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#Junkie by Cambria Hebert

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Series: GearShark #1

Drew Forrester is a total adrenaline junkie.

His high of choice?


The faster, the better.

He’s been making waves in Maryland’s underground racing circuit since he crossed the state line, and after speaking with him, we know he’s not hitting the brakes anytime soon.

So what exactly does it take to burn rubber and make a name for yourself in a world where the only rule is there are no rules?

You gotta be hungry…

You gotta have balls…

And you can never back down.

What’ve we learned here at GearShark?

Drew is all of the above.

We also know he’s got some secrets buried under his hood.

Secrets we think are loaded with octane and just might set the world of cars on fire.

This is an M/M romance.


Alright friends it has happened. My M/M cherry has been popped!!! I was wary at first because this is a genre totally out of my comfort zone just like the genre dark. But I decided halfway through #Bae I wanted to know Drew and Trent’s story. I knew in #Heart that something was up with those two. It was a feeling. I liked that Hebert had that there. It makes her a great author.

Drew and Trent hit it off right way when they met at Screamerz. They were best of friends. They loved cars and they both had Mustangs. Lately though Trent is starting to realize he loves Drew. No not loves but loves Drew. What he doesn’t know is Drew feels the same way. One night Drew is hiding out with a girl named Joey at a gay bar trying to avoid a guy named Lorhaven. Drew sees Trent at the bar talking to another guy. From there Drew knew he was a goner for Trent. Trent finally confesses that he has been questioning himself. Drew got pissed that Trent was keeping such a secret from him. A secret he wanted to try with Trent.

I was glad this was my first M/M romance. Trent and Drew were adorable together. I love how possessive of Trent Drew is and how protective of Drew Trent is. So cute. I am shipping this hard. But seriously Drew’s jealousy is just too damn cute. The protectiveness Trent has, kind of a turn on. I love these two. I love them even more together.


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#Heart by Cambria Hebert

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 338
Series:Hashtag #6
Rating: 4 stars
Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

Lovers Gonna Love…

Family isn’t always defined by blood.
Sometimes Family is born of love..
And choice.
Sometimes the bond that comes from someone having your back through the shittiest of times is stronger than anything you get from genetics.
And sometimes you find that piece of your soul you didn’t even know was missing.
I’m a lucky guy like that.
I found a love that will never fade. I found a group of people who aren’t just my friends.
They’ve become my family.
There’s only one place to go from here.
I’m gonna bind myself to immel in every possible way.
I’m gonna bring our family even closer together.
The past has taught me it won’t be easy.
Especially when faced with repercussions from a night that ended in death.
But that’s okay.
Family doesn’t quit each other.
Love like ours never dies.
Happily ever after isn’t just for storybooks.

Review: Spoilers if you haven’t read the other books in the series.

Okay besides the first one this one is my favorite. It had so many cute scenes. Braeden and Ivy gah!!! I had my suspicions about them and they were confirmed. It made me so happy the way they got their HEA. Now Romeo and Rimmel’s HEA I have a feeling is in #BAE which I can’t wait to read but have a short story to read before that.

The way Rimmel and Romeo got married was so adorable. Just the way Romeo proposed was so amazing.

This book made me want to go back to the very first book just to see these two fall in love again. There were even hints from the first book in this. But before I can go and reread I have to make it through the last two books in the series. Then I will start GearShank series which will be a write off from this one with Drew and Trent. I have a certain feeling about those two. 😉

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#Player by Cambria Hebert

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Series: Hashtag #3
Rating: 3.5 stars
Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

Players gotta play.
Hate is like a poison. It contaminates everything.
So does doubt.
Even though I deny what I overheard, even though I insist it isn’t true, the seed of doubt has been planted. I can’t help but be tormented with the endless what-if’s that have taken over out lives.
Romeo and I were happy in love. The future stretched before us brighter than any star in the darkest sky. Now everything is broken. Literally broken. Romeo’s entire career is at stake, my entire future is threatened… and my past?
It’s coming back to haunt me.
To haunt us.
Romeo says w’re in this together and right now the only sure thing is us. But how far can a love so new be pushed? The lengths we will have to go to save each other puts everything at risk.
Romeo is a #player but how much of the game can one person play?

Review: Okay first things first… that blurb… depressing as shit. I didn’t really read the blurb until I had to write it for this post.

Now onto the book… this one wasn’t drama all the way through and it wasn’t just sex, sex, sex either. We got a little more into depth with Romeo and Rimmel’s relationship. Romeo’s mom is still kind of a bitch to me. That won’t ever change. I understand she did what she did but she could have done something differently. But then again there really wouldn’t have been much of a plot for this story.

Zach wasn’t as big in this as in the first and second book which was nice since he was the one who brought on a ton of drama that was beyond ridiculous.

I think I really do like that each book has is the Alpha buzz on the first page of every chapter. Some of those are really funny.

If you were a Transformer
you’d be Optimus Fine.
…Alpha BuzzFeed

Early morning sex has been 
proven to be more effective than 
…Alpha BuzzFeed

I drank some Red Bull, but it 
didn’t give me wings.
…Alpha BuzzFeed.

Now Hebert can write some good sex scenes. The fire between Romeo and Rimmel was burning bright. I mean damn. I had to stop reading this at work once because 1. it was really good and 2. it was so good I started to get into a mood. Yeah I had to stop.


In most reviews you will see people swooning over the ending. After reading the ending, yes I am part of the swooners. It was awesome. Now at the end it says #Selfie is Braeden’s story. Hmmm… Let’s do this.

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#Hater by Cambria Hebert

My edition:Kindle Unlimited

Series: Hashtag #2

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

It started with unspoken animosity. The bitter bite of jealousy. And now its full blown hate.

It was during my first football game that I first felt the first chill of hate. I looked it right in the eyes and felt its sticky tentacles reach out for me. I’d never experienced something so could and empty before.

The effect of that look lingered, like an unspoken promise, long after it was gone.

Becoming a couple-becoming the other half of a campus celebrity wasn’t easy. I let down walls guarding my heart and he looked past my glasses and accident pron tendencies. Romeo and I are an unlikely match, a #nerd and a jock. But we made it.

And we’re happy.

Zach doesn’t want us to be happy. He wants Romeo to pay for getting him kicked out of Omega and for the night he spent in jail. He’s going to use anything and everything he can to get his revenge. Including me.

As the weather on campus grows cold and the days become dark, revenge becomes the center of someone’s life and the happiness Romeo and I worked so hard for is threatened.

I can’t help but worry that our love is going to be overshadowed by hate.

Rating: 3 stars

Review: This book starts off with Rimmel getting back from winter break. Romeo is waiting for her at the airport to pick her up. Once they get back they spot Zach in the campus bookstore where he and Romeo have a few choice words together. Zach then zeros in on Rimmel.

I have to say this book was pretty much drama, sex, drama, and more sex. This did keep me hooked but it just was ridiculous. The amount of drama this had in it. I have never heard anything like it. Granted I didn’t go to a big university where the football team is big but I did go to a small Junior college and there wasn’t even that much drama and trust me when I say small because you knew almost everyone and saw almost everyone. Still wasn’t that much drama. Or maybe there was but I stayed in my room most the time.

Zach was a weird character. Romeo’s mom was kind of a bipolar when it came to Rimmel. Braeden is so my favorite. Ivy eh. Rimmel wasn’t bad neither was Romeo. I think Zach is what made this incredibly ridiculous. Well, him and Romeo’s mother.

Starting #Player just to see where this is going to go.