the typical student but you don’t find out till later what it is he is hiding. After the first date Hunter is in big trouble. He is falling for Cami. Even bigger trouble, Cami is falling for him too.

Hunter is of legal age but it does not tell how old he really is. Cami it says is seventeen and Hunter is old enough to not be touchy with her because he could get into some serious trouble. I do love the teasing Hunter gives Cami. It’s cute and innocent. What a lot of girls dream a guy doing to them.

Hunter and Cami start to date and Clay does not like this at all. Cami decides that they need to spend some time apart so Clay can cool down. Clay however doesn’t want that. He starts to get a little scary. He told Cami that she was his and that he would be waiting till she saw how much he loved her. Clay is a bit scary. He seems too possessive. Girls do like guys that are a lit over protective but not like this. He is the scary kind that doesn’t seem to want to share with the world.

I was captivated by this book. I liked the flow. The talk seemed a little too old for supposed teenagers but I still love this. It seems like this may be a new guilty pleasure of mine. I can’t wait till pay day and I can buy me the second book. Next Tuesday doesn’t seem like it is coming fast enough.

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Sold To the Sheikh by Chloe Cox

Rating 2 this is freaky stars

This book was not my cup of tea. A friend recommended this book for me to read. She said it was hot and sexy. Well it’s not. I so wanted to DNF (did not finish) but I didn’t. Some of the stuff that the Sheikh did to Stella *shivers* was just creepy and some things was painful. It made me hurt but not in the good way as Stella felt.

The Sheikh spanked her in public while she was naked. By public I mean a sex club. Not very attractive or hot or sexy to me. That is just to much out there. I can read most BDSM/Dom books but this one just made me very uncomfortable and want to crawl out of my skin.

Now these to M.C.s was just barely getting to know one and another and they were already falling madly in love with each other. I don’t understand. I couldn’t fall in love with the Sheikh. He was a boring character. His side of the story was just so blah. Stella’s was a little more gripping but not by much. The Sheikh though his looks were very gorgeous his personality fell short.

I am confused on why these two M.C.s feel in love so fast. Sold to the Sheikh was just not the book for me.

Jay ♣

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The Boyfriend List: 15 guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs, and Me, Ruby Oliver by E. Lockhart

Rating 3 I want to hit someone stars out of 5

This is a story of a girl who has panic attacks and has to go see a therapist named Doctor Z. This was a little different for me. I suffer from panic attacks so I know what it’s like. It is very scary. For those who have not experienced a panic attack I’ll explain. With me it starts with my anxiety, My right hand will go all tingly, my chest starts to tighten and I can’t breath . It feels like someone or something is squeezing my chest not allowing me to breath. My heart feels like it about to jack hammer it’s way out of my chest. Again it is a scary thing to have a panic attack.

Ruby Oliver starts having panic attacks so her parents send her to a therapist. Doctor Z has her make out the boyfriend list. She writes down the 15 guys she has like, had a crush on, had a crush on her, made up, when she was little, who she kissed so on and so forth. The chapters all are the boys she was put on the list and why. She throws in tidbits of Jackson who was her first official boyfriend for six months.

The story explains all the way up to what happens to her to have these attacks. They mostly deal with what happened with Jackson but also with her three best friends who just stopped talking to her.

There were times I wanted to punch Ruby in the face. She seemed to take gifts a little to seriously. But then I would remember she is a teenager and that she sees her friends get amazing roses while she didn’t. One thing though is that Ruby needs to learn that you have to tell the truth and not let everything be bottled up.

There was a double standard that went on in this book and it made me want to rip out my hair and then punch Kim one of Ruby’s “best friends” in the face till she bled. (Harsh I know but what she did was horrible.) Ugh it made me so mad that I wanted to throw my Kindle. Actually throw it and then stomp on it. That’s how mad I am about this Kim girl and what her and Jackson did then have the gall to be mad at Ruby for kissing Jackson. I’m sorry but it is very rare for a person to find their true love their sophomore year in high school. Kim would be my least favorite character out of the entire book. I want to hate Jackson but he is a big douche so it’s expected of him but Kim really.

This whole thing made me realize that there are some really shallow people out there that need to be cut off and dropped on their head. But karma does all that. Ruby teaches us that in the end you matter to yourself. Who cares what people think. Just roll through life with the punches.

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Axel by Harper Sloan

Rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh don’t we always fall for a man who seems  too good to be true. So did the heroine, Isabelle. At the beginning we don’t get much out of the wonderful guy. We just hop straight to the asshole whom she was already married too. He was a very pathetic excuse of a man this Brandon. He beat his wife just for talking to her best friend. Luckily Isabelle divorces him or at least trying since he isn’t making it easy for her.

Poor Isabelle. Thankfully Sloan didn’t make her into the most seen character now. The one who has this mental illness and meets the man of her dreams and all of the sudden she doesn’t have it and she is alright now. Thank you. I like that after years of the fact that she is still having a hard time dealing her issue. )I don’t want to spoil it. Not going to let it slip.)

“Lesson number one in hooch wear-be drunk”-Isabelle

Axel has moved back and he goes to meet his Marine friends at a club which he runs into Isabelle who just happens to be best friends with Greg Cage who is also friends with Axel. Well it blows up. The anger, the heat, the omgosh this was amazing sex.

I loved this story. Even though they took forever to final sit down and talk they did and it worked out. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance at its finest. Axel and Isabelle’s story was so wonderful. There was times I wanted to cry. I loved every bit of Axel. It is now one of my favorites.

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Taken By the Storm by Cyndi Friberg’s

Rating 2.9 out of 5 stars.

Where to start? At first we are on Ontariese. The High Queen and her lover are sending away her twin daughters for their own safety. The High Queen’s husband is a mass murdering S.O.B. Yay! That’s always exciting.

Fast forward a few years, we meet out heroine Charlotte in the mountains of beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous Colorado. (Originally from Colorado and miss my mountains very much.) She is wallowing in sadness. A year ago her husband and son were in a car accident. She is off in her la-la land when a thunderstorm happens. In the middle of winter in Colorado which is not normal. A fire starts she calls 911, firefighters are on their way.

I forgot why she went out towards the fire but she does and that is where she meets Tal dar Aune.

He is an alien. A gorgeous alien. There was some inappropriate touching which Charlotte enjoyed. Then he tells her he’s not from Earth. Which we already figured out. Hello your hair moves by itself of course you are not from Earth. Moving on, Dez dar Joon is seeking Charlotte which I’m still confused on why he was.


There was a lot of sex. None that was extremely hot but pretty much sex. Going through the motions. This book was a little boring to me. I had to drag myself through it. I start to skim a little at the end just to finally finish it.

This was my second alien romance erotica novel. I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.