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Her Bodyguard Swap by Laura Ann

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 194
Series: Lockwood Industries #1
Genre: Romance
Published: Jan. 2, 2020
Rating: DNF


She’s falling for her bodyguard…
now if she just knew who he was!

In a show of love and solidarity, Ridge Lockwood retired from the military when one of his identical triplet brothers was rescued from an enemy prison. Now, they’ve opened Lockwood Industries, a private security firm where they can use their skills to protect those who need it. When a musician he’s been crushing on walks through their doors needing help with a fan who’s going too far, he’s all to willing to step in and play protector, except he doesn’t get assigned the case.

Everly Madison is content with her life, recording videos from the comfort of her own home and posting them online to a large group of adoring fans. But when one of her followers starts making threatening comments, her idyllic life is turned upside down. Her brother recruits the help of some former military buddies and soon Everly has a bodyguard dogging her every step. Too bad it’s not the one who made her stomach flutter when they first met.

Desperate to meet the woman he’s been watching for so long, Ridge makes a deal with his brother to swap places so he can get to know the beautiful guitar player. Their time together is everything he wished it would be… until Ridge realizes she’s falling for the wrong brother! Worried about ruining their business’ reputation and with the stalker closing in, Ridge has to make some hard decisions that just might cost him the woman he’s been waiting for.


I can’t do it. It’s another “it’s not me, it’s you” kind of thing. I am not a fan of the writing. I for one don’t like the hero’s name. I grew up knowing why too much about the military and how they talk and so it’s just hard for me to read books like this. To be honest I have no idea why this was on my TBR. Maybe because it was free.