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A Demon in Waiting by Holley Trent

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Sons of Gulielmus #1
Rating: 3 stars

After twenty-eight years, skeptic John Tate is cast out of his cult. As he has neither money nor education, he’s completely without prospects. That is, until Gulielmus, his long-silent demon daddy, swoops in with a job offer this half incubus can’t refuse: seducing women for Team Hell. Sounds like a great gig for a virgin.

Ariel Thomas knows smart women don’t stop for hitchhikers, but the one she spots on the Arizona roadside lures her like an irresistible mirage. For once in her well-regimented life she decides to do something out of character, and offers the gorgeous hobo a ride. She’s got a long drive ahead to North Carolina, and what better way to stay awake behind the wheel than to have eye candy to ogle?

John’s unsophisticated charm makes Ariel swoon, and he’s enthralled by her worldliness. The two fall hard and fast, but Gulielmus wants to put the skids on their cross-country love affair. John may be hiding his true nature, but Ariel has some secrets in her family tree Team Hell won’t forgive.

Demon spawn aren’t supposed to fall in love with their prey, and John is forced to make the age-old choice: good versus evil. Who’d be easier to run from- his powerful demon father or the woman who actually thinks he’s worth loving?

***Warning Spoilers***

Review: Raise your hand if you love virgin heroes.


John “Hitch” is half incubus. His father comes and recruits him for Team Hell. John now has to seduce women for Team Hell. The first woman he tries his powers on is Ariel. Ariel is driving from California to North Carolina to move back home.

There were bits I thought were pretty funny. Example: When Ariel asks how many siblings Hitch has, he says it’s hard to explain. What’s hard to explain, father is an incubus (male demon who has sexual intercourse with sleeping women, aka man-whore demon) and mother is a sister-wife in a religious cult, nah not to hard.

Hitch was totally adorable. A big old cuddly demon. (Never thought you would see those words together did ya?) With his twenty eight years of living secluded in a cult he doesn’t have much experience with the outside world. Ariel captivates him from the moment she pulled over her car for him.

I really don’t know what I thought of Ariel. She’s kind of blah. The story was good. But I do wish there was more explaining with the demons and angels. Ariel’s reaction to finding out about Hitch and about having angels guarding her was just ‘okay’. She really didn’t freak out like I would have.

My main complaint again would be not enough detailing. Like what really happened with her mom and dad that made them go on the run. What is her family history that was mentioned in the blurb.

At the end we are led up into the next book which would be of Hitch’s older brother Trucker whose real name is Charles.