Book Reviews

The Wrong Bachelor by Alexandra Moody

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 274
Series: The Wrong Match #1
Genre: July 8, 2018
Rating: DNF at pg 29


Bachelor: A desirable potential boyfriend. AKA not Cole Kingston.

Seventeen-year-old Madison (Madi) Matthews wants nothing to do with the dating competition her school is holding to raise money for charity. She’s never been interested in chasing a guy before and she certainly isn’t interested in competing for one in front of the whole school.

But, when Madi is voted as one of the ten “lucky” contestants, she’s given no choice but to vie for the heart of Lincoln High’s most eligible bachelor. The problem is, they’ve chosen the wrong guy.

Cole Kingston might be good looking, great with a football and practically the king of Lincoln High, but he’s also cocky, arrogant, a serial flirt and Madi’s sworn enemy.

Will she be able to resist him though when the competition heats up and he turns his charms on her?


This book confused me. It angered me.

The description of the competition in the book sounds awful. Why are the girls voted in and not allowed to volunteer for it? I feel like the girls are forced into this so I now understand why the heroine was against the competition. I just didn’t like how the competition is introduced and I don’t like the concept of it at all. I also don’t like the fact the heroine was manipulated into doing the contest when she didn’t want to.

Look,” Angus said. “The people in our school voted for you for a reason. They like you and they look up to you. Do you really want to let them down?”

I chewed on my lower lip. Would I really be letting the rest of the school down if I didn’t play along?

The problem with this is that it’s the flippin’ storyline!!! She was gaslit into doing something she was uncomfortable with. Why is this being romanticized? Both her boyfriend which is not mentioned in the synopsis and Cole are huge red flags.

Her boyfriend threatens any guy who talks to Madi and Cole is one of the guys that manipulates her into doing the competition. Madi knows she’s being manipulated but it’s for charity so the guys must be right and she is just being selfish… Are you kidding me with the bull? Like seriously? When I read the synopsis I thought I was getting a good haters-to-lovers story. Instead, I got toxicity! I thought maybe I could read this crappy storyline, but when Madi knew she was being gaslit and rolled with it angered me. But the last straw was from Cole’s POV.

I was certain that the only reason she’d agreed to stay on was because Angus had assured her she could be the first to leave. But the more I thought about it, the less inclined I was to give in to her wishes.

Not the kind of hero I want to read about.


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