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Endings by KM Shea

My edition: Kindle Unlimited Complete Series bundle
Pages: 296
Series: King Arthur and Her Knights #7 Final book
Genre: Historical, YA, Fantasy
Published: March 23, 2017
Rating: 4 stars


Britt has finally settled into her life as King Arthur. Her knights know who she really is, her lands are peaceful, and she has friends and a family she loves. But all of this is threatened when Rome, led by Emperior Lucius, invades.

In order to repel the Romans and assure Camelot’s survival, Britt must achieve Merlin’s greatest ambition and unite all of Britain. Will she succeed, or will she fall on the battlefield?


Such is the unfortunate burden of a time traveler. You ar blessed – and cursed – to stand between two times and two very different groups of peopl who love you. Yours is not an easy road.

The feels!!! That ending had all the feels. I even teared up. That was a better ending to the story than I thought would happen. I was scared of the ending because I felt as if I would hate it.

The opposite happened indeed. I loved it. It made me so happy and sad at the same time. I knew some things had to happen, but I didn’t want them to happen. And I don’t know what to start next. This was an end to a good series.

I would say, my biggest complaint is that the books weren’t drawn out more. Relationships built up more. I wish the books were all this long or even longer.