Book Reviews

Kiss Now, Lie Later by C.W. Farnsworth

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 292
Series: Rival Love #1
Genre: NA, High School
Publish: June 1, 2021
Rating: 3 stars


One boy. One girl. Two feuding towns.


I’ve heard a lot of things about Weston Cole. Popular. Conceited. Supercilious. He’s spent the last three years steadily dismantling my family’s legacy. I should hate him. And I did. Until I encountered him freshman year and discovered he’s also troubled. Captivating. Audacious. And when I come across him again senior year, it turns out that knowledge is even more dangerous than his suggestive smirk…


No girl in Glenmont is more untouchable than Maeve Stevens. She lives across enemy lines. Her father is the head football coach. Her twin brother’s their quarterback. My latest problem? One glimpse of her viridian eyes makes me forget about the decades long rivalry between our two towns. A few forbidden kisses, and the only thing I want to fight for? Her.


While this says it’s a YA but to me, it reads like a NA. There is some sexual content that I skipped. I don’t read sexual scenes or smut. So if you are like me and like clean books… this isn’t a book for you.

By the way, if you have read this book, did you guys know that the hero’s name is Weston Cole? If not you may not have read it when mention over 200 times. I actually don’t know if that is how many there is, I stopped counting after twenty times. Ten of those are Weston F- Cole.

A lot of F words in this.

There are two towns that are separated by a lake and a town in between. Maeve lives in Glenmont and Weston lives in Alleghany. The rivalry has been there long before they were born. Maeve’s twin brother plays for Glenmont’s football team which their dad coaches. Weston plays for Alleghany. Maeve and Weston run into each other at a party after freshman year. Two years later they have a run-in again. They should hate each other but they are drawn to each other.

If you like a Romeo and Juliet retelling then this is for you. It’s cute. I wasn’t a big fan of the cursing and the sexual content, but I did like these two together. The main thing I hated was how much Weston Cole’s name was mentioned. Like I get it, his name is Weston Cole.

I was really afraid that I was going to DNF this because my record this month has been four books in a row. But this has been a good break in the horrible cycle.