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Top 10: Aspects In Books That Grind My Gears

We all have a list a mile long on what works for us and what doesn’t work for us in books. What got me thinking about what I DON’T like in books is an email from another about yet another billionaire book. So I decided that this week’s top 10 is going to be aspects or tropes that a writer has in their book that grind my gears.


10. Billionaire

As you may have guessed I don’t like the billionaire trope. Every now and then it’s okay but it seems more and more smut books have the billionaire aspect.


I hate that they write about this. Oh and apparently along with the billionaire aspect is another trope I don’t like which moves on to…

9. Hero is distant do to abuse or broken hearted

The hero has to be in control of every situation due to having been abuse or had his heart broke. Also due to this the hero has commitment issues and dabbles in the world of BDSM. I’m pretty sure not all billionaires are like this.

8. Mental or Physical or Emotional disablity/illness

While on subject of abuse how about a disability or illness for plotline. I’m probably in a boat alone or with someone who hates this trope. The one that is mostly over used is the rape trope along with depression/anxiety trope.

7. Magic Peanie

Most the time this is associated with #8. Girl was raped and doesn’t trust any man. Few years later she meets the “one” and his magic peanie cures her paranoia, depression, trust issues, ect.


6. Mother and/or Father hate MC

I am so tired of this one. A mother and/or father puts their feelings before MC’s. I’m not saying this isn’t realistic. I’m just saying I would like to read more books where the parents want their children happy. Especially the mothers. Because I’m starting to think authors have mommy dearest issues.

5. Huge peanies

Apparently all men are hung like horses according to descriptions. (If any of you know of a book that a man is actually average size please leave it in the comments) I mean some of these men sound like just the head alone could do some major damage.

4. Slut shaming/ mean girl bashing

Oh I hate when an author has a MC hate the “it” girls because they are mean but doesn’t show that they are mean. I also hate slut shaming. So what a girl has been with several men. So what? Let her be. Men aren’t the only ones who can have commitment issues or just don’t want to settle down.


3. Intsa love

Don’t worry I will put this trope on here. Good ol’ insta love. The only time I am okay with this is when it’s fantasy and there’s soulmates. Only time I am perfectly okay with insta love. Oh and in short smut books. The ones that are like 60-100 pages. Other than that if a book is 200 pages and longer I want to see the build of that love.

2. Hero is a total player

Ugh! This one is a big one. The hero is a total man whore till he meets HER. I like when heroes aren’t in every girl’s bed before he gets with the heroine.

1. Heroine not confident or is viewed meaek

I love strong confident heroines. Even ones who are secretly confident in themselves. I hate when a girl is viewed as always needing the hero or her best friend to stand her battles for her. It irritates me to no end.


What are tropes you hate?

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Top 10 Things I wish Authors would put in Books More

Okay so I was thinking to myself last night that I haven’t done a top 10 in a long time. Well guess that means it’s time to start this up again. What’s a better way of getting back into the grove than the things I wish authors would put in their books. Now some of these may be in books but I haven’t read those yet.

10. heroines that are under 5′

Most books I read the heroine is 5’2 or taller. I am exactly 5′. I have to climb on to counter tops to reach the second to top shelf. If I want to reach the top shelf I have to full stand on said counter. I want to read those struggles. And of course instead of the hero helping the h he laughs at her. Why? Because that is what happens at my house. That’s why.

9. Bigger boobs

Another genetic problem I have. The dreaded DDs. Yeah that’s right, I’m a Dasiy Duke. I hate how heroines complain about having small boobs. Oh boo hoo. You know what you get with big boobs that you don’t get with small boobs? Back pain. Boobs getting in the way of everything. Not finding the right size shirt because while your waist is tiny you boobs aren’t and you look like a mutant or anime. Oh let’s not mention the cost of bras because Wal Mart and Target don’t carry your size and you have to go to expensive places such as Victoria Secret.

8. Cuddle scenes

I want more cuddle scenes! Yes I love my sex scenes but I want a more intimate moment.  Or a little more realistic scene such as watching tv and sitting at opposite ends of the couch with feet meeting in the middle. The part where they play awkward footsie tag till they get their legs situated and his foot is damn near kicking her crouch because he has longer legs and her’s legs meet his knee caps because hello short.

