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Faceless by Rob Ashman

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 284
Series: DI Rosalind Kray
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Published: May 31, 2018
Rating: 3 stars


After surviving a vicious knife attack, which left her husband dead, DI Rosalind Kray returns to work and is handed a serial killer investigation.

This killer is different, he doesn’t just want to take the lives of his victims, he wants to obliterate their very existence. The murders appear random but the killer selects his quarry with meticulous care.

While fighting her superiors Kray must conquer her own demons, which are tearing her apart.

Kray has the ability to think like a killer and her skills lead to a series of horrifying revelations that turn the case on its head. She believes she is getting close, then her world comes crashing down with devastating consequences.

Will Kray find the murderer and escape with her own life in tact?

The truth is closer than she could have ever imagined…


Rob Ashman has a beautiful way of writing descriptions without it seeming like it’s overkill. The book shifts from third person when focused on Kray to first person when it’s the killer talking. This is a great technique when used correctly which I feel like Ashman did here. I couldn’t guess the gender of the killer at the beginning. He does a wonderful job making you think it’s one gender than it’s another.

Kray was okay. I wasn’t a big fan of her. I understand she dealt with some trauma and may have PTSD. Ashman does a good job with that. I have found out the difference between OCD and OCPD. Kray I feel suffers from OCD. When she gets nervous or anxious she is twisting her wedding ring. The main reason I think she has OCD is her fascination with having pens on one side of the desk and pencils on the other. She hates them put together. Most times when this happens in the book something stressful has just happened or she is anxious, having anxious thoughts. Ashman does a great job of hinting at some kind of anxiety disorder. Since I am not a licensed professional I can’t actually say that she is suffering from this but I am going to make that assumption.

I don’t like her as a cop. The bad thing with crime stories no matter if it is a book or movie if it is done by someone who doesn’t really know the full depth of what an investigation takes, some stuff comes off as fictional. Ashman does quite well with the investigation. He did thorough research and even had a few things in the story which I had to research to make sure it was true. Bravo points! The only thing I can’t be fully sure of is the difference between how British police investigations work versus American police.

One thing I love is that Ashman points out that Chloreflorm doesn’t work in a matter of seconds. It actually takes several minutes which most people don’t know thanks to Hollywood. So thank you, Mr. Ashman.

While I like most crime mysteries. Here, lately, I have been sort of meh with them. I think Ashman did a terrific job, but I wasn’t connecting with Kray. Kray as a character just wasn’t the best to me. Everything else about the story I liked. I ended up skimming to the end to see who the killer was, because I couldn’t stand Kray much longer.

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