Thursday Romance

Thursday Romance: Tropes

Hey y’all. I thought I would list the tropes I love in romance, the tropes I can deal with (not my favorite but also not my dislike), tropes if written correctly, tropes I don’t like, and tropes I will DNF a book. The difference between the last two books is one just brings down a star

Tropes I love:

  1. Friends to lovers
    I love this storyline. Especially, if they are childhood friends.
  2. Fake Romance/ Fake marriage
    I love a fake romance. This is one of my go-to’s.

Tropes I can deal with:

  1. Best friend’s brother/sister
    I don’t care if a book has this. It isn’t as annoying to me as I know it annoys others.
  2. Second Chance
    I have read a few. If I had to rate this it would be the three-star. I don’t hate it… don’t love it.
  3. The bet
    It really depends on what the bet is.

Tropes if written correctly:

  1. Enemies to lovers
    Some books that are marketed like this it’s not really enemies to lovers. The romance starts too early in the plot. The enemies aren’t drawn out long enough.
  2. Forbidden love
    Sometimes this trope is overdone. But very rarely it is done correctly.
  3. Unexpected baby
    It has to be written correctly. Most times it’s not.
  4. Arranged marriages
    It really depends. I really do like it when this is put together with enemies to lovers.
  5. Destiny/ soulmates
    This trope is so overdone. And most the time it’s just lazy writing.

Tropes I don’t like:

  1. Amnesia
    I haven’t read one book that I have officially liked. This may change in the future but as of right now.
  2. Sworn off relationships
    Such an annoying plotline
  3. Oblivious to love
    Ick. Just ick.
  4. Secret baby
    This makes me hate the heroine. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s in a second chance.

Tropes I will DNF:

  1. Billionaire
    This is way too overdone. Also, there are not that many young handsome billionaires.
  2. Mistaken identity
    I really am annoyed with this trope. I feel like it hasn’t been done right for me. So it is a storyline I try to avoid.
  3. Best friend’s lover
    Should I say more?
  4. Bully/bad boy
    I don’t know why but in romance the bad boy tends to be toxic. I’m starting to get annoyed with this book, so I am now staying away.
  5. Step siblings
    I am not a fan. I used to read some of these books but they didn’t do anything for me. They were always 3 stars or lower.
  6. Instalove
    No more needed.