7. Periods

I know, gross, but it’s a very natural occurrence that doesn’t pop up in books. How about the heroine gets her period with hero while on a date and have to be embarrassed? I know I’ve done that before. Or started period at work and the day ends up crap so heroine goes home to a jar of peanut butter?

6. Pigging out

Heroines getting her grub on. I need a heroine that she wants to be alone with a book and junk food. Not all of us are eating healthy or health nuts who watch ever intake. Some of us get our grub on and I would like to see that more.

5.Day to Day activities

What I mean by this is a normal routine. I know reading about a morning routine is boring but I wouldn’t mind knowing the character at least brushed their teeth. Or forget their book while going to the bathroom and now has to read the back of a shampoo bottle. Or even run out of toilet paper.

4. Beyond quirk attitude

I tend not to have many friends because people don’t get my humor or don’t know that I am joking 99% of the time. I also have a tendency to say jokes at the wrong time. Wouldn’t be so bad to have a heroine like that. Just saying.

3. Realistic sex scenes for virgins

I’m really tired of reading virgins taking their first time like a champ. No. sex for the first time is awkward and painful for a girl. Even if it is with someone you love it still hurts. And enough of said virgins never giving bjs before suddenly can win an Olympic gold medal in the act. No that doesn’t happen. I’ve read one book where the hero coaches what to do and what he likes and I loved it.

2. Realistic Peanies

Come on authors not all men walk around hung like a horse. Just saying. I want the hero that looks at the heroine and say I’m not big. I’m not the greatest, but you will walk away pleased. Or some bull hockey like that.

1. Heroes talking about books with heroines

Hello, we are bookworms. We need at least one guy on our book boyfriend list that reads and loves talking about books.


Is this to much to ask for? What’s something you wish authors would put in their books?

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Top 10 Things I talk about and do with my fiance!

Tomorrow is my anniversary with my fiance Wy. We have been together for four years. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. He gets my weird sense of humor, mostly because he’s just as weird. Last night I found out that we talk about some of the most peculiar topics. We also do things that new couples would just jaw drop.

10. Pop back pimples.

I know disgusting right. But I’m so comfortable with Wy that I will pop his back pimples. He works at a manufacturing company here in small town Kansas. It’s not a big place and the warehouse is a metal frame. In the summertime it gets hot! Wy tends to sweat like human beings do. Because of this natural phenomenon he gets back pimples bad. So I just tend to be the good fiancee that no money can buy and pop them for him.

9. My books

Whether I’m writing a story or I am reading a story, I tell Wy about it. You should have seen his face after I told him what happened in It. Wy doesn’t read. I know I know, horrible, but I can talk with him about spoilers and he doesn’t care because he won’t read the book and I can vent to him about books I hate or love.

8. Rubs my feet.

I don’t even have to ask anymore. If I put my feet in Wy’s lap even if I just do it while reading my book on the couch not meaning to, he will pick them up and start massaging away. I’m not complaining.

7. 10 points

This one is horrible messed up thing we do while driving. Our sense of humor is dark sometimes (okay most the time) which is probably why we don’t have very many friends. While driving if we see a squirrel or a jogger we joke 10 point, 20 points. Now we would never do that. But we do joke about it. Why? Because we have f#cked up minds.


We are a gaming couple. We will play games together. Mostly zombies on Call of Duty. But when I’m sitting down reading or writing he will play one of his games. We have all of the PlayStations but the first generation, a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo 3DS, and a bunch of board games. I learned not to beat him at Monopoly. Tends to cut me off for a week.

5. War

I come from history nerds. Wy loves to talk about war and guns. So we tend to talk about the different wars and what guns they use. Don’t watch a war movie with us because we will let you know what Hollywood got wrong all the way down to what guns they are using. We also tend to talk about what a bullet does on impact and what caliber can blow someone’s arm off. Don’t judge. Like I said before, dark f#cked up minds.


I’m a huge movie nerd. I love movies not as much as books but still. Wy doesn’t watch as many as I do but will still challenge me to trivia games which he will lose unless it’s Forest Gump.

3. Shooting guns

Wy and I fully believe in the 2cd amendment. We own 6 guns together and are still buying two more. We will go to the shooting range and let off some stream on targets or clay pigeons.

