Look Forward, Monthly Recap

Month at a Glance: August 2022

I haven’t written one of these in a long time. August was quite a busy month for me and I, unfortunately, didn’t get much reading done. Plus there was one week I got sick and didn’t have any motivation to read. But here is a glance at August 2022.

Books Read:

Ice Crown by Kay L. Moody- 2 stars
The Palace of Lost Memories by C.J. Archer- 3.5 stars
The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread by Richard Booker- 4 stars
Knox by Susan May Warren- 4 stars

Books DNF:

Dwindle by K.A. Gandy
Rafe by Kathy Ivan

Books that stuck out:

A funny story about the two books I am about to mention is due to the heroes of the stories. Even funnier the books are named after the hero.

Knox because the hero Knox knew boundaries and respected the heroine and understood why she was the way she was.

Now with Rafe, it has more to do with the author not properly educating herself on law enforcement. It wasn’t even anything that couldn’t be researched either. I don’t think I have had a book that made me rage like that in a while.

Books I look forward to:

Some upcoming books I plan on getting in next month are:

Rise by J.M. Kearl
The Designate by J.B. Cantwell
Between Ink and Shadows by Melissa Wright
Nobody Left Out by Michael Murray
He Healed Them All by Barry Bennett


Disney Challenge will be finished at the end of next month. I plan on doing a Fall challenge that will go through October and November. Then of course a Christmas challenge to end the year.

Hope yall have a blessed September.

Look Forward, Me being me!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hey y’all.

Sorry I haven’t posted as much as I normally have, but this spring/summer I’m super busy. I am having to call off getting anymore ARCs than what I have due to I don’t have time to add more to the list. I am running behind on the ones I do have and I feel so so bad about it. But I am listing what I will be doing over the next few months and what I will have coming up.

Non-book related:

Okay so reason I am so busy is graduations, kayak trips, and weddings. Today after I get off work I will be heading up to Wy and I’s friend Ry-dog’s parent’s place for the last graduation we need to go to. Ry-dog’s little sister, whom Wy has known since she was a toddler get’s to walk the stage tomorrow and enter the wonderful life of adulthood.

Wy and I kayak a lot in the summer so we have three trips listed so far. The earliest will be Memorial Weekend. Our longest trip so far this year is planned in July when Ry-dog and his soon to be wife will be back from their honeymoon. Which brings me to their wedding we will be going too. Wy is a groomsmen and it is the weekend before my birthday so since my birthday falls on a Monday and it will be an open bar I will be secretly celebrating my birthday as well as celebrating Ry-dog marrying his perfect girl. (Like seriously I want to write a book based off these two.)

In the start of August we have our county fair and derby going on. I don’t have much planned yet for August. In September we are going to Colorado to visit my dad and brother while bring our friend Rosh with us so he can experience Colorado and the beautiful mountains for the first time. We are also taking him to his first Rockies game.

Book Related:

So far I have yet to plan out June books so I will be doing that on the trip today. I do have three books I’m reading now that are not ARCs and 2 of 6 ARCs that I am reading. So busy on the reading front as well. I am hoping to get the reviews of at least four of those books up sometime next week. Even if I have to do it through my phone which I hate doing because of the small keyboard and auto correct. But as long as I get it done.

So that is what I’m looking forward to for the next few months. I hope y’all have a great summer and have much time to read.