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The Frog Prince by K.M. Shea

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 230
Series: Timeless Fairy Tales #9
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy tale retelling, YA
Published: Nov 3rd 2017
Rating: 4 stars


Crown Prince Lucien has spent his life pretending to be a flirtatious idiot in order to manipulate his courts and hide his deficiencies. His acting backfires, however, when his father orders an enchantress to turn him into a frog for his own safety after he narrowly escapes an assassination plot.

Servant. Capable. Expendable. Strong-willed Ariane is all of these things, which makes her the perfect escort for the newly transformed Frog-Prince Lucien. Carting the lazy prince around on a velvet cushion is the last thing Ariane wants to do when it seems like the dark magic that has been plaguing her world for years is winning. But when a pair of rogue mages attack Prince Lucien, Ariane realizes the threat of darkness is much closer than she thought.

Even worse, she finds herself drawn to the prince and noticing that perhaps he is not as foolish as he acts…

Can Ariane break the spell on Lucien’s body and his heart and convince him to step into his role as the Crown Prince, or will the mages kill them both?

THE FROG PRINCE is a fairy tale retelling and the ninth book of the TIMELESS FAIRY TALES series. Filled with witty banter, fat frogs, and political intrigue, it can be enjoyed as an individual stand-alone book, but will be most enjoyable if read with other books from the series


I didn’t know how to feel when I went into this story. The only Frog Prince/Frog Princess story I have ever really sat down and took interest in was the Disney version based in Louisiana.

Ariane and Lucien’s relationship was funny. Lucien has to be turned into a frog so an indestructible spell may be put on him for his safety. At first I wasn’t a fan of Lucien, but after he became a frog I couldn’t stop laughing. Ariane is roped into carrying around the frog prince to the summit and to the meals.

The humor in this was as good as in Puss in Boots. I adore this couple. It’s hard to think I only have two more books left in this series.