2. Hunting

Living in the state of Kansas, we hunt. I know not all people believe in hunting but Wy and I do. I may lose some followers after admitting to this but I’m not changing my ways. This is just a way we provide meat for us to cook.

1. A hug

Once I get off work I know I can go home and expect a bear hug from Wy. No matter if it’s a good day or a bad day I can guarantee on a hug.

It’s these simple things that we share that has gotten our relationship this far. People may judge our weirdness but we will always have each other.


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Top Ten: Men We Wouldn’t Have Taken Back (books)

We all have these guys. While reading a book you can’t help but shake your head at the heroine who takes these dirtballs back. The men I am about to list come from only books while the ones from movies will have their own list. Don’t worry I will be making a list for women as well. Some of these men even come from books that I have rated highly but that doesn’t mean that the guy isn’t a total d-bag.

As I will be taking about why these guys are like this, I will be giving away plot points whether they are major or small. Soo…

maxresdefault (1)

10. Brently King, King by T.M. Frazier.

While I do love this book, I wouldn’t have taken King back. Doe walks in on King getting head from another woman after they have a connection moment. Doe storms to the dock where Bear gives her a way out from King. King then comes to find both together just about to kiss. King pulls a gun on Bear telling his best friend that he would shoot him if he touches “his girl”. As Doe tries to run away King catches her. They have an argument which then turns into hot, angry, claiming sex. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have forgiven ol’ Brently so quickly. (I’m trying to figure out if I’m spelling his name right.) Let’s not forget the fact this is the guy holding Doe for a debt that her hooker friend’s mistake.

9. Andrew, Reasonable Doubt series by Whitney G.

Andrew is a full blown asshole. He treats Aubrey like shit at first. Aubrey makes him work back for it. But still this man would have made my shit list if he did this to me.

8. Kona, Thin Love by Eden Butler

Kona has a huge temper. I thought his and Kiera’s relationship was rather toxic. Even after years past and he didn’t want anything to do with her until he sees his son, he still gets doubts in his mind out Kiera and his twin brother which never happened. Oh and there  was the issue with steroids.

 7. Jared, Bully by Penelope Douglas

After one summer with his dad, Jared comes back and ends up being a complete ass to Tate. Though she didn’t do anything wrong, Jared still treats her horribly.  When their senior year comes around they start to give in to their attraction. I’m sorry but if my best friend came back and was a huge ass to me for four years, he wouldn’t even be a blip on my relationship radar.

6. Dominic, Dominic by L.A. Casey

Dominic and Bronagh’s relationship reminds me a lot like Kona and Kiera’s. These two are really immature, but Dominic tends to be to cocky and at times treats Bronagh as his personal toy.

5. Caulter, Prick by Sabrina Paige

Well it is in the title. Caulter treats his heroine like a sex toy. He’s arrogant and self centered. There really isn’t much to say about him. To me there wasn’t much to his character.

4. Lucas aka “Bo”, Complicate Me by M. Robinson

Pretty much through this whole book, Lucas puts Alex on the back burner and sleeps with almost every girl in town because their friends and family keep getting in the way. Reason why Lucas is up high on this list is because even though he said he loves Alex, he decided to let everyone from the outside control their relationship instead of being a man and saying there is no other girl for me but Alex. Did he do that? No.

3.. Alejandro Martinez, El Diablo by M. Robinson

Martinez is known as El Diablo. What he really should be known as is El Estúpido. Martinez treats Lexi horrible and yet she still wants him. After everything he puts her through, no way would I take him back.

2.. Reed Royal, Paper Princess

So far Reed is one of my top Assholes. He treats our heroine like total garbage because of where she came from. He’s pretty much the spoiled rich boy that everyone tends to hate. Not to mention when he gets into a relationship with Ella he then sleeps with his dad’s ex which Ella walks in on. Reed is the typical arrogant jerk who only cares about himself.

1. Hunter, Wanderlust by Skye Warren

This guy takes the cake. Hunter kidnaps Evie. Holds her against her will. Rapes her repeatedly. When she can finally escapes, he finds her again. Hunter takes her to the police station where he has a written confession, but instead of turning him in, Evie forgives Hunter and ends up marrying him.


Who is your number one guy you wouldn’t take back?

