Monthly Recap

February 2023: Read

February has been a pretty good month for reading. Though it didn’t start off great. I had my first five-star of the year.

Books read:

  1. The Days of Elijah by John Noble (2/5 star)
  2. Vanished by Irene Hannon (3/5 star)
  3. The Queen Trials by Penelope Wright (DNF)
  4. Rooted in Wonder by Eryn Lynum (4/5 star)
  5. Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz (Putting back for October)
  6. In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar (5/5 star)
  7. The Selection by Kiera Cass (2.5/5 star)
  8. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (Putting back until physical copy)
  9. Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin (4/5 star)
  10. The Nerd & the Quarterback by M.L. Collins (3/5 star)
  11. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (5/5 star)

Favorites of the month:

I loved Rooted in Wonder. My all-time favorite would have to be In the Fields of Grace. That made an already powerful story even more powerful.


The Days of Elijah sounded amazing, but the writing was too modern so it took me out of Ancient Israel set. The Queen Trials was a disappointment because it had potential but there were too many elements that I did not like in the plot. Plus taking the Lord’s name in vain.
The Selection was a hyped book that I felt didn’t really deserve all the hate but didn’t deserve all the love either. It wasn’t completely amazing. I would have liked the book if it wasn’t for Aspen.

Book Types:

KU: 4
Library: 3
Kindle: 1
Physical Owned: 1
ARCs: 1
Audio: 1