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Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hey y’all.

Sorry I haven’t posted as much as I normally have, but this spring/summer I’m super busy. I am having to call off getting anymore ARCs than what I have due to I don’t have time to add more to the list. I am running behind on the ones I do have and I feel so so bad about it. But I am listing what I will be doing over the next few months and what I will have coming up.

Non-book related:

Okay so reason I am so busy is graduations, kayak trips, and weddings. Today after I get off work I will be heading up to Wy and I’s friend Ry-dog’s parent’s place for the last graduation we need to go to. Ry-dog’s little sister, whom Wy has known since she was a toddler get’s to walk the stage tomorrow and enter the wonderful life of adulthood.

Wy and I kayak a lot in the summer so we have three trips listed so far. The earliest will be Memorial Weekend. Our longest trip so far this year is planned in July when Ry-dog and his soon to be wife will be back from their honeymoon. Which brings me to their wedding we will be going too. Wy is a groomsmen and it is the weekend before my birthday so since my birthday falls on a Monday and it will be an open bar I will be secretly celebrating my birthday as well as celebrating Ry-dog marrying his perfect girl. (Like seriously I want to write a book based off these two.)

In the start of August we have our county fair and derby going on. I don’t have much planned yet for August. In September we are going to Colorado to visit my dad and brother while bring our friend Rosh with us so he can experience Colorado and the beautiful mountains for the first time. We are also taking him to his first Rockies game.

Book Related:

So far I have yet to plan out June books so I will be doing that on the trip today. I do have three books I’m reading now that are not ARCs and 2 of 6 ARCs that I am reading. So busy on the reading front as well. I am hoping to get the reviews of at least four of those books up sometime next week. Even if I have to do it through my phone which I hate doing because of the small keyboard and auto correct. But as long as I get it done.

So that is what I’m looking forward to for the next few months. I hope y’all have a great summer and have much time to read.

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November 2017 Currently

November, the final month of fall. Here in South Central Kansas it is just cold and windy. Perfect days to stay inside drink hot chocolate and read.

So in this I will be talking about:

2.Thanksgiving Holiday
3.Books I’m Reading
4. What’s Next


I am slowly but surely working on my challenge for December. I have decided to do a scavenger hunt.

I will be posting the hunt up five days before December. Right around the 28th. Other than that I do plan to do some challenges next year but not as many as this year and the year before.

Thanksgiving Holiday

My family celebrates Thanksgiving. I will be doing two or three this year. Next week I won’t be posting as much as I want to but I will have a few. I plan to get as much reading done in the four day weekend.

Books I am currently reading

Right now I am reading the second book in the Bargainer’s series. I just got finished with rereading the first book.

I will also be starting two more series. One is a reread, the Hashtag series. The other I will be starting new is the Born Sinners series. I am hoping to start those next week.

What’s Next?

Next month will be my challenge. I will be reading the rest of the Hashtag series and Born Sinners. I will be making a post of the top ten best reads of 2017.

I will be going to Colorado the last week of December to be with my dad and brother for Christmas. I will spend that reading or inquiring new books for 2018.


I don’t have much planned for next month as of right now. I’m a little behind but am hoping to rectify that in the up coming week.


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Top 5 Book Habits of Mine!

What’s up y’all?

Hope you had an awesome weekend. I sure had a busy one. It started Friday night a Dinner Fund Raiser for the school’s Trap Shoot Team. Since the school does NOT pay for this team they have to raise funds for their shells and targets along with membership to the local gun club. After that it was Wy’s first weekend of bird hunting this season. I had the house to myself along with Trixie. Oakley our German Shorthair went hunting with good ol’ dad. I spent the day cleaning up the house in order to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Every time I had a break I would sit down and read. A couple days before Wy pointed out that I have some interesting habits when I read. While on this quiet Saturday I started noticing that his is right

I’m sure every reader has certain habits like mine or different ones that they share with other readers. Here are my top five.

5. Listening to music

I have several different playlists for specific genres or if an author posts songs they listened to while writing I will download those and listen to them. I have to have some kind of music while I read.

This habit started around my first year of college. I’m a type of person that can’t take silence unless I really need it.

4. Facial Expressions

I tend to make the same facial expressions as the characters. I can’t seem to help it. I have done this for the longest time.

3. Can’t sit still

I am constantly changing my seating position. Especially when it is a good part. I seem to be on the edge. My leg or forefinger tend to bounce to the beat of whatever song is playing at the time.

2. I talk out loud

When something happens I tend to talk out loud. Like a plot twist I will say shut the front door or something along those lines. If something gross happens I will make noises to that. If a book is really good I will laugh out loud.

1. Mood of the character

While reading I tend to be in the same mood as the character. Thankfully Wy loves me and doesn’t hate me for the times I snap at him when it is no fault of his but I am in a terrible mood because something bad is happening to my character.e4db2230-f7ea-0133-803d-0e31b36aeb7f

Oh Marge gets it.