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Top Ten:Daily Quote? Here are some of my favorites.

Hey everyone! How is you 2017 going so far? Can you believe we are half way through March? Where is the time going?

Anyway I was thinking this morning, while I went over my daily routine, that I love quotes. Love them! I have an app on my phone that sends me daily quotes and I also get an email from Goodreads of the day’s daily quote. Not to mention that I love looking through books for amazing quotes.

Here are my top ten favorite from all over. Some are from books while others are from people or my daily quote app.

10. “You are your own problem, but you are also your solution.”-John Burk

I follow a guy on instagram and snapchat named John Burk. He is an Army veteran who owns his own clothing company and is in the fitness world with Integrity Driven. He is an awesome guy and one of his quotes the other day will not get out of my head. He was saying to the people who think the world is their biggest problem and that it’s the reason life is shity, “You are you own problem, but you are also your solution.” Makes perfect sense. Only we can control were we want are life to go. We may hit bumpy roads but we must learn from those bumps and help it grow us into a stronger person.

9. “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” William Faulkner

I really do love quotes like these. I am a very firm believer in leaving the past in the past and focus on the present. Sometimes holding on to the past is very unhealthy. Other times it is the reason why you are in a rut. Just let go. Now letting go does not mean forget. It means that the past won’t way you down anymore.

8.”I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be” Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

I like this one because it is a way of saying “Shit happens and Life has it’s own agenda.” Many events happen in our lives that we don’t plan out or want to happen but sometimes we need these events to happen to help us become stronger person. A better us.

7. “When I was a kid, I learned the hard way how expensive the truth was. Sometimes it cost you people in your life. Sometimes it cost you things in your life. And in this life, most people were too cheap to pay the price for something as valuable as honesty.” Mariana Zapata, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me.

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Most people say that they are an honest person, which I don’t think is true. We don’t tell people how we really feel about them. I think it’s better to tell the truth which is why I don’t have a lot of friends because I tend to just let my mouth talk before thinking of a nice way to say something. I have learned to just keep my mouth shut because sometimes my advice is a bit cruel and sometimes when I say something to simply say it, people take it as an insult when really I’m only stating an opinion.

6. “People make the rules of society, not God.” V. C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic

I’m just going to leave this one here.

5.”Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It’s better to face things now than to bottle it up and let it fester.

4. “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all- in which case, you fail by default.” J.K. Rowling

We have to make mistakes in order to grow and move on with life. The biggest failure in life is never risking something because you’re to afraid. So you failed at something. Big deal. You found out what didn’t work now go and figure out what can. You just helped yourself eliminate one possibility. That brings you that much closer to success.

3. “Don’t think or judge, just listen.” Sarah Dessen, Just listen

I found out the hard way that I shouldn’t judge. The few friends now are the ones I use to judge and think they were either mean girls because they looked a certain way or was a loser because my so called “friends” didn’t like this person. I let other people control the way I looked at something or someone. Now I make my own decisions. Sometimes it’s better to just take a step back and look at the big picture.

2.”It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” Andre Gide, Autumn Leaves

Just like the last quote, just be yourself. It’s better to be true to yourself no matter what people think. There are two sayings that I grew up on. 1. It’s better to have four quarters than a 100 pennies. 2. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

1.”The right kind of love is supposed to bring out the best in people. It adds to your life, fills in all those gaps you didn’t realize where there.” Cambria Herbert, #Rev

Find the person who brings light in your life. If you don’t life will be negative. Relationships can turn unhealthy. It’s better to live alone than to be with someone who makes you hate yourself.


If you know any inspiring quotes or your favorite quotes feel free to leave them in the comments.

Have a great rest of the week. Don’t get to wild on Saint Patrick’s day. Remember to always have a DD or if you don’t drink offer to be someone’s DD and help save lives.

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Top Ten: YA Fantasy

Right now I have been in the biggest mood for YA Fantasy. Last year I mostly read New Adult and Erotica. I’m a little burnt out on those genres. So this month I am reading YA Fantasy. I was thinking that it would be a good time to count down my top ten YA fantasy. (Note: I haven’t read a lot of YA Fantasy in a while and some that are popular right now I have yet to read.)

