Monthly Recap

November 2022

Monthly review

November was slow for me with reading. I wasn’t much in a reading mood.

Books Read:

Letters From Rifka by Karen Hesse
The Homesteader’s Sweetheart by Lacy Williams
Peter Pan by JM Barrie
Never Hae I Ever Kissed My Brother’s Best Friend by Juliet Bardsley
Faceless by Rob Ashman
Not with the Band by Kelli Warner
Feathers of Snow by Alice Ivinya
Unlocked by Casey L Bond

Books DNF

Feathers of Blood by Alice Ivinya
Rise of the Ram’s by Christopher Artinian


TBR Dwindle and Holiday challenges are still going. I do plan on doing another quarter challenge for Jan.-Mar. and I might also do a monthly challenge for January. But my TBR is dwindling. It started with 541 and I am now down to 451. Unfortunately, December has started off with many DNFs. I went in and cleaned out some books off the TBR. I was tired of DNF after DNF. So I cleared the ones I thought I wouldn’t like and now I am going to continue on. Hopefully, I don’t have any more DNFs but we will see.

I want to wish everyone a

Happy Hannakuk!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Kwanza!


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