I probably have several more habits but I haven’t quite figured them out because, well, I’m reading.

Are one of these your habits or do you do something different?

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Top 5 Celebrity Crushes

We all have them. A celebrity we think is drop dead gorgeous and a total day dream. I tend to use my celebrity crushes in my books. I can’t help but picture them. Here are the top 5 I use in my books.

5. Tom Hardy

Favorite movie with him: Warrior

I have had a crush on Hardy for a while. When reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks he was the one I pictured even though Channing Tatum was casted.


4. JJ Watt

Football player
Appears in Bad Moms as a soccer coach.

When I have a big burly man I’m reading about I can’t help but picture the Texan Defense player. I use him and #3 in many of my football books.


3. TJ Watt

Football player
Rookie in NFL this year (Loved when he played for Wisconsin)

Even though he is younger I think he is better looking than his brother. Plus he is just so adorable.


2. Ryan Blaney

Pod Cast Glass Case of Emotion

NASCAR driver and Star Wars nerd. He is Major Adorable. Don’t believe me? Look at the picture.


1 Chase Elliott

Surprisingly only 21.

Now this man is gorgeous. Total dream boat.


That is it for my top 5 celebrities. Who is your top 5?


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Looking Forward: November 2017

I’ve decided that I am not going to read as much in November. Reason is I have some personal things going on in November and I don’t want to plan a bunch of books and not be able to get to them. Unfortunately this also means I won’t reach my yearly goal of 300 books this year. It was a big goal for me and I have read 168 books as of right now.

Planning books:

I have a few kinds of books I want to read but haven’t found a book on the certain subject.

Book 1: drawing techniques.

I want to get better at drawing and so I thought why not get a book on bettering one’s self. I may have found one but I haven’t decided if I want it just yet.

Book 2: Racing.

I am starting to follow NASCAR more and more thanks to Wy. NASCAR is almost finished for the year so I want to read a book that involves racing. Doesn’t have to be NASCAR.

Planned books:

Book 1: Born of Water by A.L. Knorr

I have this and another book listed on Goodreads as currently reading but I haven’t started them yet.

Book 2: Scala by Christina Baur

This is the other book I have marked.

Book 3: Kingpin by Alexa Riley

Book 4: Kicked by Celia Aaron

Book 5: A Strange Hymn by Laura Thalassa


There will be none for this month. I am planning for next month and will put them in the next looking forward.


As stated earlier I am getting back into drawing again. I am trying to get better at it. Also I’ll be busy on Sundays since it is race day. To finish October off I will be reading short stories.

Have a great Halloween!!!

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October Currently

Hey yall,

How is it going in your part of the world? I have several things to talk about today so let’s get to it. This is my first ever doing this. It is a new deal I will be having on here. I will have a month’s Looking foward, Currently and Wrap up. I do this at home to help plan books so I thought why not put it up on the blog.


  1. Challenges
  2. Books I’m reading
  3. Daily life
  4. What’s next


I haven’t done as many challenges as I did last year. I am doing one on goodreads but on here I’m not going to do one on here until December. I don’t have much time to plan one for November but I can get started on one for December.

So far the planning is either a scavenger hunt or find books with covers related to certain items to the holidays in December.


Already thinking about Christmas when Halloween hasn’t happened yet. The travesty! 

Books I Am Reading

For most of October I have been reading two different series that mesh together. Once Upon a Darkened Night and Darkened Night: History. I have taken a slight break from these series to read a few books that have been on my TBR list and KU for a long time.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley- I am currently on page 58.

Angelbound by Christina Bauer- Just got on to chapter 4 yesterday.

Dracula by Bram Stroker- I am currently on page 149.

I am hoping to finish Dracula and Frankenstein. They have been on my TBR list the longest. My thoughts so far is that Angelbound is the only one that has truly captured my attention.


Daily Life/ Planning for Halloween

I’m still at work at an RV store. Wy and I are planning our Halloween costumes. I will be Lady Liberty while he will be Uncle Sam. We are super excited to do this. Halloween is my favorite time of year.

I have been reading but I have also been drawing again. I have a project I am working on to help better my drawing ability. Angels and Demons through the zodiac. I have been posting pictures on to instagram and snapchat accounts.

I have also been writing again. I have one book in the works and another book that I have begun researching. I am hoping to publish my very first book in the next year.


What’s Next

As I’ve said before I won’t have a challenge for next month but I do plan to continue on with the all of the series I have been reading this month. I have pulled out my selections of what standalones I will be picking through to read. I hope to have that done next week and have November’s look ahead up and going.

Hope everyone has a great rest of October. Happy Halloween!

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Top 10 Things I talk about and do with my fiance!

