May Madness from May 1-31

This is a simply challenge that my group does on Goodreads. It’s to help clean out your to-read shelf. Mostly for me it was cleaning out my kindle. I had so many books well still do on there, plus the books I got at Christmas. Set a goal of how many books you want to read in the month of May and try to reach that goal. I will have my rules list, my goal, all the books I want read in May with links to the reviews if I finished them, and at the bottom I will have the final count. Now the rules on here are my personal rules.


  • No DNF books count.
  • No reread counts
  • Novellas with 100 pages and under don’t count.
  • Something started in April or wasn’t finished in May do not count.


20 books

List of books:

  1. Wanderlust by Skye Warren
  2. Broken Prince by Jen Wylie
  3. Broken Promise by Jen Wylie
  4. Paper Princess by Erin Watt
  5. Castle of Sand by Bella Forrest
  6. A Shadow of Light by Bella Forrest
  7. A Blaze of Sun by Bella Forrest
  8. A Gate of Night by Bella Forrest
  9. A Break of Day by Bella Forrest
  10. The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff
  11. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
  12. The Sanctuary by Ted Dekker
  13. Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington
  14. Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
  15. Cold Night, Warm Stranger by Gregory
  16. Unchanged by Heather Crews
  17. Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea
  18. Blackbird by Abigail Graham
  19. Awoken by Sarah Noffke
  20. Cold Mark by Scarlett Dawn

Final count:  9/20


Me being me!

Top 5 Couples That Didn’t Have HEA

This is my other list!!! The couples that I was so happy they got together but didn’t have a happy ending. (Will be making a third list to this and that will be couples that are together and still going strong in their series.) Warning there is spoilers!

1. Chasing Nikki

Chase and Nikki were just OMG too adorable in their realistic teenage love, but that all comes crashing down when Nikki is in a car accident. She later dies in the hospital.

2. Paper Princess

As of right now Ella and Reed don’t have a happy ending. They might further down the road but right now they don’t.

3. Burned

Pattyn and Ethan. Pattyn comes from a horrible home with an abusive father. She is sent to her aunt and she meets Ethan. They have a romance but another book with a car accident and Ethan is killed along with Pattyn having a miscarriage and her going back home to her abusive father.

4. Othello

Othello and Desdemona. Well it is a Shakespeare tragedy. Enough said

5. Daenerys and Khal Drogo

This was such a sad ending for me. I had a thing for Drogo. He was Hot!!



Book Reviews

First Days by C.L. Stone

My Edition: Kindle (hopefully an actual book someday.)

Pages: 280

Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #2

Rating: 5 Cute boys stars

Review: School has started. Sang has her schedule and which classes the boys will be in with her.

  • Homeroom (North, Luke)
  • AP English (Kota, Luke, Gabriel)
  • AP Geometry (Nathan, North)
  • Violin (Mr. Blackbourne)
  • AP World History (Victor, North)
  • Lunch (All except for Blackbourne,Green)
  • AP Biology (Silas)
  • Japanese (Green, Victor)
  • Gym (Gabriel, Nathan)

Sang and the guys are just trying to settle into the school. The problem is the Friday Fall. It is a messed up tradition on the first Friday of the school year a bunch of students throw a kid off the second floor. Only this year they are targeting one of the Academy boys. Who is going over??

We are starting to see more personality from the boys. They are all different yet they seem to fit and work together perfectly. Sang is also trying to hide from her mom that she is hanging out with the guys while protecting the guys from her mom. All we know at this point is that Sang’s mom is abusive and she is also very sick. She takes a lot of medication. Marie (Sang’s older sister) is starting to sneak out too. She goes to see a girl named Danielle which the boys don’t like.

Danielle is just really a mean girl and Marie just wants to fit in with her. Now I don’t like Marie. She is just to self centered for me to like. Her and Danielle are like that and I don’t like them.

At this time I am leaning more for Silas as my favorite. It is hard to choose which one is my favorite. It changes with books but my top are normal Silas, North, and Mr. Blackbourne. Now on my book boyfriends list they all share a line together. Because like I said they are hard to choose from and I don’t really have a favorite.


