Book Reviews

The Hard Way Home by C.W. Farnsworth

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 270
Series: Hard Way Home #1
Genre: YA, Romance, Sports
Published: July 1, 2021
Rating: 3.5 stars



Caleb Winters was a familiar name long before he deigned Landry High with his presence. It took me all of ten seconds to determine he’s everything I’m not: charismatic, captivating, and celebrated.

Unlike most of Landry, he doesn’t shy away from my messy background. Or pretend I don’t exist. He answers my caustic remarks with choice retorts of his own. Our notorious bickering aside, I don’t have time for the town golden boy. I have actual problems. Challenges. Crushing responsibilities.

But when I’m suddenly forced to spend more time with him, I unexpectedly discover Caleb Winters might be more than just the entitled jock I’ve sparred with since freshman year.

And that realization can only end badly. For me.

Because everyone knows he’s destined for big, impressive things, and I’m… not.


Lennon has been an outcast most of her high school life. Senior year is a bit different. It seems after the winter break, Caleb Winters is there around the corner almost every second. The more she talks to him the more she starts to realize he’s starting not to be her enemy.

Super quick read. This is the second book I have read by Farnsworth. Like the first book I read by her, the characters use last names a lot when talking to one another. I do plan on starting the second book. I like Caleb and Lennon’s bickering/flirting. I do want more of them which thankfully the second book continues on their story.

The one thing I didn’t buy into too much was everyone staying clear of her because of her dad and mom. That didn’t make much sense to me. I wonder if we will see more family dynamics with Caleb’s family in the next book?