10. A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

Granted I did stop reading this on book 8 I did get to book 8. I stopped reading this because the series seemed to go on forever with over 20+ books that seemed to have almost the same plot over and over just different scenes and a bit of twist on the ending. Granted even though this happens it was still pretty catchy.

9.Precious Stone Trilogy by Kerstin Gier

This was a compelling trilogy. It kept me hooked till the very end. The story was very original. I’m not one for time travel but this one was worth it.

8. Pulse by Kailin Gow

Still currently reading, a vampire Octavious has found his love of life but she has the magic to cure him. Unfortunately he is not the only one who knows this and he has to make a choice to stay away and be a vampire to protect her. It’s adorable in it’s own unique way.

7.Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

When I was younger I had a love for vampires that grew to this day. Most of my books were vampire books. This series being one of them. (Also due for a reread of these.)

6. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I am a sucker for fallen angels. This was the book series that got me on the path of such angels and demons. Along with the Fallen series.

5.The Unearthly series by Laura Thalassa

What’s worse then finding out your a siren from a complete stranger?? Finding out that you’re the devil’s destined mate. This series was gripping. Loved it. Might reread sometime soon as well.

4.Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schrieber

I started reading this series when I was in junior high. I loved it. Raven was my all time favorite heroine because I was a lot like her. Still one of my favorites.

3. The Captive series by Erica Stevens

A great story of Vampires ruling the world and humans as their slaves. Not all though are slaves, some are rebels who want to end the vampires one and all.

2. The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

My favorite vampire series to date. I love Claire and Shane. Another series I need to reread.

1.Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

My all time favorite is Harry Potter. I always feel at home when I pick this up.


These are my top ten. But they might change as time goes on.

What is you favorite YA Fantasy?



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Top 10 Books I Want to Read in 2017

Well it is a new year. I have put aside 10 books that I want to read throughout the year. I already have had these books on my TBR list for awhile or they are coming out this year and I want to read them.

10. Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

I am actually reading this one right now. I have been told on countless occasions I need to read this series. Well for those of you who have recommended this to me, you can now sleep in peace knowing I finally took your advice.

9. Dracula by Bram Stroker

This has been on my list for way to long. I got it for Christmas two years ago (wow that is weird only two days ago it was a year.) I haven’t picked it up but I am going to this year.

8. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Same goes for this one as Dracula. These two books need to get read.

7.The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood

Like Flowers in the Attic I have been told I need to read this one. Well I have it and will start currently reading it soon. I really don’t know how I will feel after this but it is worth a shot.

6.Hoax by C.L. Stone

This is the new book in the series of The Scarab Beetle. I got it last year but I am needing to go back and reread the other books before I can start this one. I am also hoping by the time I do get to this one the next one will be out already.

5. The Hero by Donna Grant

I had bought this with Christmas money. I saw it and thought yeah I want to read. I am hoping to get to this in the near future. I am shooting for February.

4. Last Call by Michelle G Miller

Another book that has been on my TBR list that I have and just haven’t picked up. Seriously need to clean out so many books.

3. Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

Again another book that has been on the list for a while. Only I don’t have this book. I am still trying to find it but every time I go to the library I get distracted. I will find this and read it.

2. Everything for Her by Alexa Riley.

This came out right after Christmas. This will be Alexa’s first full length novel. I bought it and can’t wait to get into it. Unfortunately I have a few more books to read before I can get to this gem.

1. Black and Green by C.L. Stone

I have been waiting for this book for awhile. The publish date has changed twice now. I am needing this book. I just finished the Ghost Bird series again and I need this one!!! The cliffhanger at the last one kills me. I need to know!!!


What book are you dying to get to this year?

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Top Ten Cars I Would Love to Drive from Movies and Books.

We all watch movies and think I want to drive that car. Same goes for books. For me I’m always looking at the cars plus if it comes with a hot actor, the car gets even better. If I could rent any car from Turo (if you need a rental, check them out) theses would be my top ten.

10. 1970 Pontiac GTO from The Faculty


For those of you who are horror fanatics, you have seen The Faculty and most importantly Zeke (Josh Hartnett) and his sexy as ever GTO.

9. 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo from Fast and Furious 3


If you are seeing a pattern for muscle cars, that’s because they are my weakness. Even though Sean’s (Lucas Black) car looks like a clunker, really it is a beauty. Sadly it has to be next to that ugly little red convertible.

