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Five Kisses by Rachael Anderson

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 287
Genre: Historical, Regency, Romance
Published: Sep. 1, 2021
Rating: 3 star


The first kiss crumbles her world. The second mystifies. The third unbalances. The fourth sends her reeling. And the fifth –ah, the fifth . . .

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Miss Sarah Meacham has always behaved circumspectly, until an emotional outburst directed at a well-deserved gentleman earns her the nickname of Miss Shrew. As a result, she vows to never trust—or love—again. But when her father decrees that her younger sister cannot marry the man of her dreams until Sarah has secured a suitor of her own, she is faced with a dilemma: Deny her sister marital bliss or feign an interest in the next gentleman to come along, at least until their father relents.

Mr. Ian Collum is no gentleman. A tradesman and newcomer to Brighton, he has been searching high and low for the perfect house. When he at last discovers Ivy Cottage, with its magnificent views, extensive lands, and a large oak tree reminiscent of his favorite childhood escape, he will do whatever it takes to obtain it. Trouble is, the owner of the property will only sell if Ian agrees to court the beautiful and infamous Miss Shrew—a woman as intent on eluding Ian as he is on pursuing her.


This is in a way a retelling of Taming of the Shrew. My only experience with Taming of the Shrew is 10 Things I Hate About You featuring Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger.

No fury like a woman scorned.

Sarah was introduced to society and had a prospect for marriage. That is until the prospect broke her heart and she his nose. Since that fateful night, she has been nicknamed Miss Shrew. Ian wants to buy a house. The person who owns the house wants to marry Sarah’s sister, Bethia. Their father has made it a rule that Bethia can’t get married until Sarah is.

Sarah is perhaps my least favorite character. For one she stands on a Bible and then proceeds to make a joke about it. Sorry but that’s not okay with me. Then she is super stuck up and it’s not in a Katarina Stratford funny kind of way. It’s more of a…

I just wasn’t as much of a fan of this tale. I see a lot of five-stars and four-stars but for me, this one is a three-star. I was bored and I didn’t really get invested with the characters as I have in other books. I guess this just isn’t the story for me.


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