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The Miller’s Girl by Nina Clare

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 332
Stand Alone
Genre: YA, Fairy tale retelling
Published: April 16, 2017
Rating: 2.5 stars


Once upon a time there was a foolish miller who claimed his daughter could spin straw into gold…

All Adela wants is to keep her family together, keep a roof over her brothers’ heads, put food on the table, and not draw attention to herself – for she’s no time for suitors.

But all that is shattered when she’s dragged from the village by a greedy king and ordered to spin straw into gold – or die. Suddenly life has become very dangerous, and which impending fate is worse – execution or a forced marriage to a mad, old king?

It will take faith, courage, and otherworldly help for Adela to outwit those who would destroy her and her loved ones. And a happy ending is something she can only hope for.


Adela is the daughter of the village miller. She has three brothers Lukas, Herbil, and Six. Her father is a drunk who spends all their money. Adela has several suitors after her, one being the bailiff who works for the king and collects their monthly fee. When the bailiff comes to collect, Adela outwits him with the terms of the contract between miller and king. They have two weeks to get the monthly fee along with the late fees as well.

Prince Johann has returned to govern in his father’s place. His father is slowly losing his mind. (My guess is dementia.)

I wasn’t really a fan of this story. I was kind of bored through most of it. About the 70% I just skimmed to the end and read the ending. It took a long time before the romance started and by then I wasn’t invested in either Adela or Johann.