Book Reviews

The Rejected King by Kortney Keisel

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 324
Series: Desolation #1
Genre: Fantasy, Dystopian
Published: December 1, 2020
Rating: 3.5 stars


The king hired her to find him a wife. She fell for him instead.

Marriage is the only thing that can save King Davin’s most-hated reputation. And to make things worse, Davin hired the one girl he’s most attracted to, but her social class makes her an impossible choice for his future.

Emree Dutson has one goal: raise the king’s approval ratings so she can get a permanent job at the castle. Falling in love with the king wasn’t part of the job description. Now her feelings for him are ruining everything.

Will Davin risk his crown for love?


Davin and Emree are really adorable. The flirt through book recommendations. How cute is that?

The problem with warning signs was they made a person want to disobey them.

North America is divided into seven different kingdoms. Davin is the king of Enderlin. Enderlin has a tradition of the Promenade, which is how a king chooses his bride. Emree is hired to be the director of the event. Just one little problem…

That’s how the world worked—ruling class married ruling class and working class married working class.

I love the build-up of the relationship between Davin and Emree. At first, I didn’t realize how much this sucked me into the story until I was halfway through the book. I didn’t read the second book description so I thought the Promenade was going to extend the full length of the four books. But that isn’t what happened.

This is an adorable, fast-paced read. I technically could have finished it in a day, but over the weekend I wanted to read something else.