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Queen of Snow: A Snow Queen Retelling by Laura Burton & Jessie Cal

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 157
Series: Fairy Tales Reimagined #1
Genre: Fairy-tale retelling, Fantasy, Romance
Published: March 2, 2021
Rating: 1 stars


Before she was The Snow Queen… she was a Princess on the run.

Princess Aria has one goal: collect the mirror shards to the Mirror of Reason to create a portal that will take her far away from the Chanted Kingdom. Before The Evil Queen kills her like she did to Aria’s family.

But when Jack Smith from Oxford stumbles into her life through a portal in his grandfather’s study, there’s something familiar about him. A connection so strong, she can’t ignore.

Jack is not only shocked to discover that fairytales are real, but confused as to why a pirate is after him.

So, if he wants to survive in this foreign land, and return home, he needs to help Aria complete the Mirror of Reason.

But as Aria struggles to control her ice powers, something awakens inside of Jack.

As his heart stirs for the young Princess, he cannot help but wonder if he’s found his true home, after all? 


I can’t tell you the last time I 1 stared a book.

Jack is from our world. More specifically, England. At his grandfather’s funeral, Jack sees a woman dressed in white. Then at the wake, Jack finds a mirror in his grandfather’s study where he sees the woman again. Suddenly, he falls through the mirror. He meets Aria who is trying to collect shards of the Mirror of Reason.

I can’t tell you what really transpired throughout the book. Things happened but not a full thought was put behind why they happened if that makes sense. Characters made choices and the reasoning behind them wasn’t fully flushed out I guess that would be a better way of saying it. And of course the worst part of this… insta love.

I can’t even tell you what drew these two together. To be honest, I skipped half of this book after the whole her showing him the mirror which shows one’s true form or something to read the ending. If this was drawn out more and the characters had depth, I think it would have been a decent read. But when my brain immediately starts forgetting what happens while reading, not good.

Sorry just not for me.


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