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Hey everyone.

Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I have been in a huge book funk. I did want to get on and wish everyone a wonderful New Year’s. Hope you have a great reading. I promise to be back stronger than ever next year. I plan on doing more posts. 

Be safe. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Thought of the day: The View

Now I try to stay away from this kind of stuff but today it really sickened me to learn that a host of the View mocked Miss Colorado”s nurse monologue. Now I am not a nurse myself  but many of my family members are. What that host forgets to realize is that when she is no longer able to run her mouth on T.V. and live on her own that it will be nurses who look after her. It will be nurses who give her her pills, if she falls heaven forbid it will be a nurse who lifts her up and puts her back to bed. When ever there is an emergency at night it won’t be her family that helps her but a nurse. So before letting your mouth run away think before saying.

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Sorry I have not been on lately but I’ve been busy with other matters. I have also been in a book funk but I do have one review that I will post later sometime.

I’ve been a little burnt out but I’m working through and hopefully I will be able to get more reviews on here for you.



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Thought of the day: Humble and Pride

Now days people aren’t as humble. I see 9 year old children, CHILDREN, with smart phones. They are on Facebook and Twitter. They just are so self absorbed that they don’t care anymore. Nor do they pay attention in class, but that is a different subject.

Anymore people have to much pride. A lot of the times  people forget where they come from. I see people in the city walking by with the heads held high. Not to be rude but you ain’t all that and a cup of sugar. Just so you know. Whatever happened to when a community use to help each other out rather than tear each other down.

There is a reason Pride is the deadliest sin of all. It is the hardest to overcome. I will admit that I do have my pride. It is hard but I try every day to be a better person. People look down their noses at someone who looks like they have less than them. Sometimes they do have less but they are the people who give the most. It’s sad when a homeless man is more giving than a CEO of a company. No not all people are like this but most are. The most is so out weighting that when we do see someone caring and giving that it suddenly brings hope back into humanity.

Seeing on the news the other day a boy no more than 6-7 years old gave all of his money that he had in his piggy bank to the local fire station in honor of the three that died in Washington. Now that is being humble. It was probably the best news I have seen in a long time.

We need to stop hating on each other. We are all God’s children. If you don’t believe in religion I respect that just remember then that you are human just as me and as the person next to you. We all end up the same way.


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Thought For Today: MARRIAGE

I’m on the verge of it. I have to say I’m scared to death. There are days were I’m waking up next to him wondering, is this really it? Is this what I want? Am I good enough? He’s to good for me?

Other times I’m more like numb. I don’t feel anything. Sadly I know this isn’t how I’m suppose to feel. I haven’t been totally happy lately. I’m not going to give up though. I decide that it was time for a talk. I told him all about this and we have postponed the wedding even though we haven’t told anyone that. He was very understanding of the situation. We both mutual agreed to take things slow.

Now this was a very mature decision for us. Mainly my fear is I’m only 22. I don’t feel like I’m enjoying life more like I’m rushing it. Time to slow down and relax a little. Am I fully happy that we have talk things out? No I’m still a little indifferent on whether or not this is a good relationship for me. Let’s face it I’m screwing it up a little. Hey I’m only human.

Any how my point is that if you not ready tell your partner. Hope they will understand as mine has. Don’t rush into something if it’s not what you are ready for. Live life to the fullest. We only get one don’t waste it with someone who isn’t right for you or you are just not attracted to but he/she is “good” for you.


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Just got a couple new books. I do plan on posting a review on here. I got a few from Amazon and one from Net Gallery. First review will be the book Salvation by Erica Stevens. I will post it either tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Hello world!

Hi, I’m Jay. This is my first ever blog. I just want to share my thoughts to the world that isn’t Facebook or Twitter. About me: I love to read.  I try to read most genres. May even put up a few of my reviews up on here. I love music. Any genre I’ll listen too. I draw every now and then. I am a female. Just clarifying that up. I have lived in a small town most of my life. I have lived in the city too. I didn’t mind it but I do love my small town. I am friendly. I respect that everyone has an opinion, I just may not agree with it. Well not to completely bore you I’ll stop now. Feel free to ask any question.