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Into the Darkness by K. F. Breene

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 191

Series: Darkness #1

Rating: 4 stars

Review: This is a reread from last year. I got a box set of the first four books.

Warning there are some spoilers ahead.

Sasha was in a horrible wreck when she was little and was saved by strangers. Several years later she is in college with her boyfriend, Jared. They get into a car wreck in the bad part of town. They are trying to walk as fast as they can to get to a well lit cafe to call a tow truck. They run into two guys who stand over six feet tall. The only thing is these aren’t normal men.

These men are creatures that the vampire myth came from, or so they say. They are under a man named The Boss (real name Stefan). Sasha is drawn to the boss. She is not like any human they have encountered before.

into the darkness 2.jpg

Sasha can preform magic. The Eastern Territory has shown interest in her and want her. Either to kidnap or kill. Stefan is finding out that he wants Sasha as his own. He has even marked her. When ever Stefan is around Sasha body is on high alert. They have a connection that Stefan is not used to. He doesn’t want her to be with anyone else.

Stefan really didn’t go full alpha male towards Sasha till the end and even then he is still trying to fight it. He needs a mate and Darla (skankazoid creature) is the perfect mate only Stefan would rather have Sasha. Darla doesn’t like the fact that Stefan has given Sasha some of his blood too. Stefan never does that.

I can’t wait to dig into the next book.

into the darkness


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Beautiful Oblivion by Addison Moore

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 318

Series: Beautiful Oblivion #1

Rating: DNFing at 59%

Review: Reese has known Ace for most of her life. She has been friends with him for a long time. She also has a huge crush on him. What she doesn’t know is that he likes her back just as much. Reese decides that she is going to convince Ace to have a summer fling with her and take her virginity. Ace tries to give her an out but she won’t take it so he agrees. But he makes sure that it won’t happen fast and he is going to make it special.

One problem though. His name is Warren. Warren wants Reese. Warren and Reese’s fathers want them together. Reese doesn’t like Warren. Warren sort of ambush dates her. (Read the story to find out what that is. It is very hard to explain.)

beautiful oblivion

Warren is a disgusting pig to me. He acts like Reese is his and then he checks out other girls and even flirts with them in front of Reese. By the way what is Neva’s (Ace’s little sister) big deal? Kennedy is a snot. The cliche version of all sorority girls. I know some aren’t all like this but some are. Mostly I just can’t stand Warren.

The writing was kind of annoying. Moore used the word pinch way to many times. There are more words out there. The characters don’t talk like people I have ever known.

“My dick wags like a tail.”– pg 73 Ace

Really what guy has ever thought that? Please point him out. If you dick is wagging like a tail you have some major issues or some serious muscle control. To be completely truthful I skimmed many pages. I was a little bored. Mostly I wanted to punch our heroine in the face. Seriously if you and Warren weren’t together than it should have been easy to say “I’m not with you asshole” and “Dad this is my life, I’ll marry who I want.” Really it’s not that hard.


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Soar by Alyssa Rose Ivy

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 192

Series: The Empire Chronicles #1

Rating: 4.5

Review: Well I was totally blown away by this story. Ivy had a different view of the supernatural that I haven’t had a chance to experience. I loved the flow of the book. Toby you are another sweetie add to my list. Not very high but still add. Jared, you sir are an asshole. Couldn’t leave well enough alone could you. Nelly, you swamp donkey slut, should have kept your mouth shut. Seriously. I can’t wait till I can afford to get books again. The second to this series, Search, is going on my books to buy.

I really want to read the second one right now. Damn cliff hangers!!!!



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Two Night Stand starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton


Movie: A woman trying to get over a bad break up decides to go online. (Always the right choice. Not) She makes an online connection and decides to go over to his place. They have sex blah blah blah. The kicker though is that they live in New York. A snow storm traps them inside. Awkward part is that they just had jabs at each other and now are stuck together.