8. Rolls Royce from Iron Man


If I had to have a, as I call them, “rich person’s” car, it would be the Rolls Royce. I mean look at the beauty.

7. &6. Both mustangs from the book series #GearShark

I am drooling right now. I wouldn’t mind having either of Drew or Trent’s mustang even though I’m not a big Ford fan.

5. & 4 ’64 Buick Rivera & ’69 Dodge Charger R/T from Drive Angry

Even though this movie is extremely weird, I love the cars in it. So sexy!!! Especially that Charger.


3. Dodge Charger from The Fast and The Furious


Yes another charger. What can I say they are the car I love from Dodge. I’m not a big fan of the Fast and Furious movies, but damn they do know their cars.

2. Chevrolet Camaro from 2 Fast and 2 Furious


Yes I would choose the Camaro before the skyline. It is way better looking.

1. ’77 Pontiac Firebird from Smokey and the Banditt

I had an ex who loved this movie. I can’t blame him. The car is Oh My Goodness!!!! I choose this as my #1 because it is one of the first cars I wanted to drive. It hasn’t changed at all.



What are your top cars from movies or books that you want to drive?



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Top Ten Major Endings

Everyone has had these! Cliffhangers. Endings that made us think ‘It can’t end like this!’ This list is my very own major cliffhangers/ endings that made me want to scream, kick, cry, and throw my book across the room.

10. King by T.M. Frazier

This is the first installment of the King series. The way it ended left me shocked. I wanted to throw something. Luckily I found King when the first four books were out and I could get the next one in a hurry.

9. Forsaken by Laura Thalassa

Boy did I cry at the end of this one. My heart just couldn’t take it.

8. The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias

I am hoping there is another book after this one. This left on a cliffhanger. If there is another book I need it like yesterday.

7. Paper Princess by Erin Watt

The way this ended made me so mad. I wanted to jump through the book and slap the shit out of someone.

6. Broken Promise by Jen Wylie

Yeah I’m still waiting on the next one which hasn’t even come out yet and it’s been two years. Wylie ended it with Aro and Kai… I need this next book dagnabit.

5. First Kiss by C.L. Stone

With Sang’s dad calling and wanting his daughter, I was on the edge of my seat. To bad it was the end of the book and the next one is suppose to be out this December.

4. Project: Killer by J.L. Beck

When I read what had happen the the heroine and what her secret was I was dying to get to the next book.

3. Life’s Blood by Kailin Gow

The ending with this had my heart ripped to shreds. I wanted her to be with him be he can’t be with her because of a-hole.

2.Accessory by C.L. Stone

Kayli and Blake were knocked off the boat by someone we don’t know. The rest of the team is still on the boat.

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Okay who didn’t cry at the end of this one. I mean really. This was the saddest ending in all of the Harry Potters. The next book has the most sad moments but doesn’t end sad unlike this one.


What is the book that comes to your mind when you think about it’s ending?

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Top Ten Musicals to Go See

I love musicals. I really do. I can’t read them but I do love to watch them. These are next ten are from my personal collection.

10. Wicked

The story of the Wicked Witch of the West.

9. Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Who loves rock operas? This is a post apocalyptic story about a girl who wants to see the world but she has a blood condition and an overprotective dad.

8. The Phantom of the Opera

I love this opera. I have several versions of if on dvd.

7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham Carter, musical, gore. Sweeney Todd is wanting justice against one judge who banished him from London.

6. Les Miserables

A man who has been on the run from the french police decides to take in a worker’s daughter.

5. The Wizard of Oz

Follow Dorothy as she tries to get out of Oz and back to Kansas.

4. The Sound of Music

Maria, a nun, is to become a governess for the von Trapp family.

3. Grease

Follow Danny and Sandy at Rydell High School.

2. Hairspray

Tracy Turnblad is a pleasantly plum girl who wants to be on the most hip show in town.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of my all time favorites from when I was a kid. Jack Skellington is bored with the same old routine, then he finds out what is behind the door shaped like a Christmas tree.

Now I haven’t seen all of the great musicals that are out there. This list may change in the future. Do you have a favorite that you think should be on this list?