Monthly Recap

Monthly Best Read: October 2022

I know I am late with this and I completely missed September. I’m trying to get better at this. Better late than never. I read a lot in October. So bare with me.

Books Read:

What Are Friends For by Sarah Sutton
Fight Like a Tomboy by Stephanie Street
Rumor Has It by RH Tucker
How To Kiss a Guy in 10 Days
Beyond the Tower by JacQueline Vaughn Roe
Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young
The Lochlann Treaty series by Robin D Mahle
Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen
Something New by Amanda Abram
Hearing God Every Day by Doug Addison
Rock Valley High books 2 & 3 by Lacy Andersen
Where to Find it In the Bible by Ken Anderson
Five Kisses by Rachel Anderson
One Perfect Day by Jennifer Youngblood
I Hate You, Fuller James by Kelly Anne Blount
Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey

Books DNF

Her Bodyguard Swap by Laura Ann
My Heart to Touch by SB Alexander
Shadow Rise by Audrey Grey

Books that stuck out

The Lochlann Treaty series and Sky In the Deep are the books in the fiction that stood out to me. The Lochlann Treaty series started out iffy for me but got better as the series continued. Sky In The Deep was amazing from start to finish.

With non-fiction Hearing God Every Day helped answer some questions that I had that I didn’t really know I had.

Books that disappointed

Most of the books I read in October fell flat. Sadly I didn’t remember most of them. Shadow Fall was really sad for me. I’ve read Grey before and I absolutely loved it so this was a big surprise to me.


I have going right now a year-long challenge TBR Dwindle. The quarter challenge is the Holiday Challenge. I do plan on making a monthly challenge for December.

I hope you are having a great November.