Book Reviews

Unlocked by Casey L. Bond

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 331
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Retelling
Published: April 3, 0218
Rating: 3 star


Princess Raya of Paruth lived alone on a deserted island in a towering lighthouse, forgotten by time. With only a loyal albatross as a friend, she had little hope or joy in her life until he washed up on her shore in the middle of a raging winter storm.

Prince Trevor of Galder left his father and kingdom behind to travel north in search of a wife. It was time to settle down and forget Ella Carina, the woman who chose to love a peasant and follow her heart instead of choosing Trevor and fulfilling her duty to her people. He didn’t heed the warnings about the North Sea in winter, and his ship, crew, and captain paid the price.

Raya and Trevor must work together to find a way off the island, or risk being trapped there for the rest of their lives. But sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest, and each will have to learn that the only thing that can truly set you free is love.


I was introduced to Prince Trevor in Riches to Rags by Bond earlier this year. I remember not liking Trevor. He seemed entitled and not right for Ella. After reading Ella’s story, I add more of Bond’s work to my TBR due to loving her writing style and spin on the classic fairy tale. Of course, this was one of the books. Unbeknownst to me before picking this up to read, this is a continuation of Trevor’s story.

Fair warning spoilers ahead! I will be giving away plot points!

I needed to find a wife I could love and who would love me in return. And if love wasn’t possible, at the very least, I needed someone who could pretend, and who could respect me publicly and privately.

Trevor is still heartbroken from Ella finding love with someone else. Actually, with a blacksmith. Someone Trevor views as below Ella’s station even though Ella lived as a peasant for three years and fully accepted that life. Trevor asks his father for a ship and the best captain and crew to go to the other nations to try and find a wife.

Trevor was warned not to travel during the winter due to the storms in the North Sea, but Trevor being stubborn said: “he needed fresh air.” *eye-roll* Of course he shipwrecks in a storm and is rescued by Raya who lives on an island that only houses a lighthouse.

Raya was taken to the lighthouse away from her kingdom when a deadly plague broke out. She is alone for ten long years before she finds out what happened to her kingdom. With Trevor now on the island with her, she didn’t realize how alone she was. Raya and Trevor are rescued after the winter months and a ship was able to get through. Raya goes back to Galder with Trevor.

I wasn’t much of a fan of this as I was of Ella and Asher’s story. This is a slow burn. I don’t mind slow burns but they are hit-or-miss. Raya was an okay character but her lack of self-worth until the end was annoying. Trevor is still the same until the end. It seemed these two wouldn’t make the big change until 90% which is annoying!!!

But I did like the twist on the classic fairy tale though it is not my favorite.