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The Bad Boy’s Good Girl by Cookie O’ Gorman and Michelle Pennington

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 351
Stand alone
Genre: YA, Romance, High School
Published: June 4th, 2022
Rating: 2.5


Logan King was trouble.

I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on him. But when I challenged him, I had no idea he’d take his revenge so far.

To make up for his inexcusable behavior, his parents gave me a scholarship to King’s Prep Academy. My mom insisted that I accept. Now, I’m the poor, public school girl attending an elite academy for the rich.

Even worse, Logan is here. He rules the school, and he wants me gone.

But I have a dream to chase, and no one, not even a King, will stop me.


I am really starting to hate the “bad boy” trope. Anymore it’s not really a bad boy but a horrible excuse for a human being. And if he is rich it’s because he is pressured at home to be someone he’s not. That doesn’t give you the right to treat people like they are beneath you. Let’s not forget that an argument was brought up about the “hero” having ADHD and isn’t on medication. I lived with someone who had ADHD, the way Logan was written isn’t someone who has ADHD.

Now back to the bad boy trope, it has been done correctly before. A good example is Patrick Verona played by the late Heath Ledger. That was a bad boy. Logan King is a pompous jerk.

Ava is an okay character. I rooted for her to be with Christopher instead of Logan. Why are heroines set up with love triangles and they choose the toxic guy who is extremely bad for them instead of the one who is right for them?

Logan is technically engaged when he meets Ava. He has an arranged marriage with another girl whose parents made the deal along with his parents. Both Logan and Janelle cheated on each other through the years. While they fight the arranged marriage, they are betrothed to each other. Logan had so many red flags and I really don’t see the appeal.

Now there are a few errors that should have been caught because they are obvious, but the writing is okay. I have read a book by Cookie before. I liked it better than this book. As for Michelle, I have some of her books on my TBR list.

Anyway, I am just glad to be done with this.


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