Book Reviews

Vanished by Irene Hannon

My edition: Library Paperback
Pages: 314
Series: Private Justice #1
Genre: Christian, Suspense, Mystery, Romance
Published: Jan 1, 2013, by Revell
Rating: 3 stars


Reporter Moira Harrisons is lost. In the dark. In a thunderstorm. When a confusing detour places her on a rural, wooded road, she’s startled by the sudden appearance of a lone figure caught in the beam of her headlights. Though Moira jams on her brakes, the car careens across the wet pavement–and the solid thump against the side of the vehicle tells her she hit the person before she crashes into a tree on the far side of the road.
A dazed Moira is relieved when a man opens her door, tells her he saw everything, and promises to call 911. Then everything fades to black. When she comes to an hour later, she is alone. No man. No 911. No injured person lying on the side of the road. But she can’t forget the look of terror she saw on the person’s face in the instant before her headlights swung away.

The person she hit had been in trouble. She’s sure of it. But she can’t get anyone to believe her story–except a handsome former police detective, now a private eye, who agrees to take on the case.

From the very first page, readers will be hooked into this fast-paced story full of shocking secrets from fan-favorite Irene Hannon. Vanished is the exciting first book in the Private Justice series: Three justice seekers who got burned playing by the rules now have a second chance to make things right.


Irene Hannon is an author that I was recommended and I had seen her books on my recommendation lists. This is the first book I have read by her. While the writing was good, I figured out a lot of the plot before it really happened. I’m not going to judge that her books are normally like this but for this one, I figured it out.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is a disappointment, I would say that it fell a little short in the beginning. The problems I had with the book are solely on me. I am particular with mysteries due to if I figure it out fast, I lose all interest in the book. I also don’t like when the villain is given away early on in the book. I do like getting their POV but I don’t like knowing who it actually is.

In this book, the “good Samaritan” is revealed early. I get that the mystery is why and what happened to the woman that vanished. This just wasn’t my full cup of tea. I did like some of it. I wasn’t a fan of the romance though. I didn’t feel the connection between the two MCs. But other than that, about the halfway point is when the story started to pick up. The “good Samaritan” reminded me in a way of a Criminal Minds episode. Especially, the ending, that really gave me that kind of vibe the BAU would investigate.