The Forgotten Queen by Kortney Keisel

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 424
Series: Desolation #4
Genre: Fantasy, Dystopia
Published: Sep. 27, 2021


She’s trying to remember. He’s trying to pretend.

Sydria Hasler is a blank slate. After a tragic accident, her images of the past have vanished. All she wants is to get her memory back and return home—wherever home is. But the more she rebuilds her past, the more she wants to fight for a future with King Marx. Too bad it’s all a sham.

King Marx McKane has never cared about anyone or anything, especially being king. When his father forces him to marry a mysterious woman, he starts taking things seriously. The only way out of his arranged marriage is to pretend that he’s falling in love with his wife. This charade might end up being the most reckless thing Marx has ever done. Is he willing to sacrifice his life and his kingdom to set Sydria free?

Can their fake relationship lead Sydria and Marx to their genuine selves, or will deception cost them their freedom? 


Fair warning there are spoilers if you haven’t read the first books of the series.

Everything personal to her was blank, not even a shred of a memory or a past.

If you have read the book before this then you know who Sydria is before the revelation that is in this book. Seran is still alive. The book starts nine months after the last book.

I think Seran and Marx are my favorite couple. I wonder which Kingdom is next. There are at least two or three books I think that are supposed to be next. I can’t wait until they come out.


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