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The Barnyard Princess by Katherine Macdonald

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 202
Genre: YA, Fairy-tale retelling, Fantasy
Published: April 23, 2020
Rating: 4 star


During the annual peace talks, Princess Elodie is less than amused to discover that her childhood nemesis, the arrogant-yet-charming Prince Bastien, has been turned into a frog. Blessed by fairies at birth, Princess Elodie can speak to animals and is now the only one who can help Bastien break the curse before his father declares war on her kingdom. With the help of their servants, Henry and Matilde, and her equally-blessed sisters, they set off on a quest to restore Bastien to his former self, but it is her feelings towards him that begin to reverse.

A charming, lighthearted fairy tale retelling, full of romance and delightful witty banter.


Even though this is a frog Prince retelling, I feel like there are elements from other fairy tales added in.

Most people thought these were fine gifts. Who didn’t love beauty, after all? People with sense, Elodie would retort. People that can see that beauty is superficial, that it’s all anyone ever seems to notice of a person, and reduces others to simpering fools.

Elodie and Bastien have been nemesis since they attended their first peace talks. Bastien made fun of Elodie’s gifts which were granted to her by three fairies at birth. One of the gifts happened to be talking with animals. This gift comes helpful when Bastien turns up a frog after the first day of peace talks between kingdoms.

Bastien at first seemed like a crappy hero. I ended up liking the bickering between Elodie and Bastien. I just love bickering like this. Super cute and easy to read. This may even be put on my reread list. That’s how cute it was.