My opinion: This was an alright movie. The girl seemed to snotty for me. I love Miles Teller. He was adorable to me. Even for being a pot head. But omgoodness I just couldn’t get past Tipton’s character. She was like so snotty and ugh I can’t even think of anything good to say about her character. There was a good sex scene. Got Y a little riled up.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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Bound by Brenda Rothert

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 296

Series: Fire on Ice #1

Rating: 4.5

Review: To say this started out as two adults happy in life, I would be lying. The story starts off really sad. But there is a reason for it. Our two M.C.s meet at a grief counseling meeting. Yeah it’s that sad. But the story does get happier. Thankfully Rothert didn’t make our M.C.s find each other and then they were perfectly okay. No she had them battling grief throughout the story. Mostly our heroine had the biggest battle because her tragedy happened closer to when she goes to grief counseling. Our hero had been battling for two years when he meets Kate.

Kate is surprised when pro hockey player Jason Ryker offers her a job as his assistant. Since she is a couple months out of college and still hasn’t found a job she takes it hesitantly. Soon Ryker isn’t Jason Ryker to Kate. He is just Ryke the man she met at grief counseling and the laid back hockey star.

Ryke is up high on my list of amazing book boyfriends. He waited till Kate was ready. He was sweet to her and waited till she was comfortable to go further with him. Kate bless her sweet little heart. If I was in her situation I would have died of a broken heart. This wasn’t like many N.A. books. This was two adults battling through life and just happened to find each other. They help one another out during their hard times and fall in love.

Me, personally, fell in love with Ryke. As explained up above, Ryke is high up on the list. (Nobody has beaten Romeo from Sweet home by Tillie Cole or the boys of the Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone.) But Ryke came close. He left me like.


This one is one I would recommend to anyone. Just because people on the outside look happy and carefree doesn’t mean they aren’t dying on the inside.


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Temptation by K.M. Scott

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 312

Series: Club X #1

Rating: 3.5

Review: Olivia is in a few months debt, when her friend Jake helps her land a job at Club X. Olivia is to be the assistant to Cassian March, one of the owners of Club X. His two brothers, Stefan and Kane, help run everything. Club X helps people live out their fantasies while being a night club too.


The catch is you have to be a member. Olivia gets to be a member, because she is a higher employee, for free. Her friends talk her into going up to the fantasy rooms (Kane’s domain) and live a little. Well she does. She is told to put on a blindfold. Her fantasy is to not be in control. Her guy to live out the fantasy, is none other than her boss, Cassian.


After a few weeks of the fantasy in the basic package, she decides she wants to step it up to the Gold package. One problem! She knows it Cassian but he wants her to admit it.

OHHHHHH this story was good. I wouldn’t mind being in that fantasy room with Cassian. Sitting there like…

images (1)

The story is told from both P.O.V.s in first person. (I’m getting a lot of those.) I didn’t fall in love with Cassian but I did fall in lust. (I did fall for Kane. Can’t wait to read his book.) It wasn’t as serious as some books have been but it wasn’t totally uplifting either. Just another one of “Hey, You two. Yeah you! Just fuck each other already.” But still I loved it. I do need to learn better patience. The wait is good at times.


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All Fired Up by Vivan Arend and Elle Kennedy

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 292

Series: DreamMakers #1

Rating: 2.5

Review: We meet our hero, Parker, at his business DreamMakers. He and his two friends from the Rangers help men set up the most romantic dates. Parker and Dean (one of the sexy Rangers) are with a client Phil who knows nothing about the girl he has been dating for the last 5 months. (Major douchebag). Dean and Parker realize that they have to go on recon to find out anything about this girl so they can set up the perfect date. Parker makes the move first by joining our heroine, Lynn’s yoga class. He is immediatly attracted to Lynn. He’s kind of pissed off because he has to help set up a date for Captain Douche with Lynn.

The next recon Dean and Parker go into the bar Lynn and her best friend, Suz, just went to have drinks. They soon find out that Lynn dumped Phil.

Warning there is a sexy, steamy, threesome scene. The story is told mostly through the hero and heroine P.O.V. in third person, but sometimes it will have Jack, Dean or Suz’s P.O.V. At first I was like wow, this is going to be good.


