Book Reviews

Snow White by K.M. Shea

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 324
Series: Timeless Fairy Tales #12 Final installment
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fairytale retelling
Published: Dec 14th, 2018
Rating: 5 stars


Once upon a time, a princess and her stepmother ruled together with all happiness and joy…until the Queen’s chronic headaches and mood swings escalate to violence, and Princess Snow White is forced to flee for her life.

Snow White is certain that a dark magic has pushed her once loving stepmother into madness. Shy and bookish as she may be, she will do whatever is necessary to save the Queen, even if it means approaching the infamous Seven Warriors—a group of outspoken fighters who live in the forest—to ask for their help. Unfortunately, six of the men are not convinced the Queen can be redeemed.

But Fritz, the seventh warrior, is different.

Hailed as both a deadly fighter and a humble forester, Fritz senses there is more to the Princess than there appears to be. When magical horrors attack, his mind is made up, and the Seven Warriors pledge their loyalty to Snow White.

With the warriors helping her, Snow White is certain her stepmother can be saved. But just when victory seems near, a poisoned apple changes everything…


The Seven Warriors (seven dwarves)

  • Marzell- Doc
  • Fritz-
  • Rupert- Sneezy
  • Oswald- Grumpy
  • Gregori- Sleepy
  • Aldelbert- Dopey
  • Wendal-

Well, I don’t have a happy or a bashful. So there are two dwarves that weren’t fully represented. But I did love the seven warriors. They were funny and great minor characters to our three main. Having a heroine who struggles with public or well speaking to anyone who is a stranger is a great touch. Not only does Snow have to battle magical creatures she has to learn to trust herself and slowly get better at speaking. I am very thankful that Shea wrote her to slowly overcome her anxiety and that Fritz has to tell Snow that she can’t expect herself to be the best at it when she only has started to have control over it. I loved that.

While this is action packed and we do get some of the answers that we have been hoping for, not all of them are in this book series. The ending was so good and then it says the rest of what happens is in The Fairy Tale Enchantress.

Well I guess the good news is I don’t have to question myself on what to read next. I will be hopping on over because I need to know what will happen to the Chosen. What will happen now with Angelique?

I need those answers. On to a new series.

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