Book Reviews

The Witches: Salem 1692 by Stacy Schiff

My edition: Library book ISBN: 9780316200608

Pages: 417

Series: No Stand Alone

Rating: 3.5 sorcery stars

Review: A witch is one who can do or seems to do strange things, beyond the known power of art and ordinary nature, by virtue of a confederacy with evil spirits.

Ah. The Salem Witch Trials, a very horrific time in American history. Fourteen women, five men and two dogs were executed for witchcraft. When I first read that all I could think of is what in the hell did the dogs ever do to you??? I learned some new things that I didn’t know before and had to look up to make sure they were true. Dorcas (Dorothy) Good was the youngest at age 5. Five!!! These people were nuts.

I’ve always been kind of a history nut. I have this strange fascination with the what a human could do and the how it has effected history. My favorite two subjects are History and Psychology. I love that I am still learning new facts every day. My main love with psychology is that we never know what a human being is really capable of doing. I mean look at WWII or as this book is about the Salem Witch Trials. Why am I telling you this? Because this book had these two subjects collide.


It’s strange how this all started with just two well mannered girls suddenly throwing fits. How this escalated was amazing and incredibly terrifying. This went on for a period of nine months. At the end innocent lives had been taken. An old man was crushed to death and the rest were hung. None had been burned at the stake.

The writing I have to say blew me away. There were points that I thought the author seemed to babble on but the writing was superb. I understand why she babbled on. I mean she had to give backstory to certain things but I just found myself only wanting to know what was going on during the trials and hearings. An example of this is her talking of how the children grew up always being told to prepare for the end of times, or the death of a parent. The way Schiff seemed to word a fact sounded better than most.

Ex: Instead of just saying that the Salem Witch Trials is studied many times through American History she put “It crackles,flickers, and jolts its way through American History and literature.”

There were also few pictures put in with facts under them. (Inner child happy dance)

One of the best items I read in this book was a foot note on page 123. It quoted our beloved J.K. Rowling.

It seemed as if Schiff went through all three acts of the Witch Trials. The beginning which started with the girls throwing the fits and the start of the hearings. The second act of which came trials and executions and then finally the aftermath of what had happened.

The evidence that was amounted against these “witches” is just remarkable and incredibly stupid.

Ex: One “witch”, Martha Carrier, had been accused of being a witch for forty years. The fact was she was 38 didn’t come up.

Another amazing fact was none of the confessed witches were hung. Only those who said they were innocent and did not confess.

If you’re doing a history report on Salem, I recommend this. If you are like me and a history nut, I recommend this. If you don’t like narratives throughout history and don’t like to read about said history, I don’t recommend this.

Not what the book is about but I find it ironic that Puritans left England to get away from religious prosecution and be free to worship God in their own way but look highly down on the Quakers. Reason I mention this is because a few times it was noted the Puritans thought very unlikely of the Quakers.

On another note, page 284 a question was asked. “If you could save your life by admitting that you flew through the air on a pole, wouldn’t you?”

My answer to that question: No. Why would I confess to a crime I am not guilty of committing? Even if I were to die I know I would die an innocent woman. Points I would use to help my case. Tell the truth and shame the Devil. I am telling the truth. If they still to see me as a witch then they would. At the pearly gates it wouldn’t be a sin I was judged for.


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Top 5 Couples In Books That Made Me Happy To See Together

These are the couples in books that made me happy that they got together and had a happy ever after. These are in a series that has ended or is still going but the characters were written off or had a stand alone. (I will make a list for those who didn’t have a great ending but no matter what it was awesome that they got together or their story is still going). Now fair warning these will contain spoilers. I don’t want to be blamed if you read this and there was a spoiler. I have warned you. Also these are from books that I listed on my Goodreads shelf Favorites.

1. Molly Shakespeare and Romeo Prince

I loved their ending in Sweet Rome. In Sweet Home they have a happy ending but in Sweet Rome we get more of what happens in that happy ending. It was so good I cried a little.

2. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Even though I am happy Harry and Ginny got a happy ending, it was Ron and Hermione that made me the happiest. Throughout the series Ron and Hermione bicker like an old married couple. Then we start to see that they like each other. It wasn’t until the last book they get their kiss. This was one of those tells that the wait was worth it.


3. Rylan Daniels and Jen Bailey

These two had a rough start but the ending was marvelous. Their story: Loving Her by C.M. Hutton.

4. Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham

Enough said.

5. Isabelle and Axel

Their story was so heartbreaking at the beginning but this is a story of second chances. Glad it went well. Their story: Axel


If there is any couple that made you happy feel free to add them. Hope you enjoyed my list.


Book Reviews

Introductions by C.L. Stone

My edition: Kindle (Hoping to get the actual books in this series.)

Pages: 163

Series: The Academy:Ghost Bird #1

Rating: 5 cute boys stars

Review: In books I do like a reverse harem if it is done right. Well C.L. Stone does it right. Now it is a very slow process. I mean in the book that I am in now which is book 9 she still hasn’t kissed all the guys. But we will get to that later. This is the third time I have read this. I just read recently Charcoal Tears and been in the mood to read these all over again.

The book title pretty much tells you what this is going to be about. An introduction to our shy but beautiful heroine, Sang Sorenson and our beloved Academy boys. There are nine in total. Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke,  North, Dr. Green, and Mr. Blackbourne make up one Academy team.

They are all going to a school called Ashley Waters. Sang has recently moved in and meets Kota one night. She then meets all the other guys through out the book. One problem: Sang’s parents don’t let her out to talk to anyone.

Now there really isn’t much to the first book. I am a fan of this and I don’t care if many people didn’t like it. It’s my kind of thing and I am in love. Now my dream cast for my lovely Academy boys. I don’t have a great picture of Sang. I just kind of visualize myself most of the time. I have listed them in the order she meets them.




gallery_688_79_14139.jpg (Just with Brown eyes)








download (1).jpg



Dr. Green


Mr. BlackBourne



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Charcoal Tears by Jane Washington

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 268

Series: Seraph Black #1

Rating: No rating

Review: I had to take a little break from the Derek and Sofia drama so I thought this might work. Well I chose this book because it was recommended to me since I liked C.L. Stone Academy series, both Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle. Well come to find out that these two book series have way to much in common.

It seemed like both series of the Academy were put together in one book and a fantasy atmosphere was thrown in. Most of the reviews I’ve seen that saw the say saw more of the Ghost Bird but I see more of The Scarab Beetle in this. I didn’t see if this was a retelling or not but the similarities are to much to be coincidence.

Ex: Corey and Brandon (Scarab Beetle) are identical twins that are hard to tell apart but Kayli can by looking at their eyes. Brandon’s seems to have more sad eyes than Corey.

Miro and Silas are identical twins that Seph can tell apart by their eyes. Silas has more sad and pain eyes than Miro

Ex: Sang (Ghost Bird) can tell her boys are near hear by their scents with out having to look up.

Seph can tell when Miro or Noah are near by their scent.

Ex: Kayli (Scarab Beetle) lives with her brother and alcoholic father. Everything went down hill after her mother died. She has to work different jobs so they have food and pay bills.

Seph lives with her brother and alcoholic father. Everything went bad when her mother died. She has to work at a club so they have food.

That isn’t all the similarities. It is just a few that I can think of on the spot.

I don’t mean to insult anyone but that is what I got out of this. I just felt that this was a little to close to the Academy series to my comfort. I have decided not to rate it. I don’t know if I will continue on with this series. I’m going to sit and maul on it for a little while.


Book Reviews

A Blaze of Sun by Bella Forrest

My Edition: Kindle

Pages: 305

Series: A Shade of Vampire #5

Rating:3 stars because of the ending.

Review: ***WARNING: Spoilers if not read previous books!***

To some people there was a major plot twist but to me this was just confirming my suspicion on who Emilia was and why she had so much power over Derek. To say she was a crazy bitch is to be about right. I just thought yeah that’s what’s happening and about 50% in, my suspicion was confirmed and I figured out how the rest of the plot with Emilia. Emilia though just couldn’t understand that an attraction isn’t love. She could do everything she could but that won’t make Derek love her.