But then it got boring, quickly. The ending was mediocre to me at best. after the threesome the story just went down, down, down till it hit the bottom of the canyon.


The romance wasn’t really there for me. I didn’t fall in love with our hero. I didn’t really like the heroine all that much either. It just fell flat to me. There wasn’t any chemistry or if there was it was like junior high chemistry (it doesn’t exist). Well I don’t think I’ll read the next book.


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City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 458

Series: Collector #1

Rating: 4.2 little human stars.

Review: Zoey has been in foster care all her life, but something about her was different from everyone else. It was her sight. She had the sight to see the Fae. When she was recruited by the DMG, she got paired up with Daniel. He was twenty years older than her but that didn’t stop her from having a crush. (EW! To me if the guy is old enough to be your dad, you shouldn’t have a crush. But that is just me.) Zoey is still residing in a foster care home only because she makes money and helps take care of Lexie, the other foster child. Lexie is disabled and stuck in a wheel chair. Zoey counts her as her actually sister.

Zoey leaves on a mission with Daniel. It doesn’t turn out well. They run into a viking fae with a fae woman. Some bad events go down. Some how Zoey gets the viking, Ryker’s, powers. She is then being hunted by DMG. Ryker only wants her alive so he can get his powers back so he can go and save his fae woman. Zoey and Ryker must get through Seattle safely. With the electrical storm knocking out all the power and the city in ruins, gangs are taking over. Ryker’s main mission is to get his powers back then go and get his woman back from Garrett. Zoey unforunatly has no where else to go so she has to tag along with Ryker. Before she left the DMG, Zoey saved a little sprite by the name of Sprig. Sprig looks like a Capuchin monkey. (I kept picturing Zini off of Dinosaur as Sprig.)

I absolutely love Sprig. He is the best comedy relief I have ever read. (This little monkey knows about blue balls and jokes about it. Ha!) He was my favorite. At first I thought the story was a little boring. Well the first 50% of it was to me. After a mystery involving Daniel came up the story started to get interesting. Plus I would have continued to read the rest of the series due to Sprig. (I want him inside my purse everyday to cheer me up.) The writing was pretty good. Can’t wait to read the second book. When I can get it that is.


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Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 224

Series: Neighbor from Hell book 1 / Can be a stand alone


Review: This was pretty funny story. I was a little disappointed that Jason wasn’t much of a neighbor from hell. In all actuality I’ve had worse neighbors than him. I wouldn’t mind him being my neighbor. There were a few grammar errors but the writing wasn’t bad.

Emily is a shy girl. She let anyone walk all over her because she was that way. Until Jason started pulling up her flowers. She decided no more. After that day they become best friends. It’s hard for me to put into words what the book is about mostly because every time I word a sentence I give something big away. It was a nice break from guys being jerks to girls all the time and the girl taking it and being all “OMG you rock.”. (*eye roll*) I’m glad he was sweet with her and yeah he screws up at some point but if that didn’t happen then this wouldn’t have been a New Adult book.

Now onto the next book.


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Stricken Desire by S.K. Logsdon

My Edition: Kindle

Pages: 262

Series: Stricken Rock book #1

Rating: 3.5

review: Emily is asked by her best friend Stacey (it’s a dude) to help manage the rock band Stricken. She agrees because she just lost her job and she needed the money. This story was a little weird. Jonathan knows he is in love with Emily already. (*eye roll*) This story was kind of a mess but I want to know what is going on with Emily and Jonathon. I was captivated. I did have higher hopes for this book but it wasn’t too bad. The fact that I couldn’t put it down for some reason is why I gave it a 3.5 than a 2.5. About half way through Logsdon had random words bold through a couple chapters. Don’t really know what went on there but it wasn’t even words that should have been bold in the first place. I didn’t like the fact that Logsdon had a pregnant woman have sex with another woman as a one night stand and her first woman in a restaurant bathroom. But what really sucks is that she left on a cliff hanger.