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Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 352
Series: Sky and Sea #1
Genre: Historical, YA, Adventure
Published: April 24, 2018
Rating: 4 stars


Raised to be a warrior, seventeen-year-old Eelyn fights alongside her Aska clansmen in an ancient rivalry against the Riki clan. Her life is brutal but simple: fight and survive. Until the day she sees the impossible on the battlefield—her brother, fighting with the enemy—the brother she watched die five years ago.

Faced with her brother’s betrayal, she must survive the winter in the mountains with the Riki, in a village where every neighbor is an enemy, every battle scar possibly one she delivered. But when the Riki village is raided by a ruthless clan thought to be a legend, Eelyn is even more desperate to get back to her beloved family.

She is given no choice but to trust Fiske, her brother’s friend, who sees her as a threat. They must do the impossible: unite the clans to fight together, or risk being slaughtered one by one. Driven by a love for her clan and her growing love for Fiske, Eelyn must confront her own definition of loyalty and family while daring to put her faith in the people she’s spent her life hating.


Eelyn is taken captive after she finds out her brother is alive. At first, she doesn’t know what to think. She is hurt and angry. But when an ancient enemy attacks she has to trust her brother and his friend Fiske.

I ended up liking this book more than I thought I would. It’s kind of a hyped-up book. With a hyped-up book, I tend to be the person who ends up not liking the book. I loved the action. I loved the world-building and I loved the relationship-building as well.

I really didn’t know where this book was going to go. The slow build between Fiske and Eelyn was tension-filled. I loved that you can understand the anger and the hurt that Eelyn felt towards Iri. It wasn’t stupid drama. I love the action. I totally recommend this book. The romance is not front and center which I liked but also didn’t like because I just wanted them to kiss already. But again totally recommend it.

I don’t know if I will go directly into the second book since its focus is on Halvard who is Fiske’s younger brother.

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