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In Pursuit of a Gentleman by Arlem Hawks

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 114
Series: Forever After Retelling #6
Genre: Historical Romance, Retelling, Regency
Published: Nov. 20, 2019
Rating: 2.5 stars


He’s running from love. Can she outfox him?

Andrew Backus was never supposed to be an heir. But with the possibility of a fine inheritance looming, every Society matron is throwing her daughters at him in hopes to catch the careless dandy. Unfortunately for them all, Andrew will not be caught and dragged into the responsibilities of matrimony.

The youngest of nine children, Isabella Todd longs for a match that would finally make her parents and Society take notice of her. When she crosses paths with Mr. Backus, she realizes a marriage to him could give her the desired recognition and she hatches a plot to snare the heir before he suspects.

Acting the part of friend, Isabella unintentionally falls for the fun-loving Andrew rather than his expected fortune. When he uncovers her plot just before Christmas, Andrew must decide if he can believe the truth of her love before her parents call her to London for their own schemes.


Well, I wasn’t much for this one. I didn’t really like Isabella. I kind of feel like she took advantage of Andrew. She started being like all the other ladies. And for what, so her parents would notice her. Ick.

Book Reviews

The Importance of Getting Revenge by Amanda Abram

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 322
Genre: High School, Romance
Published: May 20, 2017
Rating: 3.5 stars


17-year-old Lexi Turner has just been dumped by her boyfriend of three years—on the day she was going to, well, “do it” with him. And to make matters worse, he dumped her for a life-force-sucking demon!

Devastated by this turn of events, she decides there is only one way to deal with the situation: get revenge!

Enter Jase Holloway—Lexi’s former childhood friend and adversary to her ex. The plan is simple: somehow talk Jase into pretending to be her boyfriend to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, make him regret dumping her and make him come crawling back to her on his hands and knees, begging for forgiveness…

With Jase on board, Lexi is confident she will get the revenge she deserves. But nothing’s ever that simple, and Lexi soon finds out firsthand that sometimes what you want is not always what you get—and sometimes what you get is what you wanted all along.


I was pretty sure my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend was a life-force-sucking demon.

I found this quite funny. Lexi and her friends had me laughing. Jase and Lexi especially.

I made a mental note to myself right then that the next time I got a fake boyfriend, I would make sure it wasn’t someone I wanted to strangle.

Lexi gets dumped by her boyfriend of three years for a girl who just moved to town. Being heartbroken her best friend decided she needed a makeover to get revenge. Then the idea sprouts in Lexi’s mind to fake date her friend’s brother who her ex hates.

We all know how this goes. This journey though was hilarious and entertaining. I say I’ll have to check out the author’s other works. But this was perfect read for me before I start another historical fairy-tale retelling.