Tomorrow is my anniversary with my fiance Wy. We have been together for four years. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. He gets my weird sense of humor, mostly because he’s just as weird. Last night I found out that we talk about some of the most peculiar topics. We also do things that new couples would just jaw drop.

10. Pop back pimples.

I know disgusting right. But I’m so comfortable with Wy that I will pop his back pimples. He works at a manufacturing company here in small town Kansas. It’s not a big place and the warehouse is a metal frame. In the summertime it gets hot! Wy tends to sweat like human beings do. Because of this natural phenomenon he gets back pimples bad. So I just tend to be the good fiancee that no money can buy and pop them for him.

9. My books

Whether I’m writing a story or I am reading a story, I tell Wy about it. You should have seen his face after I told him what happened in It. Wy doesn’t read. I know I know, horrible, but I can talk with him about spoilers and he doesn’t care because he won’t read the book and I can vent to him about books I hate or love.

8. Rubs my feet.

I don’t even have to ask anymore. If I put my feet in Wy’s lap even if I just do it while reading my book on the couch not meaning to, he will pick them up and start massaging away. I’m not complaining.

7. 10 points

This one is horrible messed up thing we do while driving. Our sense of humor is dark sometimes (okay most the time) which is probably why we don’t have very many friends. While driving if we see a squirrel or a jogger we joke 10 point, 20 points. Now we would never do that. But we do joke about it. Why? Because we have f#cked up minds.


We are a gaming couple. We will play games together. Mostly zombies on Call of Duty. But when I’m sitting down reading or writing he will play one of his games. We have all of the PlayStations but the first generation, a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo 3DS, and a bunch of board games. I learned not to beat him at Monopoly. Tends to cut me off for a week.

5. War

I come from history nerds. Wy loves to talk about war and guns. So we tend to talk about the different wars and what guns they use. Don’t watch a war movie with us because we will let you know what Hollywood got wrong all the way down to what guns they are using. We also tend to talk about what a bullet does on impact and what caliber can blow someone’s arm off. Don’t judge. Like I said before, dark f#cked up minds.


I’m a huge movie nerd. I love movies not as much as books but still. Wy doesn’t watch as many as I do but will still challenge me to trivia games which he will lose unless it’s Forest Gump.

3. Shooting guns

Wy and I fully believe in the 2cd amendment. We own 6 guns together and are still buying two more. We will go to the shooting range and let off some stream on targets or clay pigeons.

2. Hunting

Living in the state of Kansas, we hunt. I know not all people believe in hunting but Wy and I do. I may lose some followers after admitting to this but I’m not changing my ways. This is just a way we provide meat for us to cook.

1. A hug

Once I get off work I know I can go home and expect a bear hug from Wy. No matter if it’s a good day or a bad day I can guarantee on a hug.

It’s these simple things that we share that has gotten our relationship this far. People may judge our weirdness but we will always have each other.


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Trying to Engage

Hey everyone,

I am writing to see how you are? Summer is about over and the time in the RV business starts to slow down. Good and bad for me. Good because I’ll have more energy to read. Bad because it will be slow. What’s coming up in the near future for you?

I’m going to be a little busy this month, but the good thing about it is I will make time for reading now that I am out of my reading slump.

I want to hear more about you. I have a few questions and I will list my answers underneath the question.

  1. What is your favorite genre?
    I don’t have one. I am what is called a mood reader.
  2. Who is your favorite character/s?
    My top two are Fred and George Weasley.
  3. What is your favorite book/s?
    My top two are Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling and Sweet Home by Tillie Cole.
  4. Final question. Do you listen to music while you read?
    I do. I have to have some background noise.

Hope you have an amazing August. For those returning to school, good luck

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The Book Slump Hits again…

For some reason I haven’t been in the mood to read. I have picked up a few books but I just don’t want to read.

Sorry for the short post but just want to let you guys know that I haven’t been in a huge reading mood. Also I have been extremely busy at work and after that I’m just to tired to want to do much.

Hopefully by next month this will pass and I will be back on track again.

Have a wonderful day.

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Lately with Reviews…

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I have been reading some books lately that I just don’t feel anything for. Just meh. I do rate them on Goodreads but I haven’t wrote a review about them because all I really need to say is just a sentence or two. I don’t know if it’s me burnt out or if it’s the books I’ve been reading.

I’ve been in the mood for reverse harem. Most books that are like this I have been finding good and bad like with all genres, but the catch is I end up not really connecting. I really don’t know if it is me or if it is the books that I have been reading. There were a few that I did write a review about but most of the books just haven’t hit the spot.

I did a little shopping spree, I have now several new books that I need to read and will hopefully start writing reviews again. I am trying to find more subjects to do Top 10 on. I will probably try to do a Top 10 every month.

Again I will try to post more reviews. If you have an recommendations on books or a top 10 subject you would like to see, feel free to comment.