A few things to know about me is that I love books, movies, sports and cross stitching. I’m in my twenties and married. My husbands’s name is Wy. We live together and own three wonderful furbabies (dogs) Annie Oakley, Ellie Bellie and Trixie Dixie. We are expecting our first child.  I work at a RV dealer as a parts manager. I like to have fun and talk about books. I give honest reviews. I’ve been reading ever since I was little. One of the first books I remember is Harry Potter because my grandma was reading them and knew I would enjoy it. Ever since then reading has been a hobby. I love to try new genres or new stories by different authors.

I also love to write. I have several different stories that I have written and edited since I was a freshman in high school. I haven’t published anything. I might in the future if I gather enough courage to share my stories with everyone. I also cross-stitch and draw. Most of my time though is spent reading.

I also have my contact info on my contact page. Feel free to email me with any questions or book/movie recommendations.

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