Man I just want to spoil the ending with this book so I can talk about it. But alas I’m not that nice/cruel. (Depends on how you see it.)

Again this one had a bunch of different P.O.V.s. I don’t know if I’m starting to hate it or if I’m starting to dislike it. I get jumbled when it switches like it does but thankfully it is different chapters and not every other paragraph. But I don’t like having to read the title of the chapter to know whose P.O.V. it is. Like I said in my last review I wish it would just stay as Derek and Sofia’s P.O.V.s

One good thing about this book was that we got some backgrounds on a couple characters. Ian and Kyle are two  examples. Forrest tells why Ian isn’t a big vampire fan and why he wanted to rebel the culling. Kyle’s background makes me a little sad. She even put in the background with Ingrid/Camilla’s past.

Derek and Sofia’s love is tested. (Yeah I know, what else is new.) With Emilia wanting Derek for her own and with Derek fighting the attraction he has for Emilia, this book wasn’t my total favorite of the series. It was a bit to much of Vampire Diaries Elena and Katherine debacle meets NA for me.

The book starts off where we left off. Only it has to start with the P.O.V. from Emilia. Blah. She is just as bad as having to read Ingrid if not worse. Derek and Sofia are still trying to save the Shade. Again what else is new? We did get Vivianne’s P.O.V.

I know every relationship goes through something that tests the love. This though seems that Derek and Sofia are always having to prove their love for one and another not just to everyone else but also to each other. I am wondering when it will be enough for these two to realize that they do love each other and they know that and that is all that matters. The relationship also seemed a little forced at times with Derek fighting his attraction. In every book though it seems they have to prove their love and their love is tested. Can we just have them being badass and killing their enemy? Too much to ask for?

Now the original, all I can think of him is an old creepy guy with a bunch of beautiful vampire “children”.


Plus the whole he can be wind and hurt people without becoming a corporeal form. Creepy. So if there are more immune out there why does everyone want Sofia? What is it about her make people and vampires want her?

The ending was a cliffhanger (but again for the third time what else is new). This one though actually has me excited for the next book. Kiev I think I might like you. (Sorry I’m one to most likely root for the bad guy in these type of books.)

The cover did not help me with getting this Derek/Edward out of my head. Just throwing that out there.



Book Reviews

A Shadow of Light by Bella Forrest

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 301

Series: A Shade of Vampire #4

Rating: 3.5

Review: ***Warning:Spoiler if you have not read the third book and maybe a little from this book.***

Even though Ben and Lucas, who were the reasons I continued to read this series, are dead I decided that I got the other books on my kindle now. It would be dumb to return them all at once after I only read one book. I am continuing the series. Lord help me…

So we get more into the mind of Aiden and Ingrid. Aiden is a fool and Ingrid is a bitch. Nothing has changed my prospective of them from the last book. Ingrid hates her own daughter that she will do anything to destroy her and give her back over to Borys. Why can’t we ever have just loving mothers like Molly Weasley in books? Ingrid in her head was in compitetion with Sofia for Aiden’s love. She felt like Sofia won.

Derek once again reminds me of Edward Cullen. In this one he leaves Sofia because he thinks it will be better for them. During his P.O.V. chapters I wanted to skim. Until we got to the point of the riot and the siege on the port. Sofia at least is getting some back bone but she’s at the end of her teenage years and still sounds like she is sixteen.

With Lucas and Ben gone and Claudia finally confessing her love for Yuri, none of the what I call good assholes are left. Seriously can’t Claudia go back to being some what of a bitch than this love sick puppy she is in this book. Claudia went from a strong yet psycho woman to silly teenager. It sucks!! Granted I’m happy she is for Derek and Sofia and she finally confessed her love for Yuri but still. I want to see her fight a little harder to get back to Yuri.

