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Infernal Desires by Kel Carpenter

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Queen of the Damned #3
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Demons
Rating: 4 stars


You probably came here looking for a super spoilery blurb, but no such luck. Preorder the next installment in my action-packed, butt-kicking, laugh out loud adventure to find out what happens to me and my horsemen!


Yeah that blurb sucks.

Ruby is starting to transition between half succubus to full blown queen of the damned. But the beast is going to have some fun first.

Holy Torpedo Batman. What happens in this book made my head spin. The Beast is a wicked bitch. That’s me being nice. I don’t think this one was a good as the first two. But I still loved it.

Now I have to go and crawl into a corner and cry because the fourth book isn’t out and a release date hasn’t been set.

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Wicked Games by Kel Carpenter

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 244
Series: Queen of the Damned #2
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Demons
Rating: 4.5


So… as it turns out, I really am Lucifer’s Daughter. Hell’s Heir. And – you guessed it- the next Queen of the Damned.

But what if I don’t want to rule?

With the imp in hiding, and Josh gone from this world, I still wasn’t safe. Not by a long shot. Dear ol’ dad didn’t just pass on his legacy and mark. He also passed on all of Hell’s problems and that means his enemies, are now mine.

Fortunately for me, I have the Four Horsemen, my banshee best friend, and a pissed off raccoon on my side.

But now I have the beast to contend with. My psychotic, possessive, and downright scary alter ego was dead set on having the horsemen, not only at my back, but in my bed. As if learning to control the flames of Hell wasn’t hard enough job by itself

Would it have been too hard for Lucifer to write a handbook before he died?


Bandit is still my all time favorite. My favorite horseman is War.

Fair warning if not read the first book might be some spoilers.

Now that Josh is dead and gone, Kendall blames Ruby. (Which not entirely wrong there) The imp still on the lose, demon hunters, and several other of Lucifer’s enemies are after Ruby.

I’ve come to love Moria even more. Her and Laran’s banter is quite hilarious.

I am moving into the third installment hoping the fourth one will be coming out soon. Especially now that Ruby is having a hard time controlling the beast. Who by the way is not only a scary alter ego but a horny one.

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Lucifer’s Daughter by Kel Carpenter

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 178
Series: Queen of the Damned #1
Genre: Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Demons
Rating: 4.5 stars


We’ve all heard the story of the Four Horsemen. Harbingers of the apocalypse. Destruction given form. Four of the sexiest- wait no- for get that. You get my point.

So imagine my surprise when I find out that everything I’ve ever been told, is a lie.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start from the beginning.

My name is Ruby Morningstar. I run a tattoo parlor in Portland with my bestfriend, have a pet raccoon, a crazy ex that stalks me, not to mention this one little thing… I’m a demon. Half-succubus, to be exact. For the last twenty-three years of my life, that’s the sotry I believed, but on the day a handsome stranger bails me out of jail my world is turned upside down, and suddenly I don’t know who I am anymore.

Because the Four Horsemen aren’t the bringers of the apocalypse.

I am.

Talk about never catching a break.


I have always loved books and stories such as this. Well not the reverse harem aspect but I’m not complaining about that because come we all know I love that. But I am talking about the Four Horsemen. Growing up in a Catholic home I was raised to be scared of the Devil and his demons. But alas I, Jamie Belmudes, love books that romanticize demons and sometimes Lucifer. *Gasp* I know. It’s horrible.

But hey don’t you judge. Okay. I love when books, and hopefully movie will get it right, cast Lucifer as the most gorgeous man of all. Because hello he was once God’s favorite. No way is he some old decrepit man.

Anyloserville I fell in love with this story of Ruby and the four horsemen. I loved Bandit the most. Makes me want a pet raccoon. It’s another thing I like. Trash pandas are adorable. What does make me sad is at the end of the book I found out only three books are out and it’s a five book series. No I am not sobbing in a corner. (Deadpool whisper) Yes I am.(End whisper)

Well I guess I can move on to the next two books. Most likely finish them this weekend and start the miserable feeling of waiting for a book to come out.


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The Connelly Boys by Lily Velez

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 400
Series: Ce;toc Witches #1
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Rating: 3 stars


The Connelly boys are practically royalty at St. Andrew’s Prep. Popular, wealthy, and devastatingly beautiful, the four brothers have long cast a spell over their classmates and over the sleepy seaport town of Rosalyn Bay, Ireland.

There’s just one problem: they’re also cursed.

… Or so the rumors say.

Seventeen-year-old newcomer Scarlet Monroe has never been one for rumors, but when she inadvertently banishes a demon while trying to help eldest brother Jack Connelly, the most breathtaking of the boys and the one to who she feels inexplicably drawn, she quickly discovers there may be more to the local superstitions and folklore than she originally thought.

Before long, the Connellys pull her into a dark and mysterious world filled with ancient magic, powerful spells, kidnapped souls, and deadly enemies. But none of it compares to Scarlet discovering the truth of who she really is… or what she’ll have to become to defeat a rising evil older than humankind itself before she loses everyone she loves-that is, of course, if she can survive the world of the Connellys long enough.



I really don’t know how to feel about this one. I remember it but at the same time I don’t. It started out good but then I started losing interest around 50%. I wasn’t a big fan of the heroine. I didn’t like any of the Connelly brothers. I knew who the reaper was before it was revealed.

This wasn’t my cuppa tea. I’m not saying it’s bad. My younger self would have loved this but my adult self is just like eh.. For me anymore with YA it’s a hit or miss. This was a miss.

On to the next one.

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Wishful Thinking by K.B Everly &Anita Maxwell

My edition: Kindle unlimited
Pages: 595
Series: The Conduit #2
Genre: NA, Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 stars


“Have you ever had everything you wished for finally given to you, only to have it ripped away? I have”

Arsyn Henley has just found out that she is the Conduit to the first Quad Jinn in hundreds of years. The betrayal and shock she felt towards her Jinn caused her to make a mistake- one that could cost Arsyn her life. Killian, Elijah, Zachary, and Talan must do everything in their power to find their girl before it’s too late. But once they do find her, do they have what it takes to keep her or will she disappear into the darkness that surrounds her?


May 31st 2019. That is when the third book comes out. What the hell??


I don’t know how to feel. I’m excited, angry, sad, and many more emotions. That ending… Why? Why did it end there? Damn cliffhangers.

Some questions were answered but some other questions popped up too. The guys were just as cute in this as in the first one even at times I wanted to hit them. There is so much I want to talk about but it would be spoiling the entire book and I don’t want to do that. Ugh!!!


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Throwing Stones by Avery Cockburn

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 247
Series: Glasgow Lads on Ice
Genre: Sports Romance, MM
Rating: 4 stars


In a sport where Murphy’s Law rules supreme, one slip can mean falling behind- or falling in love.

Oliver Doyle needs to win. After his reign as one of Canada’s top curlers is cut short by scandal, he arrives in Glasgow to coach Scotland’s next big team to a national championship. All that stands in the way Oliver’s redemption is a band of upstarts led by an infuriatingly cute skip.

Luca Riley needs to chill. Or so he’s always believed, crafting a Zen-like serenity to carry his underdog curlers to the edge of greatness. To reach Nationals, Team Riley just have to keep calm and beat their arch-rivals – and their hot new Canadian coach- in one final bonspiel.

Luca and Oliver form an instant, irresistible bond. For the first time, Oliver shares the secret shame that’s kept him off the ice for years, and Luca finds true acceptance for who he is. As the tournament races toward a nail-biting climax, Oliver must face his past before it consumes him again. And Luca must choose between the dream he can taste and the man he could love.


Last year I was introduced to the sport of curling. I couldn’t tear myself away from watching it. For a sport that doesn’t seem exciting is actually the opposite. Since then I’ve been fascinated about the sport. So when I read Play for Keeps by Avery Cockburn I saw this and just had to read it.

I freaking love this book. I learned a lot about curling. I was actually more into the curling aspect than the romance, but the romance was amazing to read about. The sport and the romance was well balanced and one was not over powering of the other. Made me love this even more.

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Make Me a Wish by K.B. Evey & Anita Maxwell

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: The Conduit #1
Genre:YA, Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 stars


“Ever made a wish and had it come true? Well lucky you because I have never had any of my wishes come true.”

Arsyn Henley has had a rough life growing up. All the universe has ever done, is take every loved one she has ever had and give deep rooted scars- both on the inside and out- in return. When a relative she never knew about dies and leaves her a cabin in the mountains, she’s eager to start over with a new life. She could never have guessed her new life would be riddled with secrets about her family, new people to love and most of all magic beyond her wildest dreams.

Enter the four dashing Kismet brothers who take this broken girl on a metaphorical magic carpet ride through the world of Jinn- beings who grant the wishes of the human race- and slowly put back together her sol with pieces of their own.

But where there’s light, dark is soon to follow. Can she find the strength to accept her new reality and the people who come with it bringing all the beauty of love and light to her? Or will she falter and beckon the darkness to take her away as it’s own?


This was a very exciting read for me. I got to learn of a new spirit. According to Arabian/Muslim mythology there is a lower spirit under the angels named Jinn. They can appear in human and animal form and are said to possess humans.

In this story the Jinn can grant wishes. So if I am correct this is the spirit we come to get our modern genie from. There are four affinities. Each Jinn is associated with an affinity. Love. Healing, Wisdom. Protection. Each affinity has an elemental tied into it. Love=Air. Healing=Earth. Wisdom=Water. Protection=Fire.

In the Jinn communities it’s common that more than one Jinn can share a Conduit. A Conduit helps the Jinn come into their powers and helps channel the Jinn. How to tell if someone is a Conduit is if they have streaks of silver hair since birth.

Our heroine is a rare Conduit for her hair is completely silver. When she gets word that her great uncle died that she has never heard of, she travels to Pigeon Forge where most of the community are Jinn and Conduits. There just happens to be one big problem. Arsyn has no idea that Jinn even exist. Once she gets to the cabin in the mountains she meets the Kismet brothers- Killian (Kill), Elijah (Eli), Zachary (Zach), and Talon (Tal). They help her understand what the Jinn community is and that she is a conduit. But there is a dark force after her.

I loved the story. There is little romance in this book but I am guessing the next book will have more. It ended on a cliff hanger. I loved all the boys especially Talon. He had me cracking up. I may even snorted at one point. I don’t see the third and final book out so I have a feeling after I read this book I will be waiting for a bit.

Yay! I have to wait for the final installment. This is the best.- Said no one ever.


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The Fake Boyfriend Experiment by Stephanie Rowe

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series:Once Upon an Ending #1
Genre: YA, Romance
Rating: 2.5 stars


Rafe Turner has a tattoo running from his wrist to his shoulder. His hair is a little too long. He doesn’t need to rebel, because owning his life is already in his blood. He’s way out of her league, for sure, but when Lily Gardner accidentally face plants through the window of his band’s practice room, a connection is formed between Rafe and Lily that can’t be shaken. When Rafe invites her to jam with his band, Lily knows the mega-talented drummer is exactly what she needs to fix her life. The fact that Rafe already has a girlfriend? No problem.It’ll be enough if people simply think she’s dating him… won’t it? Lily is about to discover that finding her passion is a whole lot more complicated than a fake boyfriend… or two.


Lily plays piano and has a prestigious audition coming up. But the more she plays piano the more she loses interest and doesn’t want to play anymore.

This was alright. I really couldn’t connect with the characters. Lily was okay for a heroine. She spouted lie after lie. It wasn’t my kind of YA.

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Natalie and the Nerd by Amy Sparling

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 242
Series: Stand alone
Genre: YA, Romance
Rating: 3.5 or 4 stars (haven’t decided)


Natalie’s school work is the last priority on her long list of things to worry about. Since her parent’s divorce, her mom’s boutique-their only source of income- is about to go under and Natalie spent all summer and most of her senior year trying to save the little shop. Now that she’s in danger of failing high school, the assistant principal (who happens to be her evil step mother) is making Natalie join daily tutoring sessions with Jonah Garza, the school’s valedictorian.

Taking math lessons from the rich nerdy boy is the last thing Natalie wants to do, but Jonah needs these community service hours to get into Harvard, so he’s not going to give up on her. In addition to working at the boutique and studying with Jonah, Natalie’s lifelong crush just started paying attention to her. She’s being pulled in so many directions, she doesn’t think to  question why the son of the biggest business mogul in town is suddenly trying to win her affections.

When her crush betrays her and the store goes into foreclosure, Natalie has to choose between fighting to pass high school and start a future of her own.


Natalie has had her mother’s store The Magpie in her life since she was little. It’s senior year. While most of her friends are partying, she’s working at the store to make sure it won’t go under. While she was doing that she has been skipping school and her grades have gone down drastically. So she gets a two days a week detention along with tutoring to make up for everything she has missed.

This was adorable. There were certain times Natalie is immature but it wasn’t bad enough where it fully annoys me. The ending seemed a little rushed. I wasn’t a major fan of the triangle between Caleb, Jonah, and Natalie.

I was in the mood for a little YA high school drama llama so this hit the spot.