Book Reviews

Bedlam Butchers MC by Ruby Dixon

Since these novellas are short I am reviewing them all in one.

Off Limits

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 132
Rating: 3 stars

We get introduced to the Bedlam Butchers through Lucky. Lucky is the little sister to Gemini who is the president of the Bedlam Butchers. A rival club is out to get Lucky but Solo won’t let that happen. The Bedlam Butchers are known for doing everything in pairs. Solo’s partner died fighting the war in Iraq. He hasn’t chosen a partner just yet which has earned him the name Solo. Lucky earned her name due to her being unlucky. Their really names are Penny and Eric.

Unlike a few other Dixon books I’ve read, this one doesn’t have a dual P.O.V. It’s all from the girl. I didn’t get this one a lot. Mostly due to the main guy’s name being Eric and that is my dad’s name so major turn off. Other than that the plot was okay and the sex scenes were good.

Packing Double

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Rating: 3 stars

For those who know me, know I like to read about menage. As stated above the Bedlam Butchers do everything in pairs. Gemini, Domino, and Kitty were in the first book. This is their story and how they got to where they are. Kitty works at Chrome. That up and coming Friday night is a pantie raid at Chrome. Gemini and Domino find Kitty there and decide that they want to keep her.

This was so hot. I loved it. Gemini and Domino are a great pair. Kitty was kind of not my favorite but not a horrible character. On to the next book.

Double Trouble

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 164
Rating:3 stars

Shy’s brother is Taco. He’s a Bedlam Butcher. Shy is extremely afraid of him. When she hears of the pantie raid, she decides she needs to find someone big and scary for protection. When she walks into Chrome looking for someone, she sees Beast. Beast is also a Bedlam Butcher. His one ride partner is Muscle. At first Muscle said no but Beast with the help of Shy brought him around.┬áTaco doesn’t like that Shy has the protection. He makes that very clear. Beast and Muscle make it very clear they are not giving up Shy without a fight.

I liked this one. Mostly due to Beast. He hits my list of attractive guys. One to the next one.

Double Down

My edition:Kinlde Unlimited

I didn’t care much for this one. But I do love the character development Shy goes through.

Double or Nothing

My edition:Kindle Unlimited

This is the last installment of Shy, Muscle and Beast. It was good. I liked it. The characters really have come a way. I wish there was more to this group but it ended perfectly.