Book Reviews

Dwindle by K.A.Gandy

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 202
Series: Populations Crumble #1
Genre: YA, Dystopian
Published: December 19, 2020
Rating: No rating. DNF @ 30%


Humankind is in trouble. The Sterilization Vector has crippled reproduction across the globe. With the human population on the brink of utter collapse, the government has stepped in to try to save the human race.

Sadie is just one woman, but could her genes hold the key to unlocking what remains of the world’s reproductive potential? Taken from her home and family, she must fight to find not just her best genetic match, but a man she can try to build a life with.

Will she be able to find someone to love, despite the odds stacked against her, or will she be one more woman swallowed up by the decline of humanity?


Yeah… Yeah… No!

I can’t do it. I don’t like the writing style nor do I like the plot. I understand some people like this book for what I hate about it. I understand what the author is going for but it also feels like it has subtle attacks on men. Maybe I’m reading too much into what the author says but that’s how I feel. Also, I’ve been bored since the start. There is nothing that pulls me in.

The h is lackluster. The H is bland. I couldn’t connect and I just don’t think I should waste any more time. I tried. I did. I was going to DNF at 5% but I decided to continue on but I can’t anymore.

Book Reviews

The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread by Richard Booker

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 274
Standalone (Best read w/ Bible nearby)
Genre: Christian, Non-fiction, Bible Study
Published: Jan. 1, 1981
Rating: 4 star


Every story is about Him.
A single, scarlet thread runs through the entire Bible, weaving a beautiful garment of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. This thread shows how the Old and New Testament fit together to tell one complete story.
This sacred thread is the blood covenant Jesus made with God for you.
Uncover the grand narrative of Jesus’ sacrifice, as it is powerfully and prophetically woven through the Scriptures beginning with the covenant rituals, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses and the prophets.  
With three powerful new chapters, this expanded edition of the classic bestseller, The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread, is your invitation to step into the story of redemption—not merely as a reader, but as a participant.Discover the prophetic origins of the New Testament’s promise for believers and how they picture Jesus in every book of the Bible. Experience personally the deep significance of the covenants, the Passover, crossing the threshold and eating the salt of the covenant. Enter the manifest presence of God through the ancient invitation of the Tabernacle, the High Priest and the sacrificial offerings. 

Have a fresh encounter with God and the
supernatural power of the blood of Jesus!


I love the writing style. It made it easy to read and understand.

But I could see very little, if any, practical spiritual value in the Old Testament. I recognized it as a historical collection of Jewish writings but couldn’t see how it had anything to do with the carpenter from Nazareth in the New Testament. I always thought that the Old Testament was written for Jews and the New Testament was written for Christians. I thought they were different books for different people. Wow, was I ever wrong!

I used to view the Bible this way as well. It was three years ago when God saved me and changed my outlook on life. Now it’s hard to remember before. I can’t see my life without Jesus. I never understood people and how they had this outlook until it hit me in the face full force and knocked me on my rear.

Yet to the passerby, there is nothing exciting about being a Christian. It appears to be a very unattractive, dull and boring life. Their attitude is, “Who wants to be a Christian? Why you have got to have a long face and never have any fun.” They don’t know that all the riches of God’s inheritance dwells in His people

As I said earlier, I haven’t been a Christian for very long. Before I was Catholic in name but I never read my Bible and I certainly did not live as a child of God. One could say that being Christian is boring, but I would love to tell you that I have never been more peaceful. Now, unfortunately, there are bad apples just like everything else. I used to judge all Christians by the ones who actually aren’t all that Christian.

This book points out everything I’ve come to know about Jesus and even taught me a few things I haven’t learned before. (i.e. The sacrifices and a deeper study of the importance of them and why they were set up.) There is a difference between knowing “about” God and knowing “who” God is. I have stumbled many times in my walk but each time I grow. No matter what, nothing can take me out of God’s hands. This book shows what I have come to recently learn, the whole Bible is tied together by Jesus.

It also points out one of my statements I have come to say. You have to read the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) to understand the New Testament (New Covenant). An example of this is when Jesus says I AM, you wouldn’t understand why the people got so angry with Him if you did not know the history of Moses and the burning bush. You wouldn’t know that I AM is God’s name. In ancient Hebrew, it looks like YHWH.

If you are wanting a deep study of how the Bible’s 66 books connect, this is a great starting book. I immensely enjoyed it. There are a few grammatical errors along with spelling errors but nothing too horrible.