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Broken Prince by Jen Wylie

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 346

Series: The Broken Ones #2

Rating: 4

Review: ***Warning: If you have not read the first book there are spoilers.***

I read the first book, Broken Aro, about a month or so ago and really enjoyed it. It was a new take on YA fantasy. Quite refreshing actually. I have a feeling about Kei and Aro. Just the way the prophecy is referenced it seems like there might be a little love relationship between them in the distant/near future. There is also a hint of something with Prince and Aro. I really don’t like love triangles.

The story continues on from the first one. They are trying to get Prince home so he doesn’t die. As explained at the end in the first book, Elves power is tied to their land. They can leave as long as they have a piece of their homeland with them. Prince use to have an amulet that held his homeland. When caught by the slavers, Prince had his amulet taken away. Slowly he started to die. With this happening, Aro is having a hard time to bare. She doesn’t want Prince to die.

Along the way they have some hardships. Meet a Were Garen who joins them and deal with Damon some more. Prince and Aro’s relationship is more developed in this book. We go into more depth with Aro’s feelings with everyone and the situation on hand. Being a sixteen year old and having to face adult choices is hard. I like that we understand what she is going through.

The writing is superb and the story line was put together nicely. I got caught up in this just like in Broken Aro. Wylie also clears up the little hinted love triangle. I like that. I also like the cover. I love the piercing blue eyes.



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