TBR Dwindle

I know what you’re thinking. Ha! Trust me I know but I am going to try and downsize my TBR. How am I going to do that? Easy! Alphabetical order by author’s last name. Now I won’t be able to get all the books on my TBR. I am going to do this with books I can get with KU or the ones I already own. The others that are out of my price range right now will be added to the buy when I have money pile. (Which is a big pile.) But this is how I plan to do it.

I have 541 books on my Goodreads TBR. This will be a year-long process. 365 days This challenge should be interesting. If you follow my Instagram I will also be keeping track there. This challenge is only for the 541 books. I cannot add books to my TBR. I can finish a series but only the books that were on my list can be counted. Let the fun begin.


  • 1 point for every task completed
  • 1 point for audiobook
  • 5 points for every 1000 pages read
  • 5 points for every Letter completed
  • DNF books count only pages read.
  • Must be read between Oct 12, 2022- Oct 12, 2023

A- 14/32 (Read-8 DNF-5)

Homecoming by Aarsen, Carolyne (***)
The Never King by Abbott, James (Currently Reading)
Something New by Amanda Abram (****)
The Cure for Second Lead Syndrome by Amanda Abram (DNF)
Hearing God Every Day: Understanding the Supernatural Ways God Speaks to Us by Addison, Doug (*****)
My Heart to Touch by Alexander, S.B. (DNF)
Dare You to Date the Point Guard by Andersen, Lacy (***)
Dare You to Fall for the Catcher by Andersen, Lacey (****)
Where to Find it in the Bible by Anderson, Ken (***)
Five Kisses by Anderson, Rachael (***)
Her Bodyguard Swap by Ann, Laura (DNF)
Charm by Armitage, J.A. (DNF)
Rise of the Ram’s by Artinian, Christopher (DNF)
Faceless by Ashman, Rob (***)

B- 4/37 (Read 3)

Never Have I Ever Kissed My Brother’s Best Friend by Bardsley, Juliet (***)
Peter Pan by Barrie, J.M. (*)
Heart of Red, Blood of Blue by Belliston, Rebecca (*****)
I Hate You, Fuller James by Blount, Kelly Ann (****)
Unlocked by Bond, Casey L (***)

C- 2/51 (DNF-2)

Kingdom Cold by Chenelle, Brittni (DNF)
The Acolyte by Cutter, Nick (DNF)

D- /30
E- /17

F- 1/18

Kiss Now, Lie Later by Farnsworth, CW (***)

G- 1/25 (Read 1)

Shadow Fall by Grey, Audrey (****)

H- 1/37 (Read 1)

Letters From Rifka by Hesse, Karen (*****)

I- /4

Feathers of Snow by Ivinya, Alice (***)

J- /12

K- /15

My High School Christmas Boyfriend by Key, Kylie

L- 1/40 (DNF-1)

Say Anything by Labitan, Madeleine
XOXO, Piper by Li, Ginger

M- 1/50 (DNF-1)

The Wrong Bachelor by Moody, Alexandra (DNF)

N- /8

O- /12

Serial Hottie by Oram, Kelly

P- 1/19 (Read 1)

Hatchet by Paulsen, Gary (****)

Q- 0
R- /14

S- /44

Sincerely Cinderella by Stelting, Kelsie

T- /32
U- /2
V- /1

W- 3/36 (Read 3)

Not With the Band by Warner, Kelli (***)
The Homesteader’s Sweetheart by Williams, Lacy (**)
Mail Order Millie by Wright, Cheryl (***)

X- 0

Y- 1/3 (Read-1)

One Perfect Day by Youngblood, Jennifer (***)

Z- 1/1 (DNF 1)

The Book Thief by Zusak, Markus (DNF)


Books: 24
Letter complete: 1 (5+ points)
Pages: 6558 (25+ points)

Total: 49

Book Reviews

Autumn’s Reign by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 330
Series: The Lochann Treaty # 4 finale
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Published: Nov. 13, 2018
Rating: 5 stars


Charlie returned to a kingdom in shambles.
With her husband in the dungeons and the most despicable man in the realm in power, she is left with no choice but to continue to play the role that she was given.
Living the lie does not come easy, nor without a cost. But Charlie will do anything to save the man she loves and the realm she’s sworn to protect.
When Charlie’s entire life has been for peace, will she have what it takes to win a war?
Or will everything she’s worked for be brought to ruin?


Spoilers if not read the first three books.

War was funny like that. People talked about it as if it were one thing, one event. But it was a series of tiny moments filled with death and gore and chaos, filled with men taking other men’s lives instead of working toward a common goal.

The emotions I had going into this book were all over the place. I had no idea where this was going to go. Was Oliver now against Charlie? What did it mean with Jocelyn and her baby? I just didn’t know what to think.

Let me tell you I was not disappointed in this book. I love where Charlie ended up. I love the relationships that arced throughout the books. I can honestly say, I am glad I did not DNF after the first book. They got better each one. To think I hated Charlie in the first book.

Now, in the beginning, Charlie has been taken back to Alech. She is in front of Oliver who just had Logan arrested along with MacKinnon. Charlie has no idea who to trust. Finn and Isla won’t look her in the face and Earc is all smug.

I am so happy with the ending. Excuse me while I go and try to figure out what to read next.