Zinnia was a eh character before, now she is like a gnat that you can’t get rid of. Every time she is around Sofia, she has to throw Ben back into Sofia’s face or say how she can’t do this at hunters’ headquarters, how she doesn’t belong there, and how her love for Derek is just wrong. Woman we get it. You hate vampires but damn that doesn’t mean everyone should have your opinion. Thankfully Ben didn’t have it. Zinnia is a little to happy when she kills a vampire and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Gregor and Borys really surprised me on this one. I shouldn’t have found it surprising but I did. Felix is so far up Gregor’s ass he doesn’t know it. Gregor could be telling a web of lies but since it came from the almighty Gregor himself, Felix will believe it. Their fate is still shocking.

As much as I like the whole knowing what’s going on between the characters, the amount of different P.O.V.s in this were becoming a bit ridiculous.  Out of all we get a POV from Camilla at the beginning then after chapter one she is referenced as Ingrid in other P.O.Vs. We of course get Derek and Sofia’s, also we get Aiden ,Gregor, and Claudia. I wish there was just only Derek’s and Sofia’s P.O.Vs because there would be bigger shock twists that would at least keep me more interested.

Now there is a new vampire in the mix towards the end. A woman who Derek is instantly attracted too. She tells him that they are meant for each other not Derek and Sofia. So I am once again intrigued by what is going to happen.


Book Reviews

A Castle of Sand by Bella Forest

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 329

Series: A Shade of Vampire #3

Rating: 3.5

Review: So a little bit after I have read the second one I go to see how much this one is and see it is now on Kindle Unlimited as is the rest of the series. I load up my kindle till book 8.

This one started off great. It was in the middle of a battle scene then chapter one goes some time before the battle even takes place. It was kind of slow for me. I was finding myself not really caring about Sofia and Derek. I just want to know what is going on with Ben, Lucas, and those major plot twists at the end of the second book.

Sofia, Sofia, Sofia… did you just want to irritate me through most of the book. She kept on thinking about sandcastles and how her and Derek’s relationship is a sandcaslte.

Sandcastles always fall.

Sofia is really naive. Her character and Derek’s seemed to coast through half of the book. There is one scene which Derek does something honorable but other than that these two characters didn’t seem to develop anymore as the story went on.

Derek… your magic vampire weenie isn’t working on me. I don’t have the full appeal to Derek. He is kind of dull for me. Kind of reminds me of Edward from Twilight. Now with his brother Lucas, he kind of lost a little bit of his edge that I liked him for. But being held as a prisoner kind of does that for you. But still his desperation made him a little weak even though it gave us a big plot twist, I want to see Lucas back to his full asshole self. Still though Lucas gets my motor going.

Ben… my feelings are confused. He is starting to be conflicted in his mind. He starts to wonder about certain things. He starts to question the hunters along with Reuben’s need to get his daughter out of the Shade and wonders if it was a big mistake. What happens at the end of the book for Ben surprised me. Thus leaving me conflicted over Ben and over Claudia.

Reuben/Aiden is kind of an idiot. Here you have someone under your command who has been to the Shade and yet you don’t listen to him. I almost started to like Reuben when we find out the reason why he left Sofia with the Hudsons. (Ingrid tells us this) But I lost all of the liking when he opened his big trap. He just wanted his daughter out of the Shade and then destroy it no matter who is left on the island. He is kind of the human version of Gregor Novak. Gregor… I really can’t say much on you other than GIGANTIC ASSHOLE!!

Borys… you have a beautiful woman but you wanted her daughter instead. Oh while Gregor is a gigantic asshole Borys is a  major creeper and total psychopath. Like he makes Claudia look like a saint. We all know how psycho that bitch is now. Ingrid… you call yourself a mother. I really want to say how I feel about her but then major spoil alert and I don’t want that. What kind of mother would give up her daughter so she could be immortal??

Other than Derek, Sofia, and Corrine we see some character development but not enough. With the two MCs I wish they would have been able to grow more in this book. With Sofia finally figuring out everything and Derek having to deal with his dad Gregor back in the Shade, there could have been some great character development. Sofia had the potential of coming off as a strong heroine at the end of book two. Sadly it took half of the book for her to finally come out and stand up.

Even though she finally because a strong lead about 10% of the book later and she is  back to being the sniveling little girl again. Can we please keep the heroine